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I'm a real Star Wars freak and this place is really cool.? I think you should keep the games a little less complicated.? I didn't quite get the Hoth game.? A few more suggestions: have some kid questionnaires.? Get some e-mails from people who know their stuff.? An extra spot where kids get to learn neat stuff about Star Wars.? It's fun to learn more things about something you like to do.? Thanks a lot for putting up this site just for kids. Thanks!


P.S: Will you tell R2 that I think he's cute? Thanks!

Bleep Bleep Bloop Bleep! (Translation: Thank you for your suggestions and your compliments!)
It's kind of lame, but hey, ya know, I thought you could use it.? :-) What kind of a car does Luke Skywalker drive? A Toy-Yoda! (You know, instead of Toyota?) By the way, this is a fantastic web site! Love it! Keep up the good work! MTFBWY P.S. My little sister loves Amara's cartoon pictures on the Rebel friends. Good job!

A Toy-Yoda? After I sold my landspeeder on Tatooine, I don't remember ever having owned a car anymore :-)

Thanks for writing!

Dear Rebels, I like this very much. It's cool and it's fun.

From Carl, age 5 and Tom, age 8

Thank you for telling us!
Hey i realy like lord vader and luke because they aways fight all the time at he death star so if you could have lord vader e-mail me back and luke too? thank you a lot for letting me see the movie star wars and tell me when the new one is come out?
Hi there! Lord Vader is busy doing his reporting for VNN on the Death Star, so that's why I'll answer your e-mail. We did fight on the Death Star, but fortunately Darth Vader, who is my father, rescued me when the Emperor wanted to destroy me!!

Hi- Rebel Friends, My name is Abby Cannariato and I'm 9 years old. I've been collecting Stars Wars stuff for a long time and I can't wait until the Star Wars Legos come out! (as I heard from VNN) I also enjoy your Hoth adventure too! Who designed the music for the Star Wars movies? Its GREAT! Thanks for a great web site!

From Abby

Dear Abby, we're glad you like Rebel Friends! I can't wait for the Star Wars Legos to come out, too, I think it will be really cool to be able to build an X-Wing ot the millenium falcon or something. John Williams was the guy that did the music for the Star Wars movies, and he's even doing the music for the prequels! Keep coming back, I hope to have some new stuff done soon!

Amy - The Arty Ewok

Dear Rebel Friends, My name is Abby.? What kind of creature were the Cantina Band members? I love the cartoon corner and the VNN news flash. The creepy cantina wasn't so scary! I have a 6 year old brother and he also loves Star Wars and so do most of his friends. We mostly like collecting the action figures. When are the new action figures coming to the stores? I love the beanie baby Star Wars characters. Like the wampa and Yoda. (even though the wampa is a monster)? The site is great but what would make it better is if kids could send in hand drawings of Star Wars things! Then you could post them in a section of the site. Is the character that says "Click me to go back," on the site suposed to be any one? Your site is great ! (and I just wanted to tell you that I've e-mailed you guys before.)

Love Abby

Hi Abby, thank you for your e-mail! The Cantina Band members are called "Bith" I think. I'm glad you like Rebel Friends. You can send us your hand drawings (ask someone to scan them in for you), and we'll make a special section with Star Wars drawings! The character that says "Click me to go back" is one of the Rebel Fighter pilots. Keep visiting Rebel Friends to read news about the prequel toys soon! (On VNN). ? Thanks for writing!