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Force Powers {?} Weapons {?} Movement

Force Powers

Fly-By Grip - It won't hurt them when you let go, but it can surprie some people, plus it's hard to push someone who's moving rapidly when you're disoriented

Pulling someone off the ground when their jetpack is enabled can surprise them

Speed when combined with Sight makes an excellent counter-sniping maneuver
Turning this on can disorient an ooponent, as when you're flying you often forget about Speed.

Sight when combined with Speed makes an excellent counter-sniping maneuver
Sight lets you peer into the dark shadows of the upper levels.
You cannot dodge sniper blasts in air.

Absorb cancels out Grip, Lightning, Push and Pull.

Good for hitting someone on a fly-by.


Lightsaber Offense is bad here, as the chances of getting a good hit while flying are slim to none.
Defense can help pick off shots when you're fleeing for health.
Throw is actually pretty helpful, especially against weapon nuts.

Disruptor Rifle
This is arguably the best weapon in the level. In the hands of a good sniper, you're pretty darn deadly.
Fly-Sniping is sniping with the jetpack on. Simply take off, run yourself up to a decent speed, then zoom in and pick off opponents.
The beauty of fly-sniping is that you can move more. You're moving when you start off, so instantly you're a harder target to hit. But it's not all that disorienting when you're zoomed in.
Don't zoom in all the way, as usual, or it'll be crazy though, but if you don't zoom in a little the level is just too big for an accurate shot. Zoom in a medium amount.
Fly-Sniping introduces a new dimention: up and down. When youre flying, you can hold crouch to lower yourself, and you can turn the jetpack off! Most people don't realize this, but turning it off and dropping down can be very usefull, for avoiding an enemy, getting a new angle, or simply landing on solid ground.
Turn on Force Sight so you can see into the shadows.
Don't shoot straight down. Firstly the smoke trail will interfere with your vision, plus, it's hard to aim that way.
The sniper rifles are on the unmarked buttresses. Not the ones that have Alliance or Imperial symbols.

Imperial Heavy Repeator
Drop a Concussion Blast onto an enemy beneath you.

Flechette Gun
Drop a pair of mines onto an enemy beneath you.

Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher is the other great weapon of the level. Firstly the pickup point is easily accessible, plus it has two ammo packs right there.
The homing rocket is a great weapon for this spacious level, and it's great against flying opponent.


Never Jump, then trigger your jetpack. Once you let go of the space bar, it stops sucking your force, but it doesn't ever recharge until you land. You can use up your entire force bar easily this way, then have to set down to recharge. Be sure to always ignite the jetpack, then jump.

When you're going to turn off your jetpack, but you want to continue to move upwards after you disengage it, let go of space bar. If you hold the space bar and disengage it you will cut your vertical velocity immediatly. However if you let go of space bar, then disengage it, you will continue moving.
You can Fly faster than you can run, try to just fly low.
The doors don't open unless you get right up to them. When you're on the ground, it's not a big deal; however when you're flying, you'll often find yourself running into the doors. Try to get someone to open them for you, then swoosh in and down the hall at blazing speed.
When doing a variety of jumps from the buttresses, and landing first without turning on my jetpack, and then by thening on my jetpack at the last instant, I saved between 27 and 44 percent health. It's clearly beneficial that if you are going to fall, turning your jetpack on at the last instant can save you a considerable amount of health.
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