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Vriichon Brothers
these Ranat brothers operated an illegal spice den from a building in the spaceport city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooime, during the last years of the Old Republic. They eventually sold the building to Chalmun, who renovated it and turned it into Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. Many within the criminal underworld of Mos Eisley believed that the Vriichon Brothers fled Mos Eisley immediately after the sale, fearing that Chalmun would come after them when he found the bodies of many beings - one-time enemies and debtors of the brothers - in the basement.

Vultar the Ugly
this Trandoshan was infamous for starting a brutal, underworld power struggle many years before the Battle of Yavin. It was believed that Vultar's left arm was later implanted on the body of Gorm the Dissolver.

War of the Star Forge
this was the term used by historians to denote the Old Republic's attempt to locate the Star Forge and put an end to the reign of terror of Darth Malak, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.

War Room, The
located deep in the bowels of Imperial Palace, this was one of the most secure places that the leaders of the Old Republic could go in times of war.

Warren, The
this cantina, located in Vlarnya on Courkrus, was a hagnout used by the crew of the Red Nova as well as Riistar's Raiders.

Warrens, The
this was one of the six major districts of the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5.

Warrior of the Infinite
this was the highest honor, bestowed by the Rajah of the Virjuansi, that a warrior could earn in battle. In the 6,000 years of the Palace of the Splendid Harmony, only 29 individuals were ever elevated to this rank. One of them was Anakin Skywalker, who earned the title during the three years of fighting in the Clone Wars.
(SWI72, LEV)

Warriors of the Shadow
this was another name applied to the ancient Taungs of the planet Coruscant.

Waste, The
this region of the planet Questal surrounds the city of Gralleenya. It was created by the settlers of the planet, during the ardanium rush that occurred shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Prospectors set out from the city itself, scorching and blasting their way outwards in search of the next rich vein. They left behind a nearly circular area of useless land dotted by mines and pits.

Wastes, The
this region of the galaxy is located well beyond the Outer Rim Territories. During the expansion times near the end of the Old Republic, the Wastes became a source of wild rumors and stories. Access to the Wastes was forbidden during the time of Palpatine's New Order, as the Empire used its worlds to test new weapons of all sorts. Thus, many of the systems and sectors are veritable wastelands of little value.

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