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One, The
according to the legends ascribed to Lord Aragh of the Highland Clans of the planet Skye, The One was the being who would eventually free the S'kytri race from Imperial domination. The prophesy was fulfilled when Luke Skywalker arrived on Skye and helped to restore the Supreme Council to power. The true identity of The One was a secret that the S'kytri guarded for many years.

One, The
this Rakatan individual opposed the leadership of the Elders, during the height of the Great Sith War. Many of his followers were captured and imprisoned for speaking out against the Elders.

One, The
this being was a member of a strange race of aliens which had existed for eons in the depths of space. They were descended from a race of organic machines, who were built by an extinct race whose sun went supernova. The machines survived, and continued to grow. While their creators had no urge to explore space, The One and his race began travelling across the galaxy. Being somewhat conservative, though, they shied away from any contact with other lifeforms. They were huge, rounded versions of the droid known as Vuffi Raa, appearing as fifty-kilometer-wide, polished-silver starships that were ovoid in shape. As they evolved, these unusual creatures built other organic ships in which to transport their knowledge. However, in the ages since the destruction of their creators, The One's race had grown stagnant, and they longed for excitement and risks. After foreseeing that his race might die out because of racial stagnation, the One decided to take matters into his own hands, and created Vuffi Raa as a reconnaissance machine. He hoped that Vuffi Raa would make contact with many various lifeforms in the galaxy and report back to The Rest with his findings. He planted Vuffi Raa in a starship cargo hold, and activated him prematurely, setting of the chain of events that eventually led to the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka. The One, The Other, and The Rest rushed to the ThonBoka, only to find that the Oswaft and Lando Calrissian had matters pretty much under control. The One and his counterparts intervened when the Imperials were about to turn the tide of the battle.

Oneness, The
this false religion was set up by the Hutts and the t'landa Til as a legitimate front for a spice processing facility. The religion centered on Exaltations, which were simply sonic vibrations created by the t'landa Til. Using throat pouches, the creatures can emit vibrations that affect the sensory centers of the brain. The pilgrims which flee society to join the religion speak of intense pleasure and a sense of calm from the Exaltations. The pilgrims eventually find that they can't live without the sensory experience, and attend daily devotions regularly. The t'landa Til then use the pilgrims as slaves, telling them that the work they perform serves the Oneness. In reality, the pilgrims are simply processing raw spice - andris, carsunum, ryll, and glitterstim - for sale by the Hutts. The incredible pureness and processing capability of the pseudo-religion, which operated on the planet Ylesia, made it more than a match for the facilities on Kessel or Ryloth.

Open Sea, The
this was the Oswaft name given to the vaccum of outer space beyond the confines of the ThonBoka. The Open Sea was located in the most isolated section of the Centrality.

Oracle, The
this ancient Ithorian male was the leader of a small band of envionrmentalists who lived deep in the jungles of their homeworld of Ithor, communing with nature and monitoring the lifecycle of the Mother Jungle. Although completely blind, the Oracle was able to move about in the temple where he lived, and never seemed to miss a step while walking through the surrounding jungles. During the height of the New Order, the Oracle was greatly concerned about the Imperial presence on Ithor, but found himself powerless to do anything about it. His ability to "hear" what the jungle around him was saying only made it harder for the Oracle to accept their advice, which was to seek peace with the Imperials, despite the fact that it was the Imperials who were destroying the jungles. In fact, it was the Imperials who blinded the Oracle and left him for dead, after he refused to help them learn about the Bafforr trees.

Orchid, The
this high-class, five-star hotel was located adjacent to Aramand's restaurant, in the city of Drepplin on Glova. Like Aramand's, The Orchid was owned and operated by planetary Governor Tegist Byrg.

Order of the Canted Circle
this elitist group is one of the oldest and most exclusive social orders found on the planet Coruscant. Due to the large number of wealthy individuals who make Coruscant their home, the waiting list for admission into the Order is quite long, and the requirements quite rigid. During Emperor Palpatine's reign, the Order was primarily made up from Imperial dignitaries and high-ranking military officers. On average, only eleven new members are chosen each decade.

Order of the Dark Lords of the Sith
this was the term used by the Sith brotherhood to describe those members who had been elevated to the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith. In the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, the Order only had two active members: a Sith Master and their apprentice.

Order of the Kilmar Bange
this secret society, based in Tapani Sector, was considered harmless during peacetimes, but could be the most ferocious of enemies during war. Made up of former House Melantha members who had graduated from the Imperial Academy on Raithal, the Order also accepted associate memberships from Corulag graduates. Their mission was to ensure brotherhood among its members and to strengthen the ties between House Melantha and the Empire, especially during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Despite its pro-Imperial stance, the Order was actually started many centuries prior to the rise of the New Order as a social club.

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