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Hello. I am Joey, 12 years old. I am probably one of the biggest Star Wars fans out there. I just wanted to say, good job with your site. I really like the idea of making a Star Wars kid site. Keep up the good work!

Dark Lord Joey Keegin

Thank you Joey! Hopefully soon we'll have a new look for Rebel Friends and more comics.. I'm working? on many things. Do you have any art or stories you've written? I hear the imperials want to intercept some kid art and put it on the web site ;)

Amy - The arty ewok

Hi!? I'm Ben Skywalker, cousin of Luke Skywalker!? I love the website!? I was wondering: Do you think maybe you could have maybe something like the Hoth Adventure, only it's shockwave?? The reason I'm asking is because I love to play shockwave games, and I've never encountered a Star Wars one! See you later!

Hi, Ben!? I have some ideas for some Shockwave games I would like to make if I have time.? I'm glad to hear that you're interested.? Thanks for writing!

Paul Davidson

Hello, My name is J.D. I am 8 years old, and I would like to know when you will have some picture for us to color from the new movie?? I am really excited to see Ep. 1.? My mom is going to check me and my sister out of school to see it.? I am going to be Obi Wan for Halloween, my granny is going to make my costume, I have been Luke every Halloween since I was 4 granny has made all my costumes. Thank you for Rebel Friends I have a lot of fun here.

Bye, J.D.?

Hello JD! Well.. Hey! I have the perfect colouring pages to add to the site, they're kind of funny too. One is Jar Jar with a Battledroid popsicle and one is Darth Maul in baggy jeans (He's a Maul Rat.. like a MALLrat, but it's Darth Maul!).
Dear R 2 D 2 I love you
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