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Dear Luke Skywalker, 
My name is Robbie. I am 5 years old. I am glad you became a jedi. How many battles did you fight? I really like you, but I like Han Solo too (he's not very nice to Leia though).
Hi Robbie! I fought in too many battles to remember! Han Solo seems to be a bit unfriendly towards Leia, but that's because he doesn't want to show that he actually likes her a lot!
Great site overall. I really love it. My kids are mostly interested in the robots. They love "artee-detoo" as they say it. More robots would be my only request for the rebel friends part. Keep up the good work!


More robots? Oh my! Now THAT's an interesting request, if I may say so. However, I do suppose you mean more PROTOCOL droids, because there are already too many of those malfunctioning little twerps like Artoo walking around here, don't you think?

My name is Marcel Kraus and I am 13 years old and have been an avid STAR WARS fan for as long as I can remember, I have virtualy the whole of the STAR WARS action fleet series and adore all of the STAR WARS books. I visit the FORCE.NET and the PREQUELS VIRTUAL EDITION almost every day and I think it is a great idea that you have launched a great site for a younger audience so they can to appreciate how wonderful the STAR WARS universe is, for as YODA said: "He is old, to old to begin the training"... well its the best to start young, so may the force be with you, always!


Thanks for writing us, Marcel.  I'm glad Yoda would be on our side, too. :)
Hi. My name is Morelos Barros, from the lost planet of Mexico. I am 25 and I grew up in Star Wars. I've been into your pages for quite a while now, and I never felt the urge to write, even when I think The Force.Net is the best Fan place over the Web, however, I discovered Rebel Friends. By the Force! Is that a GREAT place or what!

I loved the place because it makes think... wow! If I  just had the internet back in the 80's... But you know why I have to thank you in the double? Because I have a beautiful little 9 months baby. Her name is Leia. Yes! I named her Leia even if that meant a fight with my wife. And Rebel Friends will her first Internet lesson as soon as she can hold the mouse!

The comic is neat, and Vader's news is fantastic!

As you can see I am a dad with all the Jedi stuff within me. And I want to teach my daughter all the marvels inside the Star Wars Universe and what she can do with her Jedi powers. And Rebel Friends is the best start.

As a hard core fan and as a dad, thank you guys.

Morelos Barros
México City

Thanks for the wonderful email. :) 
Rebel Friends,
I liked the hoth game that you had!
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
The recent additions to the site are all great, and as the mom of a 4-year-old I particularly appreciate the way Rebel Friends has expanded.

We've clicked our way through Hoth, cut-and-pasted Ewok paper dolls, and in general had a great time. (Though we're waiting for the day we have to explain to our next-door neighbors why Katie takes aim at them from her bedroom window and considers them stormtroopers! Even Rebel Friends can't help with that one...)

A couple of ideas as trick-or-treat season approaches. How about printable character masks, either pre-colored or to be colored? A photo gallery of our collective kids in costume would also be fun. Personally, I have innumerable photos of a very blond Leia, posing with the stuffed R2-D2 I made Way Back When in 1977 (he's gotten his own seat and many incredulous stares on airplanes, to and from college...from time to time).

If you'd like some kids' hand puppet patterns to post, I can offer the ones I made up for Katie of  Han, Leia and Luke. They're quick to make out of felt and odds-and-ends of trimming. It would probably be easy enough to do patterns for other characters, to round out the set. GIF file of the trio is attached: just let me know if you're interested.

Thanks again for a very classy site which is right up there on my bookmark list.

- Eileen Tuuri

Thanks for the nice words, Eileen!  Your ideas are fantastic as well.  We'd love to see your costume pictures as well as the hand-puppet patterns!

Any other input is always appreciated. :).

i love rebel friends its really really cool! you should make another adventure like the planet hoth but make one of a space battle itll be super cool!!!!!
Well, new adventures are in the making, and there will be a space battle in one of them... stay tuned!
Dear R2-D2 i love your web site keep it going.Do you know how soon you'r going to get the comic books end.


Yub Yub!  Dear Lindy, Artoo is a little busy, so Arty Ewok is answering this, because she does the comic book.

The comic book will end when I get the time to finish it.. with all the garbage that these imperials left on Endor, we're all kind of busy!

ok besides hoth how about Luke in his x-wingfighter taking on some tie-figters and some stardestroyers. Oh and by the way,are you the one who made star wars?
I'm not the one who made Star Wars, that's George Lucas! But I'm making some new click-through adventures for Rebel Friends. There will be x-wings and tie-fighters in it, and who knows.. perhaps even a star destroyer!