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this lesser-known manufacturer of medium transport cargo haulers produced ships which have a smooth, organic look to them. (SWJ8)

Zuraco Cargo Hauler
this 87.3-meter-long ship was known for its tough hull plating and superior sensor package. These craft required a crew of four, and could transport up to six passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo. Models produced during the New Order were unarmed, to help Zuraco gain more favor with the Empire. (PP)

Zural, Maska
this vicious warrior was the leader of the First Sun Mobile Regiment, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ15)

this fruit is used to create a bluish-colored syrup. It grows on a thorny bush that is native to many worlds throughout the galaxy. (IJ, IR)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Zurga Pass
these low foothills were located outside the city of Tamazall. (GG11)

this Falleen represented his people and his homeworld to the Galactic Senate during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. However, Senator Zurros was one of the more corrupt Senators of the time, and had been playing the Republic against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to fill his own coffers with credits. Count Dooku ordered Quinlan Vos to assassinate Zurros as a display of Vos's loyalty and dedication to the Separatist cause. Vos, still a Jedi Knight despite his outward appearance, decided that he couldn't kill the Falleen. Instead, he cut off Zurros' topknots and recorded a plea for mercy from Zurros. Although Dooku was initially displeased that Vos did not return with Zurros' head, he realized that Vos's handling of the matter was much better. As Vos stated, Zurros would have been replaced by another Senator who was probably just as corrupt. With Zurros still alive and convinced of the threat to his life, Dooku had instead gained a new ally. (J4)

a male phlog, mate of Dobah and father of Nahkee. (ECAR)

this dark-skinned man was a Jedi Master who was charged with training students in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. His primary student was his own Padawan learner, Tu'ala. Tu'ala often questioned the reasons that one person - especially a Jedi - would sacrifice themselves to save another. Tu'ala reasoned that all beings were equal in the Force, and that no one should have to die to protect another life. Master Zuth cautioned her that she was forgetting that each being had their own destiny, along with their physical form. When an assassination attempt was made on several galactic Senators on Coruscant, Master Zuth and Tu'ala were the only Jedi on the scene. Master Zuth was killed, but not before he revealed to Tu'ala that there was a third thing that made beings unique in the Force: one's love for other beings. Tu'ala realized that she did love Zuth, and her knowledge of the Force deepened. (T14)

this tortured Snivvian painter lost his parents to Thalassian slavers, and joined a group of Iotran bounty hunters in an effort to strike back at the Thalassians. He eventually took up the bounty hunting trade himself, and was known by the monicker Snaggletooth. It was said that each time Zutton caught a bounty, he painted a picture dedicated to his target. His abilities attracted the attention of Jabba the Hutt, and Zutton performed a few jobs for the crimelord. Among them was the chore of trailing his own brother, Takeel, which rankled in Zutton's mind. He took out his frustrations by painting expressionist works of art depicting Jabba, hiding them in the hold of his ship, the Longest Winter. During the search for the accounting droid CZ-3, Zutton was ordered to shoot the droid with his blaster, blowing it to pieces after it provided Jabba with data on Opun Mcgrrrr's activities. Note that the Star Wars Customizable Card Game describes Zutton as an artist who was driven to live out the stories he creates. Also note that the Jedi Knights Trading Card Game claims Zutton was a holojournalist. (GG12, CCG2, SWJ11, JKG)

Zuulan Sentar
this Gran slaver was captured on the Matale Grounds, on the planet Dantooine, during the height of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this male Falleen was part of a small group which worked for Jib Kopatha, during the height of the New Order. Led by Xora and Zuur, the Falleen saw Kopatha's regular meetings with Darth Vader as a way to kill the Dark Lord, in revenge for his decimation of the Falleen. Although Xora wanted to act swiftly, Zuur urged caution. They saw their chance when Vader arrived at Kopatha's asteroid, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Xora lured Vader to an auxiliary hangar, where the rest of the band lay hidden. Xora tried to shoot the Dark Lord, but his skills were too swift. He knocked her to the ground, prompting Zuur and his companions to emerge from hiding. Although they had surprise and numbers on their side, the Falleen were not match for Vader. He quickly eliminated them all, putting an end to their chance for revenge. (SWEV)

a vicious, aquatic carnivore, the zuxu inhabited the lakes and rivers of the planbet Ganlihk. Zuxu were unusual in that they could breath on land or in the water, and their fins were actually webbed stumps which could be used like legs. Zuxu secreted a protective oil to keep their skin moist whenever they were out of the water. The mouth of a zuxu was long and pointed, and was filled with sharp teeth. Their ability to live out of the water for several hours gave the zuxu an advantage over other fish, in that it could hunt for food in an area which supported little aquatic life. (ND, COG)

this Advozsec word translated into Basic as "home", but derived from an ancient word that meant "cave". (GMR4)

this was one of the many habitable moons of the planet Qoribu. Zvbo served as the home of the Alaala hive of the Colony. (DN1)

this was one of the few Tchuukthai ever to be encountered off their native homeworld. (WOTC)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It referred to a gemstone found in the depths of Mon Calamari's oceans. (GCG)

this gemstone was found in the deeper parts of the oceans that covered Mon Calamari. (GCG)

produced in the city of Algarine, this cake-flavoring additive had a thick, cinnamon-vanilla scent. The Drovian race, following contact with the Old Republic, became somewhat addicted to zwil, and sucked it into their systems via small, spongy plugs set into the mucous membranes with which they breathe. A more potent form, which became known as Drovian Zwil, eventually made its way to other races. (POT, CCW)

this was the model number of Czerka's wrist-mounted flame projector. (EGW)

this lot of bacta, contaminated by Ashern rebels on Thyferra, was discovered after it had made its way to Coruscant and infected almost two million Imperial subjects. Ysanne Isard, while ordering the lot destroyed, made sure much of it made it to the black market, hoping that some of it would find its way to the Alliance. The contaminate in the bacta was shown to have deadly effects on individuals suffering from blastonecrosis. (XWN)

an Incom airspeeder often described as "more practical" than the ZRX-29. (IJ)

this former Imperial combat droid was repaired by Kligson aboard his space station, and chose to remain on Kligson's Moon afterward. Z-X3 was originally built by TaggeCo as a prototype combat dorid that could operate in hostile environments were stormtroopers could not. Z-X3 was rejected and discarded, until it was repaired by Kligson. The droid then became the chief of security aboard the station, using his immense size and formidable appearance to quell any rebellious notions other droids might have. Z-X3 was humanoid in stature, with crimson plating and a head that resembled a stormtrooper's helmet. When Luke Skywalker arrived at Kligson's Moon just after the Battle of Hoth, Z-X3 discovered that the damaged warbot he brought still had its weapons head intact. The droid planned to use this head on another warbot Kligson had captured, creating a new combat droid which he hoped could be used to liberate he and his fellow droids from Kligson's control. Z-X3 shot Kligson himself, after Kligson was alerted to the revolt by R2-D2. However, Z-X3 was not aware that it had actually shot an android duplicate of Kligson, and was eventually destroyed in the massive battle that followed. (MC47)

this Imperial Captain was placed in command of Fuel City, on Sulon, during the Empire's occupation of the moon. (RAG)

this was the name of a noted member of the Tarasin culture. (UANT)

this Outer Rim world, located in the Chorlian Sector, was one of the central world of the Zygeria Slavers Guild. A battered space station orbited the planet, distinguished by the twelve pired docking bays which radiated from its central section. (GG9, WOA26)

this human race was known more for its legacy of slavery than anything else. Native to the remote world of Zygeria, the Zygerians made up the far-reaching Zygerian Slavers Guild, which provided a ready source of slaves as well as bounty-hunting services. The average Zygerian was distinguished by their sallow skin and red hair. (GG10, WOA26)

Zygerian Conference
see Zygerian Slavers Guild. (SWJ10)

Zygerian Slaver Syndicate
see Zygerian Slavers Guild (GG10)

Zygerian Slavers Guild
this formerly-secret guild went public after the Empire legalized slavery under decree A-SL-4577.607.232. Membership in the guild was very disciplined, and members had to pay yearly dues in order to be allowed to take slaves. Each permit was issued for the capture of slaves in a given area of space. The Guild also branched out into bounty hunting, primarily as a means to obtain slaves. However, the Guild recognized no laws, and often resorted to outright banditry to further its own needs. Han Solo and Chewbacca once single-handedly attacked one of their slave transports and managed to free the slaves and drive off the Zygerians. They were so disgusted with the Zygerians for transporting slaves, that they turned the ship over to the freed slaves, cargo and all. (GG9, GG10, HTTE, SWSB)

see Zygerian (HTTE, SWSB, WOA26)

a terrorist group working the outer edges of the galaxy that reached its height during the Clone Wars, but was suppressed by the Empire. (DE1)

an alien race. (TME)

Zygian Savings and Loan
this banking institution was headquartered on Treylon II, and had branch offices scattered throughout the Outer Rim. A branch was located in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. (GG7)

Zygian's Banking Concern
this was the primary holding corporation which controlled several financial businesses, inlcuding the Zygian Savings and Loan. (MEAS)

this was a common name among the Lepi people. (UANT)

Zyn Aador
this was the name of a noted Zabrak individual. (UANT)

Zyn Javeb
this Pau'an was one of the lesser aides who worked for Tion Medon, during the final years of the Old Republic. (DAG)

Zynt'aia Spice Guardians
this band of spice pirates made their home in the Linear Miasma, located near the Forest Moon of Endor, during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this was an expletive used by Debret Nightmoon. (SWJ5)

this was a form of droid lubricant that was developed during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

a Massassi temple of fire. (DLS)

the Massassi priest who ordered Exar Kun captured on Yavin 4, Zythmnr was later alchemically altered by Kun in a series of Sith experiments. Zythmnr came to worship Kun's powers, and actually welcomed his painful transformation under the various magicks used by Kun to change his appearance. Zythmnr's example was taken up by many other Massassi warriors, providing Exar Kun with a steady stream of subjects. (DLS, DSSB)

this man was one of the many settlers who worked the fields of the moon Sulon, during the early years of the New Order. It was in farmer Zytho's braal field that a reconnaissance droid from SoroSuub corporation landed and learned of the high mineral content of Sulon's crust. Within months, many farmers had been bought out and shipped off to a remote desert world, while SoroSuub began stripping the moon of its resources. (RAG)

ZZ-4Z (ZeeZee)
Han's housecleaning droid on Nar Shaddaa, Zee-Zee was a JV-Z1/D gentlebeing droid manufactured by Serv-O-Droid. Zee-Zee was first placed in service to one of the Deans of the Spacers Academy. He was willed to the next 17 deans, and picked up quite a large body of embarrassing trivia on all of them. One of the Deans was Horace Wyrmyr, who didn't particularly like droids. Zee-Zee later provided Mako Spince with the codes to the physics lab from which he stole the antimatter he used to destroy the Academy's mascot moon. Wyrmyr, upon learning that Zee-Zee had leaked his secret codes, ordered the droid recycled. After he was expelled, Mako recovered Zee-Zee, but he eventually lost the droid to Han Solo in a sabacc game. Han didn't know what to do with the droid, but kept it as a way of keeping his small apartment clean. ZeeZee was a bit eccentric, and basically did exactly what Han told her to do. When he left Nar Shaddaa after winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian, Han asked Zee-Zee to keep the place as it was when he left. The old droid did exactly that for many years, not allowing one, single, misplaced item to be returned to its proper place. Nothing was cleaned up, but was left as it was when Han left. (DE1, DESB, RD)

zZip Motor Concepts
see zZip Product Concepts Limited (AEG)

zZip Product Concepts Limited
this combine produced all manner of goods for sale to the wealthy of the galaxy, from personal tools to transportation. zZip was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. One of its more infamous commodities was the gladiator walker, used in many illegal sport battles across the galaxy. (CSA, SWJ8)

this Zanibar was the leader of the mercenary group which worked for Grappa the Hutt on Genon. He warned Grappa that the victims he provided to the Zanibar as payment for their services were not coming fast enough, and that Grappa had better be careful. When Kir Kanos traveled to Xo to rescue Mirith Sinn, Zzzanmxl and his troops managed to capture Kanos. He then returned to Genon with Kanos, and asked Grappa to mediate the transfer of the bounty on Kano's head with the Empire. (CE2)

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