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Dear Jar-Jar what is it like to live under water? do you like boss nass? well mesa tink yousa berry , berry cool mesa would like to know what bunny-bunny eggs taste like [chicken] ? from a good fan sam-sam binks

p.s mesa got banished too

Ahhhhh... Mesa LOVE bunny-bunny eggs. They tastin' like.. ehm.. like bunny-bunny eggs!! Mesa first no liken Boss Nass. Mesa berry scared of Boss Nass. Da Boss banished mesa! But now mesa liken Boss Nass, cause now mesa Bombad General!!

Dear Boba Fett,

You are my favorite character in episode 5 and 6! You are so cool! i love your mandelarion armor, it looks so intimidateing! I read all of the books you are in, and right now i am reading "Star Wars, Hard Merchandice" it is real good, but when i read u were hurled across the cockpit of your ship Slave 1, i got angry. Grrrr, well I am wrighting a real long long long story about u and i really wanna get it published! that'd be so kool! I was you for halloween last year, i was the only 8'th grader who dressed up in star wars stuff! hehe, well i gotta be going! byebye!

Signed, Korinna

Dear Yoda

would like toknow how you can test yourself for midi-chlorians? and I am in search of a Jedi master to take me as his/her padawan.

from sam-sam binks and ato-mon kavic.

.s Yoda what colour is your lightsaber?

Only a Jedi can determine your midi-chlorian level. A special scanner you need for that. A lightsaber I do not have. For some Jedi Masters, a weapon is not needed. The Force is my ally, and strong enough it is!

Dear Threepio,

if you and Artoo Detoo are such good friends, why do you always put him down? I think you are very mean to do that. Also, please say hi to Luke, Leia, Han, and Artoo. They, along with you, are my favorite characters.

Goodness! I can't be mean to Artoo, I've never been programmed to be mean to anyone! Although Artoo Detoo lacks the superior functions of for instance a protocol droid, he can be a clever little astromech droid from time to time. But he also has an extraordinary talent to get me in trouble. Sometimes he's just a very stubborn nearsighted scrap pile. But I can't really blame him. After all, he's just an astromech unit. And most of the time, Artoo and I are getting along pretty well.

Hi- I'm julie and i got a question for obi-wan. how would i go about becoming a jedi? i would really like to know. i've been wondering for a while. With love, Julie :-)

p.s. i think you are so incredibly cute!!! you look just like my boy friend.

Hello Julie. I can't give you all the details, but this is roughly the way things go: to become a jedi, you must first be accepted by the Jedi Council. You can take the test on Coruscant. After that, you will be sent to a place (for instance Dagobah) to follow a long training. Then, when you have learned a lot, and gained a lot of experience, the Jedi Council might confer to you the rank of Jedi Knight.
dear yoda,my name is chris, i passed the jedi test when will i be a jedi?
Hmmm... difficult to see.. always in motion the future is. First, a padawan you will become. Then, when many tests you have passed, a Jedi you could become. But for now... patience!

hello rebel friends,

this is Lynssa speaking to you again. i don't know if you guys read the book, Star Wars: I, Jedi, by Mike Stackpole, so I'll take a shot into the dark. In the book, they feature the camaasi and says that they were destroyed by the empire. will they show that in episode two or three? one more thing, i think you should add a starfighter simulation to some place, like courscant, for the kids who want to become a pilot instead of a jedi or a senate member. and then if they pass the test have them be admitted to a squadron, like rogue squadron or wraith, blue, or champion, etc. You can do that for people who want to be commandos, secrect operative, intellegence, and many more. here's some ideas about who should be in charge of these programs...
starfighter training- General Wedge Antilles
commando operatives- Colonel Kapp Dendo
intellengence officers- General Airen Cracken
(you can make little cartoons out of them, just look in the comics or something)


Hey Lynssa, thanks for the great idea of adding more tests and trainings for future pilots or rebel spies. We'll definately remember that when we will have finished the Jedi training. About the Camaasi: the emperor hated almost all alien lifeforms once he was in full power. He ordered his armies to destroy millions of them. I don't think they'll show all that in Episode two or three. The movie would become way too long!
Dear Darth Maul, how are you.i think you are a cool sith.i have your toy lightsaber it's reely cool. sorry you had to die in the movie. do you know what the next sith's name is? i do! if you want to know just ask me. and could you send me your sight please.from jedi josh the one against you. (could you have darth sidios answer)
I don't know who will be Darth Sidious' next apprentice. But when I was fighting with Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine, I saw a little kid in the distance. I sensed something really strange about that boy.. a disturbance in the Force. Who knows... perhaps he'll once be a great Sith just like my master!
Dear Jar Jar binks, how are you mesa.mesa love yousa.i thinka youa soa coola ia can'ta stopa thinka about yousa.i just wanna tellya youa soa coola.when yousa writa to mesa youa can talka in gungan laungauge.oka.from mesa josha. (you bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbad)
Oh.. mesa gettin all shy from so many compliments. Yousa berry kind!
Hi Obi-Wan! I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you and Master Qui-Gon in Phantom Menace and how upset I am about what happened to him... I know you must miss him a lot because I do and I hardly even got a chance to know him! I also really like the Jedi Apprentice stories about when you two first got together. It must have been very scary for you to know that you should be with him and have him be so stubborn! I get together with some of my friends on the Internet to talk about you and Qui-Gon sometimes. Sometimes we call you 'Ponytail' instead of Obi-Wan... hope you don't mind! Did Master Qui-Gon ever call you anything except your name and 'Padawan'? I hope more stories about you two will be out soon! Oh - and I heard that since that nasty Maul can answer letters somehow, maybe someday soon Master Qui-Gon will too... do you know when??? Take good care of yourself and Anakin... Bye for now! Astra
Hello Astra, thank you very much for your kind letter. The Jedi Apprentice stories are great, because they tell you much more about Qui-Gon Jinn, and you can read all the adventures I've had with him. Qui-Gon always called me Obi-Wan, or Padawan. I'm pretty sure he never called me 'ponytail'! Besides, what's a 'pony'? Is that some kind of local alien lifeform on your planet? Just curious! Perhaps you'll be able to ask questions to master Qui-Gon soon. I'll take good care of Anakin. After all, that's what I promised Qui-Gon, and a Jedi should always keep his promises!

Dear Han Solo, My name is Seth, and I would like to know, How could you let Lando win the falcon back in the star wars book "Dark Apprentice"? I'm glad that you won it back, though. Mtfbwy!



Dear Jar Jar Binks, my name is Lucas

me and my friend are working on a Star Wars encyclopedia. He doesn't think it will be a long book but once I help edit his reports it will be. Anyways I was suppost to do a report on you. See our encyclopedia is on The Phantom Menace, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi all the stuff that happens then.

Right I'm partially living in Finland but I'll be at home soon with my friend and we can start working harder. But everything costs to much in Finland so I can't buy any Star Wars information. So I do things that aren't into guides yet because they are from The Phantom Menace. My friend can buy guides and stuff because he's at home though so he's working on other things from the trilogy. Usualy my source is the internet like has profiles and stuff but for some reason they think you aren't a big enough character to put information up on but Shmi Skywalker is!

Well, that's why I'm emailing you: to ask some questions here they are: 1. are their any marks on your body that no other Gungans have? 2. How tall are you. 3. Are all Gungans from Naboo and you are in the only tribe? 4. Are there any adventures you had before The Phantom Menace? 5. What are the 2 accidents that got you banned from Otoh Gunga? Could you have some one else tell me the answer? Because I couldn't understand you in the book of The Phantom Menace. bye

That pathetic life-form... uhm I mean Jar Jar, has asked me to answer your questions about him, since you say you have difficulties understanding him because of his Gungan accent. Here we go: 1. Although a lot of the young Gungans look alike, their mottled skin (for camouflage) has different patterns for each Gungan. 2. His size is 1.96 metres, and in the Phantom Menace he's 20 years old. 3. All Gungans are from Naboo, but they have different lineages. Boss Nass is from a different lineage than Jar Jar, for example. 4. Jar Jar has had countless other adventures before the Phantom Menace. Most of them were due to his incredible clumsiness. 5. Jar Jar tells about that in a previous answer. Look in the archives from July!
Hi Rebel Friends! I just Loooooove your website, it's the coolest! Me and my friend Kristy love Darth Maul, he is cute! Give into the dark side! Maul Power! From Korinna and Kristy age 14
That's it! Give in to the Dark Side, ladies! But remember: forever will it dominate your destiny (...and there is one disadvantage: once you give in to the Dark Side, your teeth will start to rot away, but if you can live with that, the Dark Side is a strong ally!)
Hello there! Thank you for your kind greetings!
Dear queen you answer my friend mcflys Question. i know you marry anakin. And have twins i episode 3.
Perhaps you're right, but in Episode 1, I don't think I had plans to marry Anakin!

Hi Artoo I really like Jake LLoyd who plays Anakin Skywalker he is so cute could i have his autograph and also let the force be with you


Greetings Charly. Artoo lets you know that he likes Anakin too!
Dear yoda, I'v taken the jedi test on this websight and am a classafied padawan. So my qustion for you is how do I becan my training. I remember one of the movies Jedi requierment was to biuld your own lughtsaber, like luke did. So I made one out of wood. I'v been self traing for about a mount and taken on an apprentice. What can I do to continue my training?
A lightsaber you made? Good! Progress you make, young padawan. First unlearn what you have learned. Anger does not solve problems. Fear not. Hatred, ban it from your life you must. Use strength only for defense, never for attack. To your life apply this you must. Then more progress you will make!

Hello Darth Maul,

I'm a young jedi night, and that makes us enemies, I know but you see I admire your fighting skills and creativity. I wish to give you a warning, and I speck on the behafe of all the jedi knights. Don't mess with the light side of force! You will be defeted! Thank you! Richie

Whoahahaha! I don't fear you! On the contrary, YOU should fear the power of the Dark Side!! Fear is my ally, and the dark Side is my strength!
This is for Obi-Wan. How old do you have to be before you have to leave the Jedi Temple if you havn't been chosen to be a Padawan Apprentice? How did you meet Qui-Gon Jinn? Can I have your autograph, and Qui-Gons? Sincerly, Jedi Apprentice Mel
I'm sorry, but here at Rebel Friends, we can't send you any autographs... There are no set ages for Jedi candidates, although the council tends to admit only very young children. In some cases they make exceptions though.. I met Qui-Gon several times, even before I was a Padawan. But even though Yoda wanted Qui-Gon to train me, he refused several times! But I got involved in a dangerous situation in which I fought side by side with Qui-Gon Jinn, and after that, he finally accepted me as his Padawan!
dear darth maul can i have yours and darth sidioses autograph. cause i like the sithe just as much as i like the jedi. good work with the light saber battle maybe we can hang out sometime. sith lord DEREK
Lord Derek, thank you for your compliments. Like I said to someone else before, I can't give you autographs, because I had a little accident during my fight with Obi-Wan.. if you see what I mean! My master Darth Sidious doesn't want to be bothered. He is busy taking over the galaxy!
Dear Yoda I have taken the first Jedi traning test .When will the test on Dagobah start.I want to be a Jedi just like Luke,Ob1,and Qui Gon Jin and the other Jedi's.Do you know when the traning on Dagobah will Start.How long does it take. Your Jedi in traning Eric.
Eric, patience you must have. A long time it takes to make a good training, yes. The Rebel Friends, tell you they will when welcome you are on Dagobah!

Dear Rebal Friends, Ki-Adi Mundi is not a Jedi Master, I'm sorry to say, but a Jedi Knight. Your Friend and Ally, Vantina

P.S. I'm a Padawan Learner too!!! My midi-chlorian count was 4872/53. Mace Windu says that's impressive; do you?

That's a good midi-chlorian count, but remember: it's not your midi-chlorian count that determines whether you'll be a good jedi. Your training and attitude are much more important!

Dear Yoda, Hi there! My name is Sam Angelo. I'm 13. Me and my friend Kristen love Star Wars. She likes a Jedi which I can't say and I like you all your movies. Your a great actor. Hey if you can Can you send me your autograph, PLEASE. I am such a big fan. Your Fan, Sam Angelo


Autographs I can send you not. Unimportant they are for a Jedi, yes.. but greetings I send you, and my wish this is: the light side, may it guide you on your path through life!
R2-D2 your cool!!!
Bleep bloop tweet!!
Hello. My name is Murray. The web site is very good. I have a question for Obi-Wan Kenobi. How do you build a Jedi Lightsaber, and can you tell me how to become a Jedi. Please answer, from Murray.
Hey Murray, you can read the other letters in Artoo's mailbox to get some tips about becoming a Jedi. And I answered a question about lightsabers in the e-mail from the month July. Click Here to read the e-mail from the month July.

Dear Rebel Friends, Hi I am Arkajit. I have some questions about Star Wars. 1.In Episode I Palpatine looked like such a nice person.How exactly did he turn to evil? 2.Why were Luke and Leia separated when they were born? 3.I hear that Luke Skywalker was C-3PO's 43rd master.Could you try to tell me the other master's names? 4.What activity is there going to be on Bespin? 5.What exactly is the Clone Wars and how did it start and what was it about? 6.What are Yoda's,Qui-Gon's,Darth Maul's and Obi-Wan's home planets? 7.Do you know when The Phantom Menace will come on video? I hope you are able to answer these questions for me. Thank You

Arkajit, Age same as Anakin's 9

Ps.Thank you for answering my last e-mail.

Hi Arkajit. Here are some answers: 1. Palpatine looked nice, but he had secret plans that weren't so nice! 2. Luke was brought to Tatooine and Leia to Alderaan to hide them from the Emperor. 3. I don't know all the names of C-3PO's masters. You'd have to ask him personally, but perhaps his memory was wiped so he can't remember them all. 4. On Bespin, there will be an adventure, but you'll have to wait quite a while for it. 5. We'll see what happens during the Clone Wars in episode 2. 6. As far as I know, that information is unavailable. 7. In the first half of the year 2000.
I think that the e-mail section is kind of neat and stuff but do you have other peoples on the staff? like Kyle Katryn(sp?), Mara, Mace, Panaka, Chewie, Sebulba, Sabe, Rabe, Shmi, Qui-gon, or Lando? I liken deid the website and if you add 2-d games to the site that would be bombad!
Thanks for your e-mail. Perhaps we'll add other characters to the e-mail section in the future. Keep checking these pages! We'll also add more cool activities in the future.

Dear Obi-wan Kenobi,

Hi , my name is Megan .I am five , my cousin is typing for me. I think you are cute!I love you so much! I want to give you a kiss! How old are you? Well , bye!

Love , Megan

Hello Megan, thanks for your e-mail and your kiss! In The Phantom Menace, I'm 25 years old. May the Force be with you!

Dear Artoo, I am a huge fan of Star Wars and I especially love the sith lords! I am at school the bell just rang I'll e-mail you again later

Yours Sincerely Darth Vader! (Nathan)

Bleep bloop tweeet! Bleep bleep!! (Artoo says that he doesn't like Sith Lords at all!! After all, the Sith Lord Darth Vader shot him in the trench during the Death Star attack!)
Dear Darth Maul, I love you in the Phantom Menace! I'm gonna become a Sith Lord like you. How come Palpatine becomes so evil and how does he get the force in him because in the Pahntom Menace it doesn't say he has the force in him. Will you train me to be a Sith Lord? May The DARKSIDE be with you..... Craig
Craig, I can't train you to be a Sith Lord, since I'm an apprentice myself. But perhaps my master Darth Sidious can accept you as his apprentice!
Hi Obi-wan. how are you.i have somehing for you .that kid name brien that wanted to know the jedi masters and pictures of them well all he's got to do is find from ackbar to zuckuss. and it will answer his questions. well talk to you later. from josh
Josh, thanks for the tip! The website with information about the members of the Jedicouncil and other characters is here: "From Ackbar to Zuckuss - Star Wars creature database"
Hi Jessi! Congratulations on becoming a Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn was a venerable Jedi, and he will be long remembered... I hope you'll become a great Jedi just like he was!
Dear rebel friend Luke Skywalker , Hey , how are you? You are my FAVORITE character!!! You are so cute and sweet! Well I just finished reading Vision of the Future and it looks like you and Mara Jade are getting very special! Could you tell me if your wedding is going to be in any book or comic , and , if , so , when will it be out? Oh , and by the way , I LOVE you , Luke!!!!! =) Lovin' you, Jen Skywalker
Hello Jen! Gosh.. I don't know what to say :-) You'll have to wait and see what happens between me and Mara. Read the novels and you'll know!
Dear Darth Maul, how are you. could you answer a question for me.why wearen't you shown that much and than die at the end.couldn't they save you till the next movie.well i was just wondering.bye
Grrrr.. If it had been up to me, I'd still have been around for Episode 2.. But that young Obi-Wan Kenobi was too clever. He's strong with the Force..
Dear jar jar binks, how are you.mesa name josh i think you cool person.i reely want to know if you are in the next movie.well talk to you later.
Hello Josh. Yousa asken if mesa in Episode 2? Mesa dunno.... maybe!!
Dear Pilot Guy, Are you Wedge? or some other pilot that was in the movie, what's your call sign and what's your name? -Tom
Hey Tom, since I'm a Rebel Pilot who's often sent on secret missions for the Alliance, I can't tell you my identity. Only Princess Leia knows who I am...
Dear Darth Maul,
Are you currently goin out with anyone? Plus What TV shows do you watch and What music to you listen to? -Jamie
Jamie, believe me: I'm not the kind of person who enjoys going out with anyone. My Master wouldn't allow me anyway. I never miss an episode of Darth Vader's VNN, and my favourite music is a track from the Episode 1 soundtrack by John Williams, and it's called "Qui-Gon's funeral"... hehehehe!
Dear Adi, How old are you? How Long have you been a Jedi? What Color Is your Lightsaber? Do you sing? Are you gonna be in Episode 2? -Tom
I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I was born as the daughter of Corellian diplomats, who lived on the city planet of Coruscant. My parents tought me a lot about the political system of the Old Republic. When I become older, I organised a group of informants to monitor the government and I found out that the Trade Federation had plans to invade Naboo, so I warned chancellor Valorum! He asked us to send some Jedis to Naboo to negotiate. I have a red (crimson) lightsaber. My first lightsaber was destroyed on one of my missions.

Hi Obi,

Are you single? Cause you're a real Cutie Patootie. Can you please tell me? -Amy

Dear Amy, I'm not married, if that's what you mean. I have consulted the Galactic Encyclopedia for rare Alien Species, but I can't find the definition for a "Cutie Patootie". Master Yoda also never heard of "Cutie Patooties". He suggested that it might be a nickname for young Padawans, is that correct?

Dear all of the jedi high council and obi, My name is martin. I have loads of star wars figures (132 to be just right.) Please can I have all of the council, obi, qui, anakin, darth maul (I'm a traitor I know), Jar Jar's autograph.

Yours sincerely, Jedi Master Martin

Hi Jedi Master Martin. Why do you call yourself a traitor? I'm surprised you want to have the autographs of all those people from the Light Side of the Force. I would prefer the autograph of Darth Sidious if I were you. I can't send you my autograph though, because uh,... I had a little accident during my fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi..
Dear Admiral Ackbar, What is it like being commander of the Rebels? What kind of alien are you exactly? So you built the B-wing huh? We have a lot in common. I invented the L-wing. It is the only fighter plane capable of carrying and firing the Super Laser. You may remember the super laser from the death stars.
Hi there! Admiral Ackbar has asked me to send you his regards. He's busy doing a military training with some rebel pilots. He'd love to see your L-Wing fighter. Perhaps you could send a drawing to Rebel Friends?

I love VNN! I think that Darth Vader should have gotten a job as a news host instead of a Sith Lord. (Not very good pay) Please update the site very soon! May the Force be with you, Darth Katie

P.S. Is Darth Vader still good at Pod Racing?

Darth Vader has given up on Pod Racing a long time ago. You have to be very small to fit into a pod, and as you know, Vader is very tall. But he's happy working on VNN!
Dear Artoo-Detoo, Hi! My name is Kate, and I'm a big fan of yours! I saw The Phantom Menace, and I thought that you were the greatest! It must really have taken guts to repair the Queen's ship in the middle of all that chaos! I hope you're getting along with See Threepio! May your circuits never overload, Kate
Bleep, bleep, bloop, bleep...bleep bloop! (Translation: repairing the Queen's ship was dangerous. But it was my job as an Astromech droid). See Threepio looked a bit... 'naked' without his plating. But we got along very well!

Dear Yoda, Hi! My name is Linri, and I just received word that I'm going to be trained as a Padawan! I can't wait for my training to begin. Don't worry, I'm not doing it for the adventure or excitment. And, training will help me with my impatience, too. Being the greatest Jedi Master of all time, could you give me some tips on how to be a good Padawan, and eventually Jedi? May the Force be with you!

Sincerely, Linri

Hello Linri. A good Padawan you want to be, hm? Do what I thought Luke on Dagobah. Stay calm, concentrate on what you're doing, keep your mind in the presence and stay away from what leads to the Dark Side: fear, anger, aggression. Then progress you will make!
Dear Obi-Wan Kenobi I am a Star Wars fan and have been for a very long time. I also love trivia questions pertaining to the movies. How ever I was wondering if you might help me out with a problem? I have been looking around the net for a list of the names of all the Jedi on the council along with their pictures so I know who is who. The question was give to me and I couldn't answer it. It has been bugging me for a long time. Thanks for your help. Brian

Hello Brian. The Jedi Council members are:

Yarael Poof, Saesee Tiin, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Even Piell, Eeth Koth, Oppo Rancisis, Depa Billaba, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon, Yoda, Yaddle and of course Mace Windu. You can find more information and pictures in the Episode I Visual Dictionary.

Hi, R2-D2! You are my favorite character in all the STAR WARS movies! I can't stand it when you get blown up in episode 4. bye!
Bleep bleep bloop (translation: I didn't like it when Darth Vader blew me up in Episode 4, but fortunately the Rebel technicians could fix me!)

Hi! Anna here! I would just like to say that I loved the Star Wars movie and it would be great if you brought out a game where you help Jar Jar and the Gungans fight against the battle droids!


Hello Anna! Yousa know what? Wesa workin on a new adventure with Jar Jar! It's going to be berry berry fun!

Dear Obi-Wan, Hi

my name is Suzanne and I am 14 years old,me and my 2 friends JJ(jessica) and Andrea all love Star Wars we have just about everything on it and we keep it all in a file we are also writing a story about you and Qui-Gon it is so cool to be able to talk to you and all the others. My friends and I would love to meet you. well I have to go now Mum put a limit on the time spent on the internet so bye From suzanne (a jedi misstres)

Hi Suzanne! Thank you for your e-mail! You're writing a story about me and Qui-Gon? I'd love to read it when it's finished. Send us a copy when it's ready, and perhaps well even put it up on the Rebel Friends website!

Dear Jar Jar Binks yousa Bombad!! your so cool not too mention FUNNY I hope too see you in star wars episode 2 okeyday? oh and could the rebel friends please make some more Jar Jar activities Im a 9 year old boy and I love Jar Jar!


Hello Stephen! Yousa berry berry kind. Mesa got good news! Wesa workin on a new Jar Jar adventure for yousa to play!