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Way of Vhallis, The
this Old Republic dueling academy was one of a handful which could trace its history back to pre-Republic dates, during the era of Xim the Despot. The Way of Vhallis, like virtually every other dueling academy, was forced to shut down its operations during the last decades of the Old Republic, when popular opinion regarding dueling academies plummeted with that of the Jedi Order.

Way, The
this was an ancient term for the Force.

Way, The
this was a famous treatise of Bothan philosophy written by Golm Fervse'dra.

Weakness of Inferiors, The
the second volume of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium, this work was completely created from Palpatine's twisted mind. He described that the source of a Dark Jedi's power is the fear and weekness of inferior beings.

Weather Modulation Control Center
this was the name given to the atmospheric monitoring stations which were scattered above the planet Coruscant. These centers were responsible for manipulating the atmospheric conditions in order to bring "normal" weather patterns to the planet. These stations were required, as the planet-covering cityscape prevented natural weather from occurring. WMC Centers were also established to ensure that ionization storms - which were frequently caused by the huge amount of electricity used on the planet - were weakened before they could occur.

this was the shortened name for the Coruscant Weather Control Network.

Well of the Dead
this deep, pit-shaped structure was located deep in the Anarrad pit of the Shadow Forest on Kashyyyk, three levels down and eighteen kilometers northeast from Rwookrrorro. The Well of the Dead was the site where many young male Wookiees hunted the katarn as a rite of passage to adulthood.

Well of the World Brain
this was the name of the deep, yorik-coral cavern which was grown by the Yuuzhan Vong to hold the mature dhuryam which would control the planet Coruscant, which they had renamed Yuuzhan'tar, some twenty-eight years after the Battle of Endor. The Well, formed from the hollowed-out remains of the Galactic Senate Rotunda site, was protected by a series of defenses, the least of which was a cadre' of Yuuzhan Vong warriors protecting the entrance. In essence, the Well of the World Brain was a huge skull, shaped to protect and contain the World Brain. The foremost defensive mechanism protecting the Well was an intricate hedge-maze, grown from heavy trees which produced thorns up to a half-meter in length. The thorns produced a deadly neurotoxin, and the tunnels which were formed by the branches were almost impervious to blaster fire and explosives. Each passage in the maze was twenty meters high and thirty meters wide, and around almost every corner was a place where Yuuzhan Vong warriors could ambush unsuspecting intruders. The trees which formed the maze completely enclosed the space, so the pattern of the maze was impossible to discern from above. Only the Master Shaper, Ch'Gang Hool, and the Warmaster, Tsavong Lah, were permitted access to the Well without an escort. However, Jacen Solo managed to reach the Well with Ganner Rhysode, on the pretense that he needed to commune with the World Brain in order to ensure Ganner's sacrifice would be accepted by the True Gods. Ganner gave his life protecting Jacen, who used the little time he had alone with the World Brain to strike a deal with it. Hidden within the Well was a coralcraft designed for Nom Anor, who had bribed a minor Shaper to create it and hide in in the Well. This provided Nom Anor wth an escape vehicle, should he ever have to flee Coruscant in a hurry.

Well-Done Bantha, The
this fine-dining restaurant was located on Cloud City, and specialized in steaks and exotic culinary dishes from throughout the Outer Rim Territories.

West, The
this was the name used to describe the western sector of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd.

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