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Zi'Dek system
a system mentioned in the port access codes of an old YT-1300 found in the Imperial scrap yard on Dathomir. (CPL)

this Mrissi science ship was actually a slave transport. It was first sighted over the Soco-Jarel Spaceport on Socorro, where it had been searching to the Asilyr Tribal Lands. The slavers had been hjoping to capture members of the Asilyr tribe to enslave, to be put to work in mining operations to help warn against tremors and cave-ins. The sudden disappearance of several starport guards and several Bharhulai tribesmen brought tensions between the tribes to a fevered pitch, until a team of freelance mercenaries managed to defeat the slavers and drive them away. (BSS)

this Hutt was a member of the Besadii kajidic, and was Durga's chief rival for power in the aftermath of Aruk's assassination. In an effort to "keep friends close and enemies closer," Durga made Zier one of his chief lieutenants, but this didn't stop Zier from questioning Durga's motives in dealing with Black Sun. He told Durga that Besadii would not fund the investigation of Aruk's death, and continued draining of Besadii funds would result in retribution against Durga. (RD)

this man served the Empire as a General in the armed forces during the height of the New Order. He was stationed on Maridun shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and was dismayed to find himself commanding well-heeled officers who preferred to strut around like birds instead of doing actual work. When he encountered Lieutenant Janek Sunber and his troops, Ziering believed that he had finally found a young officer worthy of his position. When Sunber managed to get most of the group under cover after they stumbled into an Amanin takital, Ziering commended his quick thinking. Shortly afterward, Ziering was injured in a separate Amanin attack, and nearly lost an eye when a Juggernaut exploded in his face. This allowed Captain Gage and Commander Frickett to assume control of the compound, which proved disastrous when they were unable to anticipate the attack plans of the Amanin. Ziering's injury required surgery, which prohibited him from regaining control. In the meantime, Frickett was killed in an ambush, and Gage was unable to estimate the true strength of the Amanin attack force, leaving the Imperials with little hope of survival. However, Sunber came up with a plan that allowed the Imperials a chance of survival, and Ziering promoted him to Captain for his quick thinking and on-the-spot ideas. He then approved of Sunber's retreat plans, and was astonished when Sunber's team completed them in half the time. (SWELM)

this was a term of endearment used by the Zabrak. (GCG)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "sweet" or "rare". (GCG)

this small corporation designed and manufactured a wide range of optical enhancers, like the model 1000 macrobinoculars. (ROE)

Zi-Kree Sector
this was one of the many sections of the city which sprawled across the face of the planet Coruscant. (DMSH)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan mythology, Zikri was a playful water sprite. (GCG, WOTC)

according to Bothan mythology, Zikri was a small, playful water sprite. (GCG, WOTC)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "swift". (GCG)

Zil Topur
this was a noted Quarren politician, who served as one of his species' representatives to the Old Republic Senate some twenty-two years before the Battle of Yavin. (SWDB)

a resort city of the planet Garos IV. (SWJ3, EGP)

this New Republic Senator was a native of Praesitlyn, and served on the Defense Council during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Zilbra Fungus
native to the world of Thanta Zilbra, this phosphorescent fungus is valued for its ability to increase cell division and growth in animals. This property makes it a valuable substance for treating and healing wounds. (CTD)

Zilbra, Thanta
this smuggler was fleeing from a crimelord who was trying to collect on a debt, when he crashed onto an uncharted world some thirteen years after the Battle of Endor. He named the planet and its star after himself, and then discovered an unusual fungus growing on the desert planet. He named the fungus Zilbra fungus, and made a deal with the New Republic to provide samples for biological testing. This generated a heafty profit for Zilbra and his outpost world until the star Thanta Zilbra was destroyed by the Sacorrian Triad. Zilbra himself was killed in the resulting destruction, but not before he forced his four sons and two daughters onto his aging transport and made them flee the planet. (CTD)

this was one of the smaller, inhabited worlds of the Uziel System. Like many of the worlds in this system, Zilior was subjugated by the Vanqors during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (JQ7)

one of Yeorg Captison's aides. (TB)

this was the shortened name of a noted Chiss individual. (UANT)

Zim Li
this was a noted Gossam individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Castell. (UANT)

Zim Systems
this ancient manufacturer produced a variety products, from explosives to personal rocket packs. (TOJC)

Zim Zimley
this Bith male worked as the manager of the band called Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. Zim was a no-nonsense manager who believed that "the show must go on" at all costs, mainly because he was making a great deal of credits from the band. He allowed a group of security agents to work at the band's concert aboard the Sleemo Poya Jeedai as a favor to his old friend, Quoltus Firth, unaware that the agents were actually freelance mercenaries sent to protect Aquella Firth from Niklas Cories. (WOA28)

this ancient, written language was used in the documentation of most of the galaxy' medical terms. (SWJ13)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. The exact meaning of this name was lost over time, but many believed it referred to an extinct species of flower (GCG)

this is a casino game of chance. (RM)

meaning "disdainful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this female Rodian worked as an office manager for the Hyperspeed Express shipping company at their office at the Bilbringi shipyards, during the years following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (WOA29)

this was a popular children's vehicle, manufactured during the last decades of the Old Republic. It moved about on several gimbled wheels. (YDR)

Zinn's Revenge
this modified light freighter was owned and operated by Zinn Classet. It could tranport up to six prisoners and 10 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with four heavy laser cannons. (GMK)

this raw mineral was used as a dry preservative. (AIR)

a black-blossomed flower used for Imperial wedding bouquets. (QE)

this cold, icy world is dominated by rocky mountains and fierce storms. Much of the planet's crust is imbedded with ice. In ancient times, this planet was part of the Sith Empire, and was used as a base by Ludo Kressh and his faction. Luke Skywalker was able to track the Massassi night beast to this planet, after it was freed from its temple on Yavin 4. It was later discovered that Darth Vader trained the Dark Jedi Lumiya here. (GAS, EGA, SWDB)

this was the model number of Chandril Tech's high-strength, balanced droid leg system. (DWK)

Zip Beeline
this Drall was one of Coruscant's most colorful criminals, organizing a series of outlaw racing events across the cityworld's surface during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The name "Zip Beeline" was just a pseudonym, created during his early career as a professional racer. He legally changed his name after the fans started screaming for his autograph as soon as he crossed the finish line. An accident during a speeder race on Boonta, caused by Beeline during a championship final, earned his the ire of his fans, forcing him to retire to Coruscant. After spending a few nights at the nightclubs drinking Corellian lum, Beeline was approached to serve as a ringer in the illegal garbage pit races held on the planet. Although he worked for the crimelords, Beeline remained an honest competitor, preferring to use his skills to beat an opponent instead of sabotage. (CCW)

Zip Product Concepts
see zZip Product Concepts Limited (NEGW)

this Toydarian once came into possession of what he believed to be an ancient Jedi Holocron, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. He had planned to sell it to Lorn Pavan, but was insulted by the human and ordered his bodyguard, Bilk, to eliminate Pavan. (DMSH)

Zipthar Hexa-crystal
this rare crystal was mined in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, and all export of the crystals was strictly controlled by the Pentastar Alignment. (SWJ4)

the bounty hunter Zardra used this alias in an elaborate scheme to collect on a bounty. Zira agreed to marry the man who was wanted in several systems, and was being pursued by a variety of hunters. The man was attacked at their wedding, and killed off several other hunters in an effort to protect his new wife, Zira. When they were safe, Zardra slapped on a pair of binders and took the man into custody. (GG10)

Zirac Ocean
this was the largest body of water found on the planet Genesia. (FBS)

Zirfan Glacier
located north of the capital city of Rhire, this immense glacier moved along the edges of the Sennes Mountains, on the planet Rhinnal. (CCW)

Ziri Gan
this was a noted Gossam individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Castell. (UANT)

Zirk Mer'darro
this was a noted figure in Balosar history. (UANT)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Riflorii System, located in the Mid Rim. A number of heavily-shielded settlements and research stations were established on Zirku by the Old Republic and the Advozsec. The orbit of the planet was severely twisted, and kept Zirku close to one or more of the Riflorii stars at all times. (GMR4)

this Ishi Tib assassin was a member of the Antar Band, working for Ujin Voli during the Galactic Civil War. A meticulous perfectionist, Zirlig joined the Antar Band some twenty years before the Battle of Hoth. He appears to be an average Ishi Tib, until one was on the wrong side of one of his operations. Then, Zirlig was revealed as a cold-blooded, highly successful killer. Zirlig was well aware of the Antar Band's rivalry with Sprax and Black Sun, and longed for the day when Ujin Voli would order him to assassinate the Nalroni crimelord. (SSR)

Zirtran, Teebo
this man and his brother, Urbo, were the original owners of the huge space barge that forms the heart of Zirtran's Anchor. They later sold the rights to the sprawling station to a group of Geelan. (SWJ5)

Zirtran, Urbo
this man and his brother, Teebo, were the original owners of the huge space barge that forms the heart of Zirtran's Anchor. They later sold the rights to the sprawling station to a group of Geelan. (SWJ5)

Zirtran's Anchor
a space station once located in the Besberra System, Zirtran's Anchor was originally known simply as KV-29233-44B when it was purchased by Urbo and Teebo Zirtran. The brothers tried to fix up the station, but they got heavily into debt during the refurbishment. They had resolved to abandon the hulk when a group of Geelan offered to purchase it. The brothers agreed to the sale, and left with a meager profit after paying off their debts. The Geelan renamed the station in honor of the brothers. Shortly after the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order, Zirtran's Anchor suddenly disappeared. It later reappeared, empty and abandoned, near the Phosphura Belt Nebula, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Anchor was actually a series of old starship hulls welded together to form modular living areas. It was protected by a Golan battle station, and was divided into four primary regions, designated Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Epsilon. Alpha region was the core of the station, and houses most of its starship docks. Within its confines, bounty hunters lived side-by-side with the Phosphura Belt Pirates and the mysterious Kalai race. (SWJ5)

this planet, located in the Expansion Region, was the homeworld of the Temolak race. It was a dry, dusty world that orbited the white dwarf also known as Zirulast. It was encircled by rings of icy particles. (UANT)

this star, located in the Expansion Region of the galaxy, was a white dwarf. The planet Zirulast was the main planet in the system. (UANT)

this reptilian race is humanoid in stature, and has green-scaled skin and orange eyes. (TPS)

Zissu, Stuart
this young man was twelve years old when his father, Trux, was installed as Governor of the planet Delantine. He was infamous among the pilots of the Alliance, especially after the Battle of Yavin, when he won most of their salaries in a space poker game. (SA1)

Zissu, Trux
this man was chosen by the Alliance to act as the Governor of the planet Delantine, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. His other goal in traveling to Delantine was to contact the rebel cell on Romm and gather their support. However, upon reaching Delantine, Trux and his son, Stuart, were captured by an Imperial warship. Trux allowed himself to be taken so that Stuart could escape. (SA1)

Zithrom's Disease
this kidney disorder affected many elderly human males. It was kept in check through the use of Clondex, although Clondex didn't cure the disease. (TFE)

this Wookiee warrior served as a Sergeant in the militia of Kachirho, and piloted a Oevvaor jet catamaran in the First Battle of Kashyyyk, during the Clone Wars. Zittaasabba was also an expert in hand-to-hand combat. (X3)

Ziven Tissar
this Rodian was one of the most accomplished big-game hunters living on the planet Kashyyyk, during the height of the New Order. A long-time rival of Sordaan Xris', Tissar was also one of Xris' loudest detractors, claiming that Xris' was nothing more than a credit-lover who couldn't hunt if his life depended on it. Tissar was one of the four Rodians who owned a portion of the Etyyy, which was the Shyriiwook term for the Rodian Hunting Grounds. (SWGAL)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "scorching". (GCG)

this was the name of a distinguished Verpine individual. (UANT)

Ziziibbon Truffle
the recipe for this tasty candy was known only to Gab'borah, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The candy itself was easily distinguished by its bright green color, which was broken by red and yellow threads, indicating its multiple blended flavors. (BF4)

this species of genetically-bred, insectoid avians was created by DarkStryder. Originally designed to be scouts, the Zizimaak eventually escpade from DarkStryder's service and developed their own civilization. The Zizimaak hated DarkStryder, and established friendly relationships with the Charr Ontee and the Yapi. They fed on the Segmi, and had little or no connection to the Ta-Ree energy which permeated Kathol. When the crew of the FarStar arrived on Kathol to defeat Imperial Moff Sarne and DarkStryder, the Zizimaak willingly lent their assistance. (E)

Zizimaak Archipelago
located on western hemisphere of the planet Kathol, this chain of islands was the native lands of the Zizimaak. (E)

this alien was a member of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative team sent to capture Janissa Locrin. He led the team which eventually caught her. (GG11)

an Alliance Nebulon B-2 frigate destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Zlarb learned at an early age that a life of crime was an easier life than legitimate work because he didn't have to put in 70 hours a shift but got paid fairly well. He started working as an enforcer for Ploovo Two-for-One, eventually becoming one of Ploovo's bodyguards. However, he soon saw that Pllovo's lack of ambition meant that the bodyguard work was a dead end. He broke off with Ploovo, and went into the slave trade. As a human, Zlarb found it easy to work as a slaver, but he was eventually caught by Magg, who was working for the Corporate Sector Authority. Zlarb figured his career - and probably his life - was over, but Magg proposed a partnership. At first, Zlarb had no reason to trust Magg, but their relationship grew. Magg's inside information, coupled with the underhanded slave dealings the Authority was involved with, meant Zlarb had steady work.Zlabr was also responsible for establishing a relationship with the clans on Ammuud, who supplied permits and ship charters for the vessels sued by the slavers. Thus, when the Mor Glayyd threatened to expose the slavery ring, Zlarb was forced to poison him in order to keep him silent. Zlarb was later hired by Magg and the Authority to obtain a number of Lurian individuals for work on illegal genetic experiments. Zlarb, in turn, hired Han Solo to meet him on Lur and transport the captured geneticists to their final destination. Zlarb was supposed to deliver his Lurian slaves to the planet Bonadan. Han had a rule that he never transported slaves, and the odds were against him until Bollux and Blue Max set off the Millennium Falcon's fire extinguishing systems, temporarily disarming Zlarb and his thugs. This allowed Han and Chewie to subdue the thugs and free the Lurians, who eventually killed Zlarb and returned to their planet. Zlarb was a practitioner of the Malkite poisoning techniques, and was found to be carrying one of their tool kits after his death. This allowed Solo and Fiolla to implicate him in the murder of the Mor Glayyd, adding further evidence to the mounting collection against the slavers. (HSR, CSA)

this well-educated (Rodian?) assassin was living in the Cularin System during the height of the Clone Wars. Mister Zlash was one of many beings in the system who were glad to see Cularin finally freed from the control of the Thaereian Military, and believed that Cularin would prosper despite the growing threat of the Clone Wars. He often argued the relative merits of defeating the Thaereians with his friend, Mister Haque, who feared that the timing of the defeat of the Thaereians - coupled with the continuing Clone Wars - would spell even more trouble for Cularin. (LFCW)

this Toydarian thief was active on Cloud City, during the early years of the New Order. Shortly before Lando Calrissian won the outpost in a card game, Zlato and his alien partner were hired by Baron Raynor to "steal" his wife's pendant and lure Calrissian into the match. (T3)

Zlato's Place
this tavern, located in one of Coruscant's busiest residential cityblocks, was owned by the Sljee known as Jeseej. The restaurant always seemed to be half-full and operating at a loss, which was fine with Jeseej, since Zlato's Place was actually a front for his forgery and fortune-telling businesses. Many beings who visited Zlato's assumed that it was owned by a Toydarian, since all of its wait staff was Toydarian by race, and most of its menu was based on Toydarian specialities. (WOTC, CCW)

Zlorr Uluj
this name was common among the members of the Squalris race. (GORW)

this battered J9 worker drone was rebuilt and reprogrammed to serve as a translator and personal assistant to the Jedi Knight Ambaln, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Known as Zeeno, the droid was denoted by the Jedi symbol painted on the back of its head. Z-N0 was extremely loyal to the Jedi Order, and became confused when Ambaln split with the Order to start his own cadre' of Jedi Knights. When Ambaln fled into the watery depths of Lobaoc's shallow seas, taking a young Jedi candidate with him, Z-N0 returned to Coruscant to provide any information it could on Ambaln's plans. (WOA16)

this was a common, though archaic, female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a Sullustan female of royal blood. (GCG)

this was the codename of an Alliance agent who witnessed the destruction of the base on Dankayo. Agent ZNT-8's logs helped an Alliance team of operatives recover the datapacks stolen by the Elusive. (SH)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "agile". (GCG)

Zo Howler
this Anx Senator took over his planet's senatorial position after Horox Ryyder stepped down, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (SWDB, HNN4)

this man was the New Republic Commander of the Adamantine when that ship accompanied the Borealis on Leia Organa-Solo's mission to the Chorios Systems to meet with Seti Ashgad. He eventually succumbed to the Death Seed virus, like the rest of his crew. (POT)

Zobberan Hound
this large, vicious animal was used by many beings as a guard creature. Although dim-witted and not very bright, zobberan hounds were capable of learning simple commands and actions. The average hound measured three meters in length, and resembled a large, eight-legged insect. (IA)

this Tynnan was in the Tynna Central Government Building when it began to collapse, just before the Clone Wars. Zobyteeg served as a General Council Assistant at the time, researching political and legal precedents for government actions. (HNN5)

this ancient Hutt negotiated with the Nimbanese Krovalis clan, during their attempt to regain status as a data holding family under the Bureau of Ships and Services. The Krovalis offered Zochaeb and the Hutts free access to the information in their data holding in return for their freedom. Zochaeb agreed, and petitioned the BoSS to allow Nimbanese clans to reclaim their membership. The Hutts' persuasion eventually got the Krovalis clan its own data holding, and the Hutts received a wealth of free information about the galaxy. (GG12)

Zoda Brell
this individual was a noted Caarite, distinguished in the history of the planet Caarimon. (UANT)

this pickled vegetable was considered a delicacy among the Hutts. (TF)

this was one of the larger urban centers found on the planet Exarga. (HNN5)

this Snivvian worked as a dock worker at the Mos Eisley spaceport, during the height of the New Order. (MEAS)

Zokor Polpot
this being served as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Coruscant during the height of the New Order. Polpot longed to be Chancellor, and developed a scheme in which he stole the head of the accounting droid 8t88 in order to embarrass his boss in front of the leaders of the Woostri HoloScan Database. The plan worked quite well, and Polpot assume the role of full Chancellor after his boss suddenly resigned. Unknown to Polpot, he had become the target of 8t88, who considered Polpot's act to be one of "disfigurment," and rooted in anti-droid prejudices. During a trip to Mawan, Chancellor Polpot was killed in a fatal accident that happened to coincide with a sighting of 8t88, although the droid appeared to have the head of an EV-series droid at the time. (SWMW)

this being, a native of the planet Tammuz-an, was dispatched to Tyne's Horky to recover Mun Julpa, during the early years of the New Order. The former adviser to the crown-prince, Zolag had to work against the bounty hunting droid, IG-88, in order to reach Mon Julpa first. With the help of Jann Tosh and his droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Zolag managed to return Mon Julpa to his homeworld. They were met there by IG-88, who was working for Zatec-Cha, and who quickly captured them and took the crown-prince's royal scepter. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates this being's name was Sollag. (DCAR, SWDB)

this unusual predator was native to the planet Merisee. A nocturnal hunter, the zolall was a hairless, slippery, smooth-skinned creature which could glide through the air by filling specialized sacs in its abdomen with air. These creatures had floppy, triangular wings, but they were ineffectual for flying. Zolalls could control their flight by moving their long tail. These creatures used their sharp fangs to inject a poison into their prey, and the poison was actually "harvested" by the assassins of the Loag for use as a weapon. Zolall were somewhat trainable, and many of the Loag used them as watchbeasts at their bases. (PG3)

this planet was the homeworld of the Clawdite and Zolander races. Many species which were native to the planet had the ability to camouflage themselves by altering their skin color, a trait which was dormant in the sentient Zolander race. Note that this planet is also called Zolander in the Star Wars Databank. (SWI60, SWDB, SWI70)

this alien race was native to the planet Zolan, living in the frozen arctic regions to which they became adapted over the generations. Unlike the religious Clawdites, the Zolanders were known for their warrior caste and martial prowess. Many centuries before the onset of the Clone Wars, the Zolander people discovered that their sun had begun sending out stronger and stronger emissions of radioactivity. Scientists tried to trigger a long-dormant gene in the Zolander skin cell, hoping to activate a natural protection against the radiation. Unfortunately, the experiment failed to elicit the desire results. Instead, it triggered an ability to alter one's physical appearance, thereby creating the Clawdite race over the succeeding generations. The Zolanders ostracized the original Clawdites, and waged many civil wars to keep the changelings at bay. The Zolanders' hatred of the Clawdites deepened when the Empire blockaded Zolan and prohibited any travell off-planet, in a effort to keep the Clawdites under contro. As soon as the Empire was defeated at Endor, full-scale civil war broke out on Zolan. The Clawdites, however, were better prepared for war, and quickly subjugated the Zolanders. Note that Star Wars Insider, issue 70 indicates that radioactive bombardment from outer space triggered the change in the Zolanders, rather than a failed experiment, resulting in the creation of the Clawdite race. (SWI60, SWDB, SWI70)

Zollarcos, Treta
this Professor of Astrogation taught at the New Republic Astrographic Studies Center during the years following the Battle of Endor. Professor Zollarcos was a key resource in learning more about the worlds of the Hapan Cluster, when Leiua Organa began negotiating with Ta'a Chume for assistance. (CTD)

this was the name of the Vangaard Pathfinder owned and operated by Yurdak Fav. It was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon. (AIR)

this was the name of a group of Cloakshape fighters which were assigned to protect the Loose Cannon. They were part of the pirate group which tried to horn in on the Azzameen family's operations byt stealing bacta. (XWA)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Zom indicated a rock, cliff, or mountain. (GCG)

Zom Dubrotin
this Advozse was the head of the Bomminde family, and the chief administrator of Dozu Lam, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (GMR4)

Zoma Gawanga
this is the name given to the vast ocean which encircles the entire eastern continent of the planet Ylesia. The name is Huttese for "western ocean." (TPS, RD)

this particularly nasty Defel was a former assassin-for-hire who ended up on Reuss VIII during an assignment. He liked the idea of fighting in the Dool Arena, and retired from the assassin business to fight full-time. (WSV)

this was a name that was common among the Defel race. (UANT)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

Zona Dreon
this Skakoan individual was noted in the histories of the planet Skako. (UANT)

Zona Luka
a humanoid Jedi Knight who served with Cay Qel-Droma on Ossus, Zona was recognizable by the thick tendrils that covered her smooth, cone-shaped head. Her skin was yellow in color, and her tendrils were orange. Zona Luka had three toes on each foot, and three fingers on each hand. She was the apprentice of Jedi Master Dominus, and was later captured by Exar Kun's Dark Side spells. She was turned to the Dark Side, and killed Dominis during the Sith War. (TSW)

this was the Ferroan name of the material part of the planet Zonama Sekot. The name 'Zonama' referred to the physical make-up of the planet, as compared to the 'Sekot,' or living part of the planet. When the conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong came to an end some thirty years after the Battle of Yavin, Sekot realized that Zonama was actually a form of seed, cast out from the original planet of Yuuzhan'tar many millennia before. Yuuzhan'tar, realizing that the ur-Yuuzhan Vong were going to destroy themselves with war and conflict, stripped them of the Force and send Zonama into the void, hoping that its offspring would evolve over time and serve as a possible home for a more enlightened Yuuzhan Vong civilization. This hope was eventually fulfilled when the Galactic Alliance, acting on the advice of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, allowed those Yuuzhan Vong who surrendered their weapons to live on Zonama Sekot. Sekot then took Zonama and fled into the Unknown Regions, where the Yuuzhan Vong could evolve without interruption. (RP, UF)

Zonama Sekot
this planet was located in the Gardaji Rift, at the edge of the Tingel Arm, some 30 years before the Battle of Yavin. Zonama Sekot was just over 11,000 kilometers in diameter, and because of its proximity to three stars, a special three-pointed compass was developed by the original settlers. Old Republic records of some 200 years earlier indicate the system was nothing more than proto-materials, but many believe this was just a mix-up in the Republic's databases. It orbited a yellow star which was gravitationally bound to a red giant and a white dwarf, creating a unique triple-star system. The two other stars created a spectacular pinwheel of light in the planet's sky. Despite this unusual arrangement, the system was hard to find, being surrounded by the gases of the Gardaji Rift. The natives of the planet worked hard to keep their planet's location a secret, and visitors were accepted only by invitation. Zonama Sekot was unusually strong with the Force, and had been settled by several groups over the years, and the people of the planet were known for their incredibly fast starships. The planet was covered with an incredibly dense jungle which seemed to move and adjust to the planet's position. Zonama Sekot was settled some sixty years before the Battle of Naboo by two peoples, a group of Ferroans and a group of Langhesi. The original Magister of the planet, Leor Hal, placed the Ferroans upland, and the Langhesi in the lowlands, in order to maintain peace and use their skills to the planet's advantage. The name of the planet was first given by Leor Hal, and in the Ferroan language meant "World of Body and Mind": Zonama, indicating the physical world; and Sekot, representing the living world. It was also referred to as the Green Land by many beings who visited the world. The planet was, in essence, alive, although the original Magister believed that it was simply the will of the Potentium being manifested in the planet. He was unaware that his connection to the planet had actually awakened its own individual identity, with the Sekot controlling everything from weather to growth and death. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the planet was attacked twice. The first time, a group of Far Outsiders arrived from outside the known galaxy, looking for a new homeworld. Zonama Sekot seemed to be the perfect choice, since it was alive in a way that was similar to long-lost Yuuzhan'tar. With its new identity, Zonama Sekot tried to negotiate with the Yuuzhan Vong. However, anything the Yuuzhan Vong planted was destroyed by Zonama Sekot's native lifeforms, and the Yuuzhan Vong believed that they had been tricked. They launched an attack, which Zonama Sekot was able to repel with the help of the Jedi Knight Vergere. However, great portions of the southern hemisphere were damaged, and were still healing a year later. The second time, Wilhuff Tarkin tried to take control of the planet, hoping to present it and its wondous factories to Chancellor Palpatine. The natives managed to hold off Tarkin's small force. Unknown to everyone, under the guidance of the Sekot, the Ferroans and Langhesi had built huge hyperdrives into the planet's crust, and simply took the entire planet into hyperspace to avoid Tarkin's fleet. The planet was not seen again for many decades, having moved across the galaxy is search of a new home. It eventually settled in the Klasse Ephemora System, hidden behind a cluster of hyperspace anomalies. It was relocated during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy by Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Knights, as well as a Yuuzhan Vong attack force. Zonama Sekot managed to repel the Yuuzhan Vong, and allowed the Jedi to land. It then placed the Jedi through a series of trials to determine their true reasons for arriving on the planet, and eventually agreed to accompany the Jedi back to the galaxy to assist in the war effort against the Yuuzhan Vong. The sudden appearance of Tahiri Veila, Corran Horn, and the Yuuzhan Vong Nen Yim, Harrar, and Yu'shaa, nearly destroyed any hopes of actually winning the war. The group had traveled to the planet after Tahiri made a promise to locate the world for Hul Qat, the Shamed One who had found her on Dagobah. Yu'shaa, who was actually Nom Anor, managed to set and incubator deep within the neural network of the planet's hyperdrive system, hoping to set off a overload and destroy the planet. However, Sekot itself managed to locate the incubator and disable it. Rather than exploding, Zonama Sekot jumped deep into hyperspace, without any idea of where it was going. These jumps caused immeasurable damage to the planet's surface, killing off landmasses and forcing the inhabitants to flee underground. As Sekot finally regained control, it made its decision to continue with its attempt to end the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, made a hyperspace jump to the planet Coruscant. Brinigng itself into a position to eclipse the planet's sun, Zonama Sekot used its gravitational force to destroy the Rainbow Bridge and push Coruscant's remaining three moons out of position. The sudden appearance of the planet forced the Yuuzhan Vong military leaders to break off their attack on Mon Calamari and return to the Core to protect Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the Citadel. Zonama Sekot remained out of the main fighting, and forced those Jedi who had bonded with a Sekotan starship to only fly defensively. When Sekot realized that Shimrra had sent a dying coralskipper, infected with the Alpha Red virus, to destroy the planet, it reverted back to its original plan to "fight without fighting." All Sekotan ships were rendered useless, and Sekot deployed a swarm of grappler craft to bring down any ship it found in its airspace. The Magister Jabitha explained to the Jedi still on Zonama Sekot that the planet had chosen to bring the Yuuzhan Vong home, rather than harm them further. With the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi, the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered to the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi Knights convinced the fledgling Galactic Alliance to allow the surviving Yuuzhan Vong to live on Zonama Sekot, which was more their homeworld than any other race. The Alliance agreed, and after many of the Yuuzhan Vong returned from their postings to arrive on the planet, Sekot took Zonama and fled into the Unknown Regions. There, Sekot reasoned, the planet and the Yuuzhan Vong could become reacquainted without outside interference. (RP, DW, FH3, FP, UF)

this was the name used to describe the collective group of Ferroan and Langhesi colonists who settled the planet Zonama Sekot. (RP)

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