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I wanted to write an e-mail to The Royal Queen Amidala. Is it hard to walk in those dresses? They are really beautiful, but they look really uncomfortable! Your Friend, Carrie

Hi Carrie! Yes, the dresses I wear are beautiful, but they also very, very heavy! And sometimes they are very hot too! Fortunately I disguised myself as Padme when we arrived on Tatooine. I would have died if I would have walked around in my Royal Dress under the burning twin suns of Tatooine!

Dear Obi-Wan, Hi I'm Caitlin and I'm eleven years old. I was wondering if you thought it was weird for a girl to like Star Wars, because I'm a girl and I think Star Wars is awesome! Well I was just wondering because one of my friends thinks its kinda strange. (just one of them though, the rest think its cool like me)

Please write back, because I need to know what you think! Thank You, and May The Force Be With You! Caitlin

Hi Caitlin! I think it's perfectly normal for a girl to like Star Wars! Actually, a lot of the strong characters in Star Wars are female! What would we've been without Queen Amidala's strong leadership? How could Anakin have survived on Tatooine without the help of his mother? Where would the Rebel Alliance be without Princess Leia? Without these strong women, the galaxy would be in big trouble!

hi Luke, you are my favorite character in the STAR WARS universe! My name is Ryan. Rebel friends is the best website on the World Wide Web.I cant wait for the phantom menace comes out on video on April 4 2000. Im a BIG collecter of star wars stuff. I love watching STAR WARS on,on,on,on,on,on & on. Star wars is the best movie in the world. Well Bye

Thanks for your e-mail! I totally agree with you! :)

Jar Jar, you are so clumsy and you are such a coward, Yousa bombad!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a joke, why are Jar Jar's ears so long? Cause he got them caught in a door and he tried to pull them out!!

I know some cheat codes to the Phantom Menace: naughty naughty, I like to cheat, happy, heal it up, Iamqueen, Iamquigone, Iamobi and I am panaka. Well I have got to go now. Ronny

That's a berry berry funny joke, Ronny! Yousa bombad!!

Emperor, I think you 're the best because you train all Siths and I like all the Siths and your guards and I know you can't die.

your servant Christian.

Finally someone who appreciates my hard work for the Galaxy!! I've been training Sith apprentices all my life, but nobody ever thanks me for that. They're always complaining about me. They should be grateful! Without me, the Light Side of the Force would be far too strong. Terrible! Long live the Dark Side of the Force!!