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Hi everyone at rebel friends! Im a young old Sw fan, and i hope either Obi-wan (Because he is so cute and funny) or Adi Gallia (Because she is the best Jedi mistress ever), write back to me. Even though i am 13, i hope i am not too old to write to the Rebel Friends, because i love it! I hope you will write back to me, and maybe i can come visit you sometime... =D May the Force be with Y'all! ((((((((((()***************** Signed, Lapis J'ai, new Jedi knight. (My real name is Carmen)

Hello, Jedi Lapis J'ai! Why would you be too old for Rebel Friends? Look at Master Yoda! He's older than all of us, and yet he's still answering e-mail here at Rebel Friends :)

Hello, My friend is typing this for me. I want to write to Rabe the handmaiden because no one else has. I like all the handmaidens. Rabe, are you happy at Naboo? What's it like being a handmaiden? Is it fun? I have to go now. Mary

Hi Mary! Very kind of you to write me a note! I'm very glad to be Queen Amidala's handmaiden. I help her prepare her exotic hairstyles. You learn to have a lot of patience, because sometimes it takes hours before the Queen's hair is done!

Lord Maul, I must Say that I am especially displeased with your performance in your duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. I know that you could have done much better, but you were too sure of yourself. You killed the Master, yes, and you made a grave mistake by Assuming that if the Master was so easy to defeat ,then the padawan should not be so difficult. For now, you must practice, and learn more. I don't care how many pieces you are in, You will assist the Sith in eliminating the Jedi, will you not? I will inform your Master, Lord Sidious, that you are to train and practice twice as much as you did so that you can become powerful AND learn discipline at the same time. Now, I must say Farewell, until we meet again,Lord Maul.

Grand Admiral Abyssius Mystique Thrawn

You are right. I thought it would be easy to kill the padawan Jedi, since I had already killed his master. But this padawan was very strong with the Force. Too strong for me. But not strong enough for the Dark Side of the Force.. one day, the Dark Side will destroy Obi-Wan!

I just want to say one thing to Darth Sidious. You are going down. I have been training alot and I found out who you really are. You have got to be Emperor Palpatine. And if I find you being a jerk to Obi-Wan I will punch your lights out!

Very well, my young Jedi! Feel the hatred! Good! Let the Dark Side of the Force flow through you. And oh... if you still would like to try to "punch my lights out" as you say, I must warn you... others like you have tried that before. Needless to say that they didn't live to tell about it... It would be such a shame to have to "terminate" you. You'd be an excellent Dark apprentice!

Dear Anikin, I was hoping I could be your friend! My name is David. I like race cars and I know you like podracers. What is your favorite Star Wars Movie? Also, if you could race anyone in a pod race, who would it be? Your friend, David, 6years old

Hello David! Sure you can be my friend! My favorite Star Wars Movie? I think I like Return of the Jedi most, because in that movie I turn back to the Light Side of the Force and I destroy the Emperor. I was very proud to beat Sebulba in the Pod Races! He was the best racer in the Galaxy because he cheated a lot, but I beat him anyway!

Dear R2-D2, You are my favorite character of Star Wars. Did you know you get dirty in most Star Wars films. In the Dagabah System you fall into a muddy swamp. Everytime you are on Tatooine you seem to always get sand in your parts. I also think your funny. Your Friend, Donnie

Artoo says he hates getting dirty all the time. But fortunately, there are always people around who clean him up, like Padme in The Phantom Menace, or Luke in The Empire Strikes Back (at least Luke *tried* to clean him up -there was so much mud on Dagobah that it was impossible to stay clean).

Dear rebel friends, I really like your website. The games are really great. I have a lot of star wars stuff even star wars stamps. I can't wait for Episode 1 to come out on video so I can buy it. I have 4 of the computer games and I have some cheats for all the rebel friends

  • Dark forces: type lapostal to get all weapons type lapogo to do super high jumps
  • Jedi Knight: press t first then type red 5 to get all weapons type jediwannabe on and you are invincible and type sith lord for dark side powers
  • I have one more code for everyone who has the phantom menace game press backspace and type i like to cheat for all weapons

I hope these help everyone with these games thanks for the cool site

Your cheat expert, "Hopper"

Hopper, yousa Bombad! Mesa always so clumsy with these games. Yousa cheats are helpin' mesa big time!
Dear Qui gon jinn, I was wondering if there is anywhere I could get lightsabre training other than from a master like...Training yourself?
Dear Padawan, be careful with lightsabers! You might cut yourself! You'll need a Master to train you, although you can excercise a lot yourself once you've mastered the basic skills!

(un)Honorable Sith Lord, I am regarding to a few of your most recent letters. In one of them, you said "fear anger and hate lead to the Dark Side." PAH!! Fear, anger, hate, and AGGRESSION lead to the Dark Side!! In another, (I hope I'm REALLY annoying you...), you said Obi-Wan was "too strong with the Force"...are you a Sith Lord or someone who tells another he lost a battle?!! If I were a Sith Lord, I would NEVER tell someone that! Anyways, I hope your having a bad day, because you killed Qui-Gon.

Also, who sewed you back together, your mummy?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH cough cough....


Grrrrr! I am NOT going to answer this e-mail. MTFNBWY too!!! (May The Force NOT Be With You)!!

Hi Luke: My name is Marjorie and I'm 14 years old. You are my favorite Star Wars character, just thought I'd let you know:-) I love Star Wars soooo much, and when I went to Denver for the celebration I won a trivia contest! It's too bad you weren't there. I think Episode 1 was really cool- have you seen it yet? I saw it 10 times, and I'm famous at school for doing so.

I also have a joke for you guys at Rebel Friends, I made it up myself: Where do Vader and Sidious go shopping? Give up? At the Darth Mall! (Hee hee.)

Say hi to Mara, Leia, Han, and everybody for me! (Tell Anakin, Jacen and Jaina not to get into too much trouble).

-Love from your friend Marjorie (my nickname is Mara, just like Mara Jade. You can tell her that!)

Hehehehe!! That's a good joke Marjorie! Everybody here says hi to you too! Thanks for writing!

Moi moi! Ilkka t?ss?! mit?s te? L?hett?k?? Mailia! Englanniksi: BUBA FETILLE TERVEISI?

MOI MOI! Im Vilho from Finland. Finland is like Hoth now. Darth maul is best!

Hi there! Yub Yub! I'm from Endor! I think See Threepio is the best! He's the most powerful droid in the universe!! Yub Yub! Greetings to everyone over there in Finland!