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Thermic Baster
this was an outdated form of oven, used for slowly cooking meats.

an explosive material used by military commandos, thermite was transported in a gel form that allowed it to be poured into a vessel for remote detonation.
(SWJ12, GMR1)

Thermite Boring Charge
this directed explosive was used to destroy specific targets, such as locking mechanisms. The charge was positioned to bore into its target, destroying everything it encountered along its path. Thermite charges burned with an intensely bright light.

Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assistor
an automaton used to break down heat-generating devices. They are menial laborers. C-3PO called R2-D2 one while R2-D2 was trying to escape from the Tantive IV.

this device is used to detect the operating temperature of machinery and equipment, in order to prevent them from overheating. The thermocom is connected by a shielded cable to onboard shutdown systems, which bring the equipment to a halt when the operating temperature reaches critical levels. The temperature levels can be set into the thermocom by the manufacturer, or modified by the user. Modifications to the temperature settings are highly discouraged, however.

this is any device or material which generates electricity when heated.

Thermoenergetic Screen
this form of heat protection was developed by the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. Using a thermoenergetic screen, a clone trooper could be encapsulated in a small pod, which could be ejected from a transport ship so that the trooper could reach a drop point on a planet's surface. This eliminated the need for large, expensive dropships that provided enemies with a large target. The small, expendable pods were hard to detect, allowing a trooper to reach the surface swiftly and undetected. The thermoenergetic screen deflected the incredible heat that was built up upon entry into a planet's atmosphere, keeping the trooper inside safe.

Thermoguard Jumpsuit
this expensive form of bodysuit was developed to allow the wearer to evade infrared and thermal-imaging scanners. The thermoguard suit was created with a surface cooling unit that maintained an external temperature equal to that of the wearer's environment. This meant that, to infrared and thermal sensors and other devices, the wearer was virtually invisible.

this planet is orbited by several moons made of pure methane. The methane exists in liquid form below the crust, and gravitation pressure often cracks this crust. The result is a spectacular display of methan geysers.

this was the high-tech bodysuit developed for starfighter pilots during the early years of the New Order. It allowed fighter pilots on deepspace missions to retain large amounts of body heat, which gave the pilot the option to divert some power from life support to shields.

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