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Hi my name is Melissa. I am a very big fan of starwars. Although, not as much as my sister. If I go upstairs to tell here somthing,she is always, watching the special editions,of starwars. At the same time she is online at the starwars, website. When she is asleep, or doing something, thats when I watch the movies, and get on the website. Well,sorry I have got to go.


Hello, Melissa! Good to hear you like our adventures in the Star Wars universe. May the Force be with you!

Hi Anakin, My name is Matthew. I am only three years old so my neighbor is writing this for me. I wanted to say that you are the coolest star wars person ever. I'm sorry that you have to grow up and become a bad guy. Ok, i justed wanted to say that you are very cool. Bye, Matthew

Hi Matthew! Thank you for your nice words!

HI Leia Your the best porson is star wars. I relly like the way you get Han back. I took a test on the internet and it said i will be just like you! How is Luke and Mister hotshot(Han) Doing.

BYE From Whitney

Thanks for your kind words, Whitney. Luke is doing fine. He's busy training other your people to become Jedi Knights. Han hasn't changed much. He is a scoundrel, but he can also be nice... from time to time!

Hi Anakin! I'm ten years old girl from Europa Finland. I Love your films! My favourite is Episode 1. Jingle all the way is also lovely! I love you Jake!

t. Veera

Hello! You are from Finland? Wow! That's almost as far away as Tatooine! I'm glad you like Episode 1. The pod race was great, wasn't it?

I have a question. In one part in STAR WARS PETS this person says she has a dog named after Leia's and Han's daughter. How does she know Leia's and Han's daughter's name??? Did I miss something??? As you can tell by my E-mail address I lOVE Jar Jar Binks!!!!! I was Princess Leia for Halloween!!!! My mom made a REALLY cool wig!!!!! Respond soon!!!!!!! Also, update your website!!!!!!

*Carol Miranda Binks(hehe!)*

Hello Carol. Jar-Jar says "yousa bombad!". In Timothy Zahn's novel trilogy, which takes place after Return of the Jedi, Leia and Han have three kids: Jacen, Jaina and little Anakin!

Hi guys Saved the galaxy yet?Are you wining or losing? Can Luke,Darth Maul and Artoo e-mail me? not at the same time or anything. Dear Leia my sister Amanda want's to say something to you ...

I can spell me own name,I'll spell it ... AMAMA.

Ok Leia She's dun:).Think She rely Can? Her real name is spelled like this Amanda! Do you like Pokemon or STar Wars? I always go on the STar Wars web Site:) :) . I wish I could have a Artoo detoo :(. But I can't always get what I want :( . Can you tell that I can make faces on the conputer? I'm eating a candy can, Yummmmmmm!

I thing I Heaved to go my Mom has to make some phone calls boring ! Wate heres A big Kiss For all of you :* By.

May The Force Be With You!

Thank you for your kisses, and say hi to your sister Amanda!

to obey one kobi

realy like you
I am sad your master died and your be able to train anigan
your be a great jeddi
i wish i could be a jeddi

Love from jasmine .

Hello Jasmine. I was sad too, that master Qui-Gon died. Anakin is a good apprentice. He will be a great jedi.
Hi Yoda,I was acepted as a Jedi Padawan!!! I am on my way to Dagobah now! I hope you are my master! You are the coolest! I'll see you there and May The Force Be With You!!!! well were comming out of hyperdrive talk to ya later!
Good.. good! If a Jedi you wish to be, you must unlearn what you have learned. Open yourself to the Force you must. And remember: do, or do not. There is no try!
This question is directed to Darth Maul : I really like Sith Lords and Jedis(fair;). But how does one go about to be a Sith Lord? Thanks, Elsa
Elsa, I can't reveal how you become a Sith Lord. We don't want too many Sith Lords in the universe! Only two: a master and an apprentice. But here is a tip: if you want to feel the Dark Side of the Force, always give in to fear, anger and hate!
Dear Luke, Hi! You are very cool! I have X-Wing Alliance and have a very good flying average and an OK gunning average. I was wondering if I could join Rouge Squadron? Thank you! May the Force be with you! Sarah
Hello Sarah! Keep training your flying skills. Perhaps one day, you'll be a part of Rogue Squadron!

Dear Rebel Friends, Hi! I love your website and all of your games. I also love . My favorite person in Star Wars is Queen Amidala,and not many people have sent her e-mail. I have a few questions about the coming Episodes.
1)What happens to Queen Amidala in Episode III?
2)Are Luke and Leia in Episode III?
3)When will Episode I be out on vidoe?
4)Are there going to be Episodes VII,VIII,& IX?
Could you please answer these questions,I would be very grateful.

Your fellow fanatic, Annie

Hi Annie! Here are some answers:

1) wait and see!
2) perhaps. Nobody knows for sure
3) in April 2000
4) no, according to George Lucas

darth maul, does your name come from the spanish word mal, which means bad, or even the english word maul which means "to injure by rough treatment" ?

I don't know.. I have never been on the planet of Spain! :)
Dear Obi-Wan, I'm a ten year old girl and I'm your biggist fan in the Galaxy! Thats why I'm making tons of stories about you! Once they are published maybe you can read it! I love the Jedi Apprentice sieries! It's aswome! I can't find the one after the symbol of the Crown though. Someday I'll be in Star Wars just like you! I fianilly got a master! I need some help on becoming a good Padawan though...can you give me a few pointers? May the Force be with you! Sincerly, Obi-Wan Jr : )
Hi there! I can't tell you how to be a good Padawan, you'll have to discover that for yourself. Just always listen to your Master and be mindful of the living Force!
dear Adi Gallia, who are you?
Hi! I am one of the members of the Jedi Council on Coruscant!
Darth Maul, I'm a Jedi and I have some things to ask you.
(1) How dose one write if their bodies chopped in half?
(2) are you still falling down that pit?
(3) I think you could have put more effort in that battel with Obi-Wan!
Well thats all! Sincerly, Obiwan1068

1) Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side!
2) Since I'm writing this.. no!
3) MORE effort? That's impossible. This guy was too strong with the Force!

Hello , I have a question, I am almost 2 jear a fan of Star Wars, but i still don't now : In star Wars a new hope Luke stays with his oncle and aunt, is the uncle Vader's brother or is Buru (aunt) the sister of Vader?????????? Heeeeeeeeeeeelllllp. Lots of love
esmee, the netherlands.

Hi Esmee. Actually, I called them Uncle and Aunt, but they weren't my real family. Actually, uncle Owen was Obi-Wan's brother!
Dear Anakin I am a big fan of yours. From Nicola. Pease write on the side with the rest of the characters. PLEASE!!!
Hi Nicola! Thank you for writing us! I'm glad you like me. I would be sad if you hated me :)
This is for Darth Maul, I know the Sith don't fight each other and you are very good friends with the Sith but, If you and Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Vader had a lightsaber duel. Do you think you could beat him or would he destroy you? Thanks
love the Sith & Jedi and Rebel Friends. It's awesome!!!
Since Darth Vader killed the Emperor, I think he is stronger than I am. But in a fight, you never know who will win.

Dear Obi-Wan and Jar Jar my name is Stephen (Jar Jar probly remembers me) You two are my favorite Characters!! i've just became a master Jedi and I was wondering how you two are doing?

PS: A big hug for Jar Jar, A force sensitive rock for Obi-Wan, and more Bunny Bunny eggs for Boss Nass and the Gungans

Stephen, yousa bombad! Jar Jar thanks yousa for the Bunny Bunny eggs. Mesa liken them!
I would like to invite the cast and crew of the Phantom Menace to my birthday party. I will be 9 this year. I really love Star Wars and really really hope that the cast and crew can come. Thank you! Khrystal
I hope you had a great birthday party! I'm afraid everyone was quite busy that day, so they couldn't come...

To Artoo-Detoo: Hi!!! Myname is Adam. I am four years old. What is your favorite food? Which is your favorite star wars movies? Which episodes are you in? I love you. Your friend Adam

Bleep Bloop Bleep! (Artoo doesn't need any food, he's a droid... Artoo likes all the Star Wars movies, because he's in them all!)

Hi my name is Kerry and i have just seen this amazing section This is my first time sending you a e-mail Im 12 years old Im a girl. I live in South Africa o well got to go speeck to you soon

luv Kerry

Hi Kerry! Thank you for your message from South Africa!
Dear Anakin, Hello! I am Sarah. I am 11 years old and live in Mos Espa too! I have seen you around the marketplace and at Watto's. I was at the Boonta and didn't expect to see you there! Congratulations on your win! Anyway, I followed you home after the race and heard you won your freedom and that you are going to be a Jedi! Way wizard! I am going to miss seeig you around Tatooine! You were always so nice and sweet to everyone. Especially that old lady that runs the little fruit stand in the marketplace. But before you leave to Couroscant, I wanted to tell you something. I (blushing) like you. I've seen how nice you are and I love you! Age doesn't make a difference! See me sometime! May the Force be with you. Love, Sarah
Thank you Sarah! Give my regards to all my friends in Mos Espa, especially to Kitster!