Last updated August 30, 1997



  The original flat, motionless, 20th Century Fox logo has been replaced with their newer 3D version with moving lights. The Fox music used is the same as that used in the original 1980 release.

The original Lucasfilm text has been replaced by their newer logo. It appears first as a green outline, is then filled with silver and then gold.

  Artoo now gets in the last word after Threepio tells him to "Switch off."

  The snow and bones Luke sees in the original when regaining consciousness is replaced by a long shot of wampa eating meat off of a tauntaun bone with disturbing chewing sounds.

  There is a closer shot of the wampa eating replacing with one with shadows moving in the snow.

  The shot of the side of the wampa walking is replaced by one where it looks up from its meal because his attention is drawn by the force shaking the lightsaber. He stands up and walks toward Luke.

  You can now see the arm and leg of the wampa entering the right of the shot where Luke falls to the ground.

  The wampa charging and his arm getting cut off are the original shots. This is followed by a new full body shot of the wampa with a bloody stump and howling in pain.

  When Luke collapses in the snow after his escape, he now lets out an "uuuhhhnnggg" grunt as he lands on his face.

  Han's apology to Luke that the tauntaun would keep him warm "until I can get the shelter built" was changed to "until I can get the shelter up".

Luke mutters an extra "Ben... Dagobah..." between this line and Han's "And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside."

  After C-3P0 tells Luke that "It's so good to see you fully functional again", Luke now replies, "Thanks, Threepio."

  In the original, there are two "Headquarters personnel report to Command Center" announcements. This announcement is now made a third time after Threepio asks, "Excuse us, please."

  The announcement that "The first transport is away!" is done in a different voice, higher than the original.

  CG smoke elements were added to the Battle of Hoth.
  While it's tough to tell if this is just a side-effect of the general clean up or a deliberate change, but Wedge's tow cable is much darker and more noticable, especially as it ripples before it's detached.
  As Artoo is loaded into Luke's X-Wing, Threepio now says "and" before "do take good care of yourself."
  After Solo tells the transport that he'll get Leia out on the Falcon, he now adds "Come on." as he grabs Leia's arm.


  In the original external space shots of Artoo in the X-Wing, his panels were pure black because blue would have interfered with the blue-screen effects. These have now been colored blue with obvious attention to shadowing and highlighting.

  After moving in closer to the large asteroid, Threepio's announcement that "Oh, this is suicide" is now followed by "There's no where to go."
  Artoo's blue coloring was also added on the approach to Dagobah.

  As Luke helps up Artoo after he's been spit out from the Dagobah water creature, he no longer tells him "You're lucky you don't taste very good". This line was replaced with "You're lucky to get out of there."

  As a result of an audio remix, Yoda's training advice, "Run! Yes. A Jedi's strength flows from the force. But beware the dark side. Anger.. fear... aggression. The dark side of the force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight." is much clearer. In the originals, this dialog was muffled by jungle sounds and Artoo beeps and whistles.

  As the Falcon leaves the dumped Imperial fleet garbage, there is a new shot just before the cut to Fett in the cockpit. It shows the Slave I following the Falcon as it passes the camera which then turns and shows the two ships racing away from behind.

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