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Darkness on the Land
a song written and played by Annadale Fayde. It was first released as part of a compilation of the same name, and has been rated scarlet by the Imperial Board of Culture.

Daughters of the Empath Princess
this group of psychics plied their wares in the city of Talos, on Atzerri.

Daughters of the Ffib
this was an autocratic, exclusively female religious order, active during the last decades of the Old Republic. A sect of the main Ffib religion, they established a mission on the Forest Moon of Endor, in order to bring the Ewoks into their fold. After the destruction of the Ffib at the hands of Reess Kairn, the Daughters of the Ffib employed Aurra Sing to hunt down Reess Kairn and eliminate him.

Dawning of the Death Sun
this was one of the many references to the rogue planet Zonama Sekot, used by an obscure culture deep in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

Day of Comprehending the Will of the Gods
see tizo'pil Yun'tchilat.

Day of the Hunter
this Rodian ceremony lasted a full day on Rodia, and venerated the bounty hunters of Rodian history.

Day of the Sepulchral Night
this is the Zelosian name for a complete solar eclipse which occurs on the planet Zelos II. When one of the planet's four moons eclispes the sun Zelos, the darkened skies suddenly reveal the presence of the other three moons. They appear as if by magic as the planet is plunged into total darkness. The Zelosian fear of the dark is extremely heightened during this eclipse, and so this day is especially frightening to them.

Deadbelt, The
this was the name of the asteroid field located between the planet Tasariq and Trenal, in the Tasar System. It is believed that the debris in the Deadbelt was the remains of another planet, although the Tasari legends said that the Deadbelt was formed from a portion of a massive meteor shower that ripped through the system.

Deal, The
this Basic phrase was the loose translation of the name of the Vaathkree religon. The Vaathkree were fanatic barterers and traders, and much of their society revolved around making deals. The Deal documents the code of barter and trade which every Vaathkree mucst adhere to, and is taught to immature Vaathkree - known as Stonesingers - during their early life.

Death Maze, The
this maze of passages was one section of the race course which was set up for the BlastBoat 2000 event, held on the moon of Echnos. Most of the turns in the Death Maze were extremely sharp, and behind most of them were nooks where an opponent could hide and ambush another racer.

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