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Star Wars: The Rebellion Campaign

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Last updated January 10, 2003



"Bothawui" by
Chris Trevas.


Calamari (sometimes called Mons Calamari) is a tectonically stable world almost entirely covered with water, and is home to both the peaceful Mon Calamari and the cautious Quarren-- over 27 billion inhabitants in all. The surface of the planet is covered with small marshy islands and enormous floating cities that house both species, with the Quarren inhabiting the lowest, darkest levels. These attractive constructions include Reef Home, Coral Depths, Kee-Piru, Coral City, Heurkea, and Foamwander City. The architecture and design of the Mon Calamari have organic appearances, with rounded edges and irregular surfaces that show their love for the natural beauty of their world. Raw ores used in construction are mined by the Quarren (who can breathe both air and water) from domed cities on the ocean floor. A permanent history of every event on Calamari is maintained by a community of meter-long, bivalve mollusks, who are extremely intelligent and will communicate their knowledge with those who ask. The Calamarian seas are also home to the dangerous predators known as krakanas-- sharklike animals with twin pincer tentacles. The rare ultima-pearl can be found in Calamari's seabeds.

The Mon Calamari had already constructed enormous starships and begun traveling space when their planet was discovered by the Empire. The Imperials planned to enslave Calamari and, after meeting with resistance from its natives, destroyed three of its floating cities. A Quarren, Seggor Tels, is believed to have deliberately lowered Calamari's defenses to allow the Empire's attack; this has heightened tensions between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren ever since. After the Empire showed its true colors, Calamarian starships were converted into warships and the shipbuilding docks in orbit around Calamari and its single moon became an important resource for the Alliance. Many Calamarians were taken as slaves by the Empire.


Cerea is a peaceful terrestrial planet in the system of the same name located in the Mid Rim. The native Cereans have shunned technology for the longest time, and even only joined the Republic shortly before the Battle of Naboo. Still, technology was brought to the planet by off-worlders, but it is contained exclusively in spaceport cities called the Outsider Citadels. Mostly, the spectacular vistas of endless rolling valleys, crystal clear lakes and rivers, majestic snow-capped mountains, and thick, lush forests are left unspoiled.

Cereans live in cities built using natural resources, and travel on animals or boats. The Cerean males have a very low birthrate, so it is socially accepted for a male to have several wives.

Cereans have also founded an order of monks that practice a philosophy called the Zwei-do. The use the Zwei (or the Force) to always improve themselves and learn melee combat techniques of martial arts. The Zwei-do monks had a temple in the snowy mountains, but it was recently destroyed by agents of the Emperor. Only one Zwei-do monk is known to have survived. His name is Maeyvin and he recently visited the ruins of the temple, and found clues as to the identity of the destroyers of the Zwei-do Order.


It is often said that Corulag is a great place to live, but a rather bland place to visit. The weather is pleasant and unremarkable. disasters few and far between. The very model of an Imperial Core world, Corulag is cosmopolitan, devoid of provincial values and loyalties which might interfere with the New Order ideology, and totally devoted to the Emperor and is philosophy of Human High Culture. Its greatest distinction is that it has none.

Politics: The Corulag government is run by a House of Citizens elected by the populace and presided over by the Imperial governor. There are numerous political parties, but all are solidly in the Imperial camp. Local laws are relatively strict. Personal weapons may be brought onto the planet, but must be registered with the government, which holds the weapon until a 10-day waiting period has elapsed, during which a background check is run on the registrant.

Governor Zafiel Snopps is a no-nonsense captain of industry who is far more concerned with keeping his powerful economy chugging along than in currying favor with his superiors. He is popular with the people of Corulag, since he used to be Corulag's representative in the Imperial Senate before receiving a special appointment as governor when that body was disbanded. The Emperor, who rarely grants such favors, is reconsidering the wisdom of his decision as Zafiel's popularity rises.

Culture: The people of Corulag are wealthy and productive, and pay little attention to worlds less favored and fortunate. They bask in the knowledge that their success as a society is entirely due to their superior abilities and culture. Actually, their successes in the Imperial era are largely due to the fact that Corulag latched itself firmly to the fortunes of Senator Palpatine, and rode with him all the way up to the top. It also doesn't hurt that Coruscant is only a few hours away via the hyperlanes.

Economy: Corulag is the home of several high tech firms, including Gowix Computers, Danthe Artifice, Ltd., Gwain Spices, and the Mansom Corporation. Sienar Fleet Systems maintains a major research and development complex near Dammon University in Curamalle.

Points of Interest: Corulag hosts the Corulag branch of the Empire-spanning Academy. Corulag Academy is the sister school of Raithal Academy, and is only slightly less prominent. Like Raithal, Corulag Academy prepares the most talented young Imperial citizens for military service. The main campus is situated in Curamalle, and there is a training facility on the Imperial Navy base located on Corulag's largest moon. Corulag Academy accepts qualified students from most of the Core, and a smaller number from other regions. A surprising number of students from Corulag itself enter the Academy, and as a result, natives of Corulag often become senior Imperial officers.


For almost as long as there has been a Galactic Republic, the Duro star system has been a hub for exploration, colonization efforts, and trade. The Duros' civilization has lasted for tens of thousands of years. Its earliest records predate even the founding of the Old Republic. The Duros are among the first species to develop the technology to travel between the stars.

The high technology of the Duros turned their world of origin into a wasted, spent, and fouled planet. Any useful resources were extraced long ago, and the atmosphere became a dangerous mixture of poisonous gases several thousands of years ago. The population of Duro relocated to massive orbital cities high above the now-toxic world from which they sprang.


Bonus Orbital Shipyard Map


System Datafile: Tatooine is the principal planet in the Tatooine Star System, located in Arkanis Sector in the Outer Rim Territories. Twin suns - Tatoo I and Tatoo II - reflect off the sand-covered world, giving Tatooine the appearance of a third sun. Sodium-rich sand and flat expanses of rock, dunes, and cramped canyons form most of the landscape of the desert world. High winds sweep oceans of sand into the atmosphere, creating dangerous and frequent sandstorms.

Dry, hot, and inhospitable, Tatooine is nevertheless inhabited by a wide variety of life. Creatures such as womp rats, krayt dragons, jerbas, eopies, cliffborer worms, trooshtis, skettos, gorgs, worrts, urusai, bonegnawers, howlers, raivors and dewbacks seem to be native to the planet. Banthas, rontos, massiffs, scurriers and others were transported to the world by visitors. The planet even boasts a Sarlacc or two.

While people have lived on Tatooine for thousands of years, there have been only intermittent "waves" of colonization. Many turned to moisture farming, setting up homesteads where they toil to pull water vapor out of the atmosphere. When the settlers arrived, they found two sentient species of native inhabitants: the small, skittish Jawas and the tall, powerful Sand People (later called Tusken Raiders). The scavenging Jawas quickly found a place in Tatooine society as traders, but the aggressive Sand People lived as nomads and frequently raided colonist settlements.

From the several Rodian and Human settlers sprouted the spaceports of Mos Eisley, Mos Espa, Mos Taike and Mos Entha. The official capital city and center of government is the town of Anchorhead, but Mos Eisley is the more frequently visited. Besides attracting interstellar commerce, the city attracts social undesirables from the space lanes and other walks of life.

The Empire has a small presence on Tatooine, in the form of an Imperial Governor in the system and a small garrison of Stormtroopers in Mos Eisley.


Starwars.com Databank
Welcome to Tatooine

Visited Planets and Systems


Alderaan has several awe-inspiring sights: grassy plains and alien ruins, distinguished universities and celebrated museums, soaring thrantas and dazzling glimmerfish.

For thousands of years Alderaan has been famous as a world of unspoiled beauty and a center of art, culture, and education. The earliest colonists refused to pave their new home with ferrocrete--one Coruscant was enough for them. Instead, cities were built into canyon crevasses, beneath the polar ice, and on stilts in the shallow saline seas.

The rolling plains and gentle breezes attract some of the greatest artists and philosophers who ever lived. Some seek inspiration in the Castle Lands (empty dirt mounds left by long-vanished aliens), while others use the endless fields as their canvas in vast "grass paintings."

Though Alderaan has long been a democracy, it still retains a royal family: House Organa. The Organas, ruling from the capital, Aldera, took an active role in the Old Republic government and helped oversee the voluntary demilitarization of their world after the bloody Clone Wars. After Palpatine's rise, Bail Organa became a founding member of the Rebel Alliance, and his adopted daughter, Leia, followed in his footsteps.

Aarack was sent to Alderaan when he had to pick up a cargo for Arnot. When he found out the cargo was a Human female named Erika Supa and her daughter Jara, he went back to try to stop the person who wanted to sell them. The seller was an Aldera University professor of Xenoarchaelogy named Kissinger. Aarack found out that his mother was living in Aldera under the name "Ms. Keane". She was a former Jedi who was teaching at a grade school, and had a particular interest in Force-sensitive kids. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Aarack was not able to save her on time.


Alderaan: A Peaceful World
Starwars.com Databank
The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons sample chapter


Annoo is an agricultural planet and home to the Annoo-dat species and sand sloths. It houses the major starport in the system, which it shares with the arid planet Ingo. The gangster Sise Fromm maintained a stronghold on the planet, until the local Rebel cell, led by Demma Moll and her daugther Kea, destroyed it with Fromm's own superweapon. The Molls had established their small base of operations inside their farmhouse, but they are now relocating to Ingo after the old Fromm secret base there has been "cleaned out" by the heroes.


Caamas is inhabited by the Caamasi, a race of pacifists who have the power to create memories, called memnii, and share them telepathically with other of their species. After the Clone Wars, Palpatine engineered the devastation of the planet Caamas. Palpatine's agents sabotaged the planet's shield generators, allowing the sudden, violent attack to send firestorms raging across the world. The heavy bombardment destroyed all vegetation, and most Caamasi were killed. A large Caamasi remnant community survived on Kerilt, though, and some later relocated to Susevfi. Refugees from from Caamas went to several other worlds, one of them Alderaan.

Aarack went to Caamas to hire a ship to go to Alderaan undetected. He met Deke Tanner with his Ghtroc freighter Fly Hunter.


Caamas, the Ruined World
Key Locations on Caamas
Adventures on Caamas
Creatures of Caamas


System Datafile: Coyn system, star: Coynek, orange star. Five planets in system - second planet, Coyn, is inhabited. Coyn is a major crossroads system in Elrood Sector.

From the Coyn Bureau of Tourism:

You are approaching the planet Coyn, Gateway of Elrood Sector, and homeworld of the proud and noble Coynite people.

Coyn is famous for its weaponry and is also home to the Mercenary Guild of Coyn, which boasts the mightiest warriors of this world. Our mercenary activities are famous throughout the galaxy.

As our guests, you are expected to honor and obey the En'Tra'Sol, the King-Law. It is a legal system that has provided for our needs for thousands of years, and it is the standard of conduct by which all are judged.

As you approach our world, keep in mind the following things:

  • We are a warrior culture and value honor, valor, and loyalty. Cowardice and weakness are despised.

  • A weapon drawn must be used for a warrior to retain honor.

  • Warriors who have shown bravery in combat are respected, kindred spirits.

  • Never touch a Coynite with your bare hands unless that person has granted permission. This is a punishable crime.

  • Hollow threats, failure to defend onself, falsely preparing one's weapon for combat, deception, thievery and dishonesty are punishable crimes. One who displays these traits or acts in such a manner is branded af'harl, or "cowardly deceiver." af'harl are "unseeable" in the eyes of the Coynites, and have no legal rights. They may be enslaved, beaten, murdered or dealt with in any way that a Coynite citizen sees fit. af'harl who have been enslaved are property of that Coynite's estate and thus are protected by and answerable to that Coynite. Coynites are responsible for the actions of their af'harl.

  • Allowing an opponent to surrender in combat is only permissible if that opponent swears tracc'sorr, or fealty.

    Enjoy your stay.

    [Note: Treyk visited En'Tra'Tais, the "Kingland", one of the five starports of the planet, when he was looking for the pirate "Urias Xhaxin", who happened to be under the protection of the Coynites as a "valored one".]


    Coynite stats
    Coynite battle armor


    Chrellis is the system where the first Alliance High Command Base was located. The base, consisting mostly of anchored transports and prefab buildings, was located on an airless planetoid the size of a small moon. When Aarack Starlighter returned from Alderaan, he was stopped by an Imperial Interdictor that was combing the area. The proximity of the Imperials to the base forced the Rebels to evacuate and relocate immediately.


    The main planet in the Dantooine system is a tranquil world far removed from the centers of galactic civilization. The planet remains pristine and undevelopped. Its surface is dotted with spiky blba trees, sweeping olive-colored steppes, and open savannas of lavender grasses punctuated by gently rolling hills. Herds of small, hairy herbivores roam the plains. Drifting, balloonlike fabool often catch themselves on blba thorns, where they are devoured by patient carnivorous snails. Other animals include pikets (long-necked grazers ressembling rontos), thunes, huurtons, voritor lizards (large predatory reptiles), quenkers (armored rodents with acidic bile), bols, grauls (a smaller cousin of the Dathomir rancor), kath hounds, kinrath spiders, and manta-like flying things.

    The climate in the Dantooine interior is relatively dry through most of the year, except for the rainy season in the spring, when torrential rains turn the dusty soil to mud, and the blades of the normally brownish-green grass turn to a pale and elegant lavender. Along the coasts, mountains trap most of the moisture coming off the oceans, resulting in narrow bands of verdant vegetation running along the coast. The primitive nomadic tribes of Dantari travel along the coasts of the larger land masses; their numbers are so few that the planet is essentially unhinabited.

    Dantooine has two moons, which often appear overhead simultaneously. Through the haze of the atmosphere, the greater moon is a light lavender in appearance, and the lesser has a greenish cast.


    Generis is a terrestrial planet in the barren Atrivis system located in Atrivis Sector. It is a planet of startling natural beauty: a lush jungle planet that dsplays a number of indigenous creatures and plants. The terrain is hilly and rocky, with choking jungle foliage clogging the few pathways that have been forged through the rugged terrain. There are no major cities on Generis, nor are there any surviving indigenous sapient species. the ruins of a number of temples of decidedly non-Human origin have been discovered, but there is no clue what became of the temples' builders.

    The Atrivis Resistance Group had set up a hidden base of operations aboard a long-abandoned space station in the system. When the ARG formally joined the Alliance, Sector Command sent an advisory unit, consisting of officers specializing in command and communication, to help the ARG becoming a fully-operational Sector Force. They also sent technicians, engineers and pilots to oversee the construction of the starfighter docks and communications equipment upon Generis base.

    The starfighter outpost is being constructed to protect the base not only because it is the Sector HQ, but also because it is home to the Outer-Rim Communications Center, a key communications station linking many Outer Rim resistance units through satellite beam transmissions. The communications array is located on the southern pole of the planet, near a large deposit of hiridiu crystals. These crystals have been used in old-style communications systems since the days of the Old Republic; the proximity of the crystals helps boost modern communications signal strength by almost 30 percent.

    The construction is almost completed.


    Ingo is a desolate world of salt flats and craters located in the Annoo system. Its inhabitants, mostly human colonists, work hard to keep food on the table and their high-tech tools and equipment in good repair. The planet Annoo houses the major starport in the system and from there visitors can reach Ingo, although not many beings see the need to do so.

    Arnot established his base on Ingo when he took over Sise Fromm's organization. The base, hidden under the salt flats, used to belong Tig Fromm, Sise Fromm's son. Later, the base was raided by the heroes who captured the gangster and handed over the base to a Rebel cell from Annoo.


    Jenenma is an industrial planet located in the Mid Rim. Because of its prominent starship building facilities, the planet is populated largely by Duros. The sky is red, and the air is thick and humid, but breathable. The spaceport, Sahl-Evin, is a drab collection of large metal buildings with doors big enough to herd rancors through. Only a few people wander the streets between work shifts in this dreary, industrial town. The Blinders district is the shipbuilding part of town. It's the likeliest place to find or buy a stolen ship because of a ring of ship thieves headquartered there.

    The heroes went to Jenenma looking for Treyk's Y-wing. They met the leaders of the thieves when they assisted to a pit fight at the Hutt's Last Laugh cantina.


    Kalarba is a temperate planet in the system of the same name in the Mid Rim. Its surface is equally covered by water and land, and the land mostly consists of mountains and plains. It was colonized thousands of years ago by Alderaanians. Its major starport is Kalarba City, located on the edge of the Great Sea across from the Three Pikes of Tharen.

    Kalarba has two moons, both of which are inhabitable.

    Indobok is home to the system's native species, the B'rknaa. Its soil mostly consists of ash forming canyons, but the atmosphere is Type I. Indobok has no starport.

    Hosk is covered by a large sprawling spaceport city around its north pole, and many launch bays to the point of becoming a space station. A shuttle regularly transports passengers from Kalarba City to Hosk Station. The station is now a major civilian docking and transfer point and once belonged to Olag Greck.

    The heroes landed in Kalarba City when they were looking to contact "Stinger".


    The asteroid field in the Miro system is where the ship carrying Vors Voorhorian and his design team was stranded after its hyperdrive motivator gave out.


    Naalol is a sparsely inhabited terrestrial world in Atrivis Sector, with few spaceports or major cities. There is a small Imperial presence. The inhabitants do not interfere with the regional government, keeping mostly to themselves. It's a backwater planet, but reasonably modern with little organized crime. The Naalol system has two other uninhabited planets, both in orbits extremely close to its star.

    The main spaceport, Rigton, is located partly inside Mount Mogaar. It is a small city, built against a crescent shaped ridge. Tunnels honeycomb the mountainside, effectively giving the city two sets of streets: one above ground, one below. Fully half the city exists below ground, and many buildings have levels both above and below the surface. The tunnels are always busy, particularly during the winter months.

    Lt. Talnar, a Rebel agent, crashed on the planet after his ship was damaged by an Imperial Customs Cruiser. The heroes were sent to rescue him and they found him in the clutches of a local group of bounty hunters called the Oquan. The heroes were double-crossed by the Oquan, and Imperial stormtroopers attacked the docking bay where they were paying ransom for Talnar. They all managed to escape thanks to Talnar's turret droids.

    Ord Mantell

    "Streets of Ord Mantell" by
    Chris Trevas.

    Ord Mantell is a temperate planet in the Bright Jewel system, at the heart of the Bright Jewel Cluster. Its terrains consist mainly of plains, canyons, plateaus, and rocky backcountry. The planet also has many seas.

    The lawless world is a magnet for criminals of all stripes, from the pickpockets who frequent the shining casinos, to the pirates who hide out in the barren outback, to the assassin droids that lurk in the industrial junkyards.

    Ord Mantell was first settled twelve thousand years ago as an Old Republic military outpost ("Ord" is an outdated acronym for "Ordnance/Regional Depot"). All traces of the base, however, have long since disappeared beneath coastal strips of flashing, blinking casino complexes. Farther inland lie smelters, scrap heaps, and a persistent brown haze from burning fossil fuels.

    Still, billions of tourists visit Ord Mantell each year. One of the major attractions is the annual Blockade Runners Derby. Most "legitimate" visitors to the planet never stray far from the sabacc tables, jubilee wheels, and all-night revues on the waterfront, though a few brave thrill seekers venture into the backcountry on Savrip-tracking expeditions. The hulking Mantellian Savrip, familiar to millions as one of the standard pieces in dejarik hologames, is a formidable quarry even for the most seasoned hunter. It is even rumored to be a sentient species.

    The spaceport has a long series of concrete-lined craters used as docks for small starships. The many casinos, sleazy or respectable, do not allow blasters to be carried inside. Popular casinos include the Lady Fate Casino, the Pink Sky Casino, the Fifteen Moons Casino, and the orbiting Jubilee Wheel station. The planet is a perfect hunting ground for bounty hunters. The interminable plateaus and canyons of the backcountry are also home to many moisture plants and mining colonies.


    Trevura is the planet where the heroes were sent to pick up a load of astromech droids. The capital city, Voma, has a major Industrial Automaton factory and the manager of the plant, Essar Gonzales, is a Rebel sympathizer. While there, the heroes managed to help the Imperials in stopping a rogue MD-2 droid.

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