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School of the Arts
based on the planet Reena, this educational institution taught the finer points of acting and theater. The school put on a series of free performances across the planet.

School, The
this was the term used by the Iskalonians to describe the seventeen distinct races that made up their civilization. The exact origins of The School were lost over time, although environmental upheavals on many of the original homeworlds of the Iskalonians occurred in close temporal proximity, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. These events were followed by several rescue missions, and many of the devastated races were relocated to the planet Iskalon, due to its similary to their homeworlds. Mammon Hoole later led an expedition to the ruined planets to further investigate the origins of The School.

Scourge, The
this gang of pirates tried to claim the planet Alluuvia as their own, shortly after Radell Mining Corporation established their own claim. The Scourge then captured the Gray Griffins, an Alliance scout team dispatched to explore the planet. In reality, the Scourge had been employed by Imperial Mining, Limited, to guard the planet Alluuvia, after Chalmer Trillili made a deal with the Empire. These actions forced the Alliance to send out a team of soldiers to recover the Gray Griffins. The Scourge was defeated in the assault, and the planet was returned to Radell.

Scouring, The
this was the Basic name of the Se'Lenti, which was the term used by the Gorothites to describe the ecological and environmental destruction wrought on the planet Goroth Prime during the Aqualish-Corellian War. The offworlders, who each paid handsomely to the P'Dar'Ken for limited and conflicting mining rights, had grown fed up with the manipulations of the Rel'Kan, J'Kek D'rith Kalama. Since neither side could control the planet, they decided that no one would control it. They sent waves of asteroids on a collisionn course with Goroth Prime, and the resulting impacts wreaked incredible amounts of damage. It was estimated that nearly five billion Gorothites died in the resulting cataclysm, with barely two million survivors going underground to escape the destruction. Because of this event, hyperbarides which had been locked into the crust of the planet were vaporized, becoming part of the atmosphere and altering the Gorothite physiology over many generations to accept its presence. The resutling atmospheric conditions had one unique side-effect: repulsorlift engines failed to work on Goroth Prime.

Scrap Heap, The
this is the derogatory name given to the area of the River, found on Off-worlders' Quarter, where droid congregate while their owners imbibe at the River. The droids which are left in the Scrap Heap are fitted with a special restraining bolt of Ropagu design. This bolt overrides the droids' original programming, installing a subroutine which is unique in the sector. If an attempt is made to steal a droid from the Scrap Heap, the programming in the bolt compels the remaining droids to attack the thief and prevent the theft.

the Alliance ambushed a convoy which was led by this Strike-class cruiser, shortly before the Battle of Enodor.

Scythe Squadron
this Imperial TIE Fighter group was assigned to defend the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor. Their primary mission was to identify and eliminate any Alliance starfighters which attempted to destroy the battle station from within. The fighters of this group were given P-w702 upgraded maneuvering thrusters to give them more control during flight within the superstructure of the Death Star.

Scythe-class Bomber
this is an Adumari assault craft.

Second Birth, The
this is the Yevethan term for what the New Republic called the Yevethan Purge. It represented the resurgance of the Yevetha as the primary power in the Koornacht Cluster, as they extended their influence beyond the twelve Duskhan League worlds.

Secret Order of the Empire
the elite group of Imperial servants who are sworn to protect Emperor Palpatine at all costs, the Order consists of a number of people at varying stages of development and loyalty. The newest members of the Order are known as First Initiates. First Initiates move upward in the Order through the Second, Third, and Fourth Circles, then they can become members of the Inner Circle. Those individuals who are the most dedicated and trusted can reach the level of Emperor's Hand.

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