Last updated September 1, 1997


  A new sequence of the Falcon approaching the Cloud City landing pad has been added. Immediately after the original shot of the Falcon approaching the top of Cloud City, we see a new view approaching the buildings through the Falcon cockpit.
  Then there's a medium-distance pan of the Falcon and the two Twin-Pod Cloud Cars flying between a number of generally round buildings.
  The camera moves back and we see the Falcon coming towards the camera which then pans down and to the left as the Falcon slows to a hover over the landing pad.
  It then cuts to the original shot with the Falcon landing on the circular pad, but the background landscape has been replaced with a new digital matte with new Cloud City buildings.
  In the scene where Lando greets Han on the platform, a number of ships can be seen taking off and landing in the air. As we see the Falcon, an "air train" flies underneath the platform.

  The background of the shot where the heros leave the landing pad walking toward the camera has been replaced with new buildings and air traffic.
  The first circular window the group passes in the original showed a daylight blue sky and a few tall, skinny, square buildings. This has been changed to show a sunset orange sky with few of the new style cylindrical buildings while a Cloud Car passes by.

  As the group walks past the camera which pans to show them walking away down the hall, the orange-stained-glass-and-glass-brick wall at the end of the hall from the original has been removed. In its place we again see the orange sunset sky and two more cylindrical buildings. (OOOPS: Once Han and Lando reach the end of the hall, the wall magicly reappears for the rest of the scene.)

  When Threepio enters the room looking for an R2 unit, he originally says, "Hello... Hello... How interesting." He now says "hello" only once.
  The long shot of Bespin after Luke leaves Dagobah now features a second floating structure (a Tibanna Gas Refinery). A Could Car no longer appears in this shot.
  The shot changes to an overhead view of several new round buildings. A Clour Car passes over the camera which then follows the ship under a walkway on a gradual right hand turn revealing even more buildings.
  The largest building on the right of the screen is presumably the penthouse where Leia is staying. The Cloud Car suddenly banks to the left swinging around the building.

  We cut to a view on the other side of the building so the Cloud Car is now flying towards the camera in its loop around the building. In the original, the building with the window showing Leia pacing was tall and white and showed that there is an entire story of the building above her room. (This would be inconvenient since Leia's room has a skylight in the next shot.) This building has been replaced by a new light grey one that is shorter and wider. Leia's room is now on the top floor.

  A Cloud Car can now be seen passing by through the skylight as Leia and Han talk.

  The wall at the end of the hallway the group walks down as Lando explains that his customers want to avoid drawing attention originally had a narrow vertical window slit. This entire wall is now a window, flooding the hall with white daylight. A few new Cloud City buildings can be seen outside.

  As Han asks Lando if he's afraid that the Empire will find out about his operation, the top two-thirds of the stained-glass wall they pass from the original has been replaced by a large window revealing an elevator making its way up the building. (OOOPS 2: This window is directly across from the door to the dining room where Vader awaits and it reverts to the original wall once Lando opens the door.)

  On Luke's approach to Bespin, Artoo has once again had blue added to his panels.

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