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Dear Rebel friends, Hi- It's Abby Cannariato. Age 9.? Do you remember when you e-mailed me back and you said that you would open a special place on the site for kids drawings? When is that going to be on the site? I have drawings that I can send in of Yoda, Princess Leia, Wicket, and Chewy. Please try and e-mail me back quick because I don't have a scaner and I have to send it with someone that is leaving my house soon so they can scan it and send it for me. Please try and put it on the site as soon as possible because that person is leaving early Tuesday morning. E-mail me back!

Sincerely Yours,
Abby Cannariato
P.S. I've e-mailed you many times! ( Just so you don't think I'm new.)

Hi Abby, ?as soon as we get scans of your pictures we'll start the new section!! We are looking forward to see your drawings!

dear luke,i love ya you rock i watch star wars every day (well i try) and i still like ya no matter what i want to become a jedi just like you.i am practicing to become one and i have both of the toy lightsabers (yours broke) but i want to find another one one so i can fight with both of and my brother are star wars freaks and we both are going to watch the newest movie coming out episode one well i ke ya alot and i hope you get my letter


mike fife

p.s. han solo is ok too

Hi Mike! I'm glad you like me, and I hope you'll once be a great Jedi! May the Force be with you!

Hi Starwars! My name is Jesse and I have Almost all the action figures and one book of Starwars. My friend Aaron joined the Star Wars fan club. I can't wait till'you come out wth episode 1!!!!!!! Say Hi too Luke and artoo for me. Good bye and may the force be with you always!!

From Jesse the Jedi in training.

ps. I'm 8 years old and i'm a Jedi in training.

Artoo says 'Hi' to you as well!
Thank you!

Dear C-3PO. I'm a big fan of STAR WARS!!! I also like droids. I would like to see the new STAR WARS!!!!


Hello Tyler! You like droids? That's very good! We need more people like you on this planet!

In the creepy cantina, I think you should try to make some things sort of pop out of noware because it's not all that scary with no shock wave. Unless it's not supposed to be scary!!

Harry Mattis

Well, the aliens in the cantina do their best to be scary, but actually, it's also supposed to be more funny than scary!

Hi there,

Your Creepy Cantina is amazing! Really cool! This is an original one! I love it!

Jedi Sebastian

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

How do stormtrooper and snowtroopers know each other's name? They look just the same. ?


That's a difficult question, especially for us Rebel Friends! Perhaps Darth Vader could tell you about it!

About your Santa Menace story: Pretty good except for one thing, Santa Clause does NOT live in Northpole of the planet Earth, he lives in Korvatunturi, Finland.


Oh! Well, if you look carefully, it's not the real Santa Clause: it's George Lucas! He doesn't live on the Northpole either, but somewhere near San Francisco.

Dear Rebel Friends,

This Jesse "the Jediman" Brooks.? I'm 12 years old, and I go to Albany Middle School.? Ever since I was old enough to watch movies, the Star Wars series has been some of my favorite movies.? Lately Star Wars been apeeling to adults, and that's why I think the Rebel freinds site is a great site.? Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you for the encouragements!

this is a realy realy realy realy realy realy funny and holarees site.I passed the scary aliens place and that lego thing that was realy funny ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!and santa claus starwars HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s I liked that funny site.

Yub Yub!! It's great to hear you're having fun! That's what Rebel Friends is about!