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Northern Lakes
this region of the Dathomir was named for the many small lakes that were found just to the north of the Frenzied River and the Singing Mountain.

Northern Province
this was the name given to the nothernmost habitable part of the planet Zeltros.

Northern Sea
this was the name given to the arctic ocean that surrounded the northern polar icecap of the planet Zonama Sekot. When Zonama Sekot made a blind jump into hyperspace to avoid the sabotage of Nom Anor, the planet suddenly inverted itself, making the Northern Sea actually a part of the southern hemipshere for a short time.

Notch, The
this was the name given to the entrance to Beggar's Canyon, from the Ebe Crater Valley, on the planet Tatooine. The Notch served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order.

Nother World (*)
the ancient Wookiees, when they first arrived on Kashyyyk, named the swamps that made up the forest floor the Nother World.

Oasis Mother
this unusual organism was native to the waterholes of the planet Endregaad. It was known to have two distinct phases: an immature phase, known as an oasis child, which was essentially a mobile plant; and the semi-mobile adult form known as the oasis mother. In its adult form, the oasis mother resembled a huge tree, and would plant itself near a large water source. Because it was rooted in one place, the oasis mother relied on the oasis children to bring it food, which consisted of warm blood and dying flesh. An oasis mother consumed it meal by extending pointed tendrils from its trunk, piercing the flesh of its prey and and "drinking" its vital fluids. The empty shell of the prey is then drawn into the trunk and converted into an organic mulch for later consumption. The oasis mother was linked to her children via telepathy, which she used to indicate her hunger and her needs. Hanging from the limbs of the oasis mother were clusters of huge fruit, which were the sacs in which the oasis children were grown.

Official History of the Rebellion, Volume One
composed by Arhul Hextraphon during his tenure as secretary to Mon Mothma during the Galactic Civil War, the Official History was a compendium of Hextraphon's personal diaries and observations regarding the most pivotal characters of the War.

Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious Scholar
this was a guide to the outdated Old Corellian language, written by the Issori linguist Arner Figgis.

Old Enemy, The
this was the Nagai phrase used to describe the Tof race, which oppressed the Nagai for many centuries.

One Who Creates, The
see Maker, The

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