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Paths to Power, The
this was one of the first political texts written by Chancellor Palpatine, during his first term in office. It was so popular that it topped best-sellers lists across the galaxy some two years after the Battle of Naboo.

Patron, The
this ancient Sith Lord was the primary rival of Lord Garu. He used Dark Side mercenaries to disrupt Lord Garu's plans.

Pekkie Blu and the Starboys
a musical group popular just before Palpatine became Emperor.

People's Inquest, The
this grass-roots organization was founded on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The People's Inquest was formed as a watchdog group to monitor the activities of the Jedi Knights, who were becoming increasingly insular and withdrawn from the public eye. They were eventually shut down by the Old Republic for a variety of reasons, including "inadequate licensing" and "signal purity violations". Supporters of the Inquest were arrested during protests outside the Senate Rotunda on the grounds of maintaining security, and many believed that the organization was doomed. However, founder Thrynka Padaunete managed to persevere, and eventually re-established a public infocache based on a remote Outer Rim world during the height of the Clone Wars.
(HNN4, SWI71)

Peregrine, The
ths Peregrine was supposedly the ghost of a Corellian spacer, used as a story to scare young children. According to the stories, the Peregrine was cursed to roam the galaxy forever.

Perfect Corellian Dinner Party, The
written by Lady Sera Tharen, this book described the requirements and necessarities for hosting a high-class soiree.

Periphery, The
this disputed area of the galaxy separates the Outer Rim Territories from Hutt space.

Personalities in the News
this was one of the many newsfeed articles written by Pertaal Shenvehr. Like his other columns, it contained coded messages and phrases that allowed him to pass information to Alliance field agents.

Peterson's Guide to Droids of the Republic
this immense, multi-volumed guide was produced during the last centuries of the Old Republic, and contained a wealth of information on virtually every series and model of automaton ever produced.

Petition of the Two Thousand
this was the unofficial name used the Senators of the Old Republic to describe a petition started by Bail Organa and Mon Mothma to overturn some - if not all - of the emergency powers that had been granted to Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars. The Senators who signed the petition - who included the original draftees Padme' Amidala, Fang Zar, Bam Breemu, Giddean Danu, and Chi Eekway - started the petition in an effort to restore democracy in the Republic without starting another war of separation. The goal of the petition was to make Palpatine realize that the need for emergency powers and extended control of the galaxy was no longer necessary. Initially, it was decided that the Jedi Order would not be consulted about the petition, because many signatory Senators were unsure of the true position of the Jedi. Although Palpatine agreed to hear the petition, he twisted its intentions when discussing it later with Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine told Anakin that the petition was not a call for a return to normalcy in the Republic, but the opening salvo in a Jedi-led plot to overthrow the Chancellor's office and place control of the galaxy in the hands of the Jedi Council. According to Palpatine, the Delegation of the Two Thousand that drafted and signed the petition was under the control of the Jedi Council's powers of persuasion. The Petition later became the basis upon which Palpatine began his purge of the Senate, since he knew that most every Senator in the Delegation of the Two Thousand had opposed his control of the galaxy.
(IS3, E3N, SWI85)

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