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Hey I love your site!!? I check it daily! ( I try) ? I have a cousi that is 12. She is a StarWars Wiz! She read 31 StarWars Books. The realy think ones too.She read? The Young Jedi Knight seris and who knows what! I love starwars as much as she does! ?YOUR SITE IS THE BEST IN THE NATION! Try to finish the comic, I want to know what happens next!

By an?Impearel spy? Nina Darkstar

Hi Nina! We're glad you like the website so much!

Hi. I just LOVE the Star Wars series. I want to see the new movies when they come out. Also, I really like droids, espescailly R2-D2. You know in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke goes to Daggboh and his x-wing crashes? Well, when R2 falls of the x-wing into the swamp, what is that thing he sticks up out of the water? Also, when are you going to update your site again? One more thing. In VNN, you show star wars legos. Do you know when those will react stores?Well, Bye.???

From,Dan (the droid guy)

S. Next time yo see R2-D2? tell him I really like him.

Artoo Detoo says that he used a little periscope when he fell in the water on Dagobah. It's one of the little gadgets that are built in most Artoo units.

I am a pure bred rebel from rebel freinds. I'm Lando's sister.(thats just pretend!)

your freind from the rebel's home,

Leanna (Tasha) Calrissian

Hello Rebel Friend! Thanks for writing!
your hoth adventure and creepy catina games are cool. there like choose your own adventure books!
Exactly. Only the "choose your own adventure books" haven't got the cool star wars color pictures!

Hello, my name is Hayden Lee Ruggles.I am 6 years old and I live in Whittlesey in England.I liked reading your comic very much and look forward to reading the next part.My favorite star wars character is Luke Skywalker.I am sending you a photo of me,which my dad took today.



Hello Hayden! That's a great picture!

Dear Rebal Friends,

I got a new book on Star Wars.It's about the making.I like it.My cousin Jeff has a dog named Chewy.And he lives up to his name.He chews on everthing.I can't wait till the new Star Wars movie comes out!!!!As soon as the new legos come out! I can't wait.I am going to bye some,Well I will see you later.BYE!!!

PS;I really,really,really,really,really,really,really likes Star Wars!!!!!!!!!

Say hello to Chewy from us! Thank you for your e-mail!
I typed this to say you should get some pictures of star wars ships to put on the web site. A lot of people want pictures but you never update your page. I know this because I read the comic 2 months ago, but you didn't make a new one. Otherwise this site is cool! Alex.
Artoo sent me this email message and I have been a bad Arty ewok. I have been so busy that I have not been able to draw any new comic strips. I will try to get one done soon, though. Yub Yub! Amy - Arty Ewok!

Hi there, Rebel Friends!

LOVE Star Wars and right now I'm watching Return of The Jedi. I am training to become a Jedi Knight and so is my pet rat...well, I'm trying to persuade her...her name is Leia. This is for Artoo: Bwop Bleep Pliiiip blib blib blib. Tweeeeooo, dwoop dwoop.

Bryn Doherty

Bleep, bloop tweet! Bleep bleep blib blib bloop!

Dear Rebel Friends, I think the cantina is pretty cool but not that scary, you should probably add some music to it.I love STARWARS alot and i can't wait for the phantom menace to come out,it's just too long!!!Anyway,this website is really the coolest,best one i've ever seen.

Rogue 1.

Hey Rogue 1! Thanks for your e-mail. The bith band was on vacation when we made the creepy cantina adventure, so unfortunately there isn't any music..