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Dear Qui-Gon Jinn, how are you. my name is josh i am 10 years old.could you anser a question for me.why did you have to die in the first movie?why couldn't they leave you alive till the next movie?i was just wondering.well talk to you later.and may the force be with you. from josh
I'm very sad too that my master Qui-Gon was killed in the fight with Darth Maul. I miss him a lot. The energy fields prevented me from helping Qui-Gon, otherwise Qui-Gon would certainly still be alive...
Master Yoda is preparing a Jedi training on Dagobah, but it's not ready yet...
Dear R2 D2, I love you. love Cristian.
Artoo sends you his love too!
Dear Rebel Friends, My name is Daniel and I will be 3 in January (I'm having some help writing to you!) I live in Australia and I love the Star Wars movies. I also like the Teletubbies, but Star Wars is my favourite. I have watched the first movies so many times, the tapes are wearing out and my dad has taken me to see The Phantom Menace. My favourite good guys are Artoo and Threepio. My favourite bad guys are Darth Vader and Darth Maul. My favourite Star Wars toy is an old radio controlled Artoo that used to be my dad's. He doesn't work any more and his head has fallen off, but I still play with him all the time. I've also got Artoo, Threepio and Chewie beanies, Threepio and Darth Vader moneyboxes, and a few action figures as well. Bye, Daniel
Hi Daniel! Thank you for your letter! I'm glad you like Star Wars so much! Your favourite Star Wars toy is an Artoo Detoo droid? Artoo is very pleased to hear that! Artoo Detoo, See Threepio, Luke, Leia and all the others say hi to you!! Bye, and may the Force be with you!

Dear Obi-Wan, My name is Alec. I've seen Star Wars Episode One twice. Your my favorite character in all the movies. How come you got to pilot the gungan sub? Why didn't you let Jar Jar do it? Sure he might of ran you into a rock or something, but he might of had some experience with that type of sub. What does bringing balance to the force mean? I heard Mace say that in the Jedi Council on Coruscant. And last but not least, is your lightsaber blue or purple? Bye!

From Alec

Hi Alec. I was piloting the sub together with Jar Jar. He gave me directions how to operate it. The balance of the Force is the situation in which the Light and the Dark Side of the Force are equally present in the Universe. My lightsaber is blue, but sometimes it looks a bit purple.

Dear, Luke You and Obi-wan have been my favorite Jedis of all Star wars movies!,So i trust you guys the most..........I just wanted to know.....if you could give me some great tips on how to become such a great Jedi!!!! Im planing to become a Jedi Knight one day like you please my favorites of the movie,can you give me at least 2 tips.

Thank You , Your Freind, Alex

P.S. I passed the Jedi Council test!!! And im waiting for my training at degabah to begin!

Hi Alex! So you want to become a Jedi? Here is one tip (but it's an important one): try to exercise a lot so that you can stay calm in all situations. Whenever you feel you're becoming angry, stop what you're doing, take a deep breath and let the Light Side of the Force flow through you. You'll see that life is easier when you stay calm! Good luck!

Dear Obi Wan Kenobi, Hi! My name is Jessica and you're my most FAVORITE character in Episode 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O) I kinda wish that the Jedi were real. I wish I'm a Jedi! I strongly believe that they are real though and I try to act like a young Padawan. Who's YOUR favorite character in episode 1? Is that your real hair in the movie or is it just an extension? My mom thinks I'm strong in the force! :) I can't wait untill episode 2 and 3 come out! I heard a rumor that you like Queen Amidala on the movie, is that true? May the Force be with you! From, Little Jedi

P.S. What a COOL site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Jessica! I'm glad you like me. Qui-Gon is my favorite character in the Phantom Menace. After all, he's my teacher, and he learned me a lot of things! Star Wars is a great universe to dream about, don't you think? May the Force be with you!

Dear Darth Maul,


Josh, I expected the Dark Side of the Force to help me in the fight against the two Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although I destroyed Qui-Gon Jinn, I couldn't win from Obi-Wan. Even though he was only a Padawan, the Force was strong with him!! He will be a great Jedi... unfortunately!

Dear Jar-Jar,

how are name is josh i am 10 years old.i have seen the new movie.and you are my favorite guy i don't know why people hate you. i was wondering if you would answer some questions for me.

what accident happend for you to get banish from gungon city. i was just wondering. your my friend's favorite to.

well talk to you later. and may the force be with you mesa from josh

Hello Josh! Mesa thinkin people no liken mesa because mesa so clumsy! That's why mesa banished from Ottoh Gunga. Tis a longo tale... Mesa had little accident and mesa flooded most of Boss Nass' mansion during party. Boss Nass was berry, berry angry, and mesa was in big dudu!
Dear Rebel Friends, Hello. I was wondering if you have or are going to have some kind of Collecting room(a room that has all the latest collectibles). It would be really cool. You're web site is really cool. -Jedi Roco
Hello Jedi Roco. Thanks for your idea. We'll think about it!

Dear queen Amidala,

do you plan to marry anakin in the next movie????????????

Anakin seems to think he's going to marry me one day, but right now, I'm not planning anything... Anakin is still a kid! But he's cute.
Hi, how does darth vader become on the dark side?
Hi there! You'll see that in the next two episodes of Star Wars!

Hi, Obi. I just wanna ask you 1 question. Why do you think JarJar is a pathetic lifeform and Anakin dangerous ? TRY to answer this, 'cause I'm desperate for an answer.


All the members of the Jedi Council sensed that Anakin was dangerous. Who am I to argue? As for Jar Jar, he made a rather clumsy and sometimes annoying impression on me at first. But I must say that I started to like him during our adventures.

Dear Obi-Wan, I wanted to ask you some questions and a couple of comments. First of all I prefer the kindness of the old Kenobi instead of the brash and eagerness of your new self. I think that being a brash Jedi is against the Jedi "Code". (apparently not) I think brash and eagerness leads to the dark side. However I like Scruffy looking, brash, and cocky Deep-Space pilots.

On to the questions: Why were you so mean to Anakin? Were you jealous of him? Did you already know that he would turn and bring balance to the Dark Side? If so you were right and wrong. Even though he turned he did bring balance to the Force by killing the Emperor. I think you knew that...sorry.

Also, sometimes you were downright mean to Qui. Why? Because he was mean to you? Were you taught by Yoda on Dagobah later on?

Are there more Jedi than just 14? I think that was more than "some" questions...

Your friend Wald (Yes I am a Rodian like Greedo...and is also his cousin...bummer)

PS May the Force be with you...always

Hi Wald. Here are my answers. I wasn't really mean to Anakin, just very careful. I thought that Qui-Gon Jinn was taking too much risk by wanting to train Anakin. After all, master Yoda said that the boy's future was clouded. All the Jedi Masters of the Council sensed that there was something wrong about the boy. Yoda was involved in my training before I met Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon was my last master before the Jedi Council made me a Jedi Knight.
Im PrinLiea8 of Alderan.Your my only hope. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi!!
Hi there! I'm always ready to help you when you're in trouble. That's my job as a jedi!

Dear Obi-wan, My name is Adam and I'm 9 years old. I have seen Episode 1 three times. It's the best movie I've ever seen. I have 1 you book when you and master Qui-gon are on Bandomeer called THE DARK RIVAL and 1 called THE RISING FORCE your friend,


P.S.your one of my favorite jedi's

Hi Adam, thank you for writing. I hope you keep enjoying my Star Wars adventures!

Dear Darth Maul, You are really great in the movie! I was reading People at the dentist's and I really liked the part about you. I never knew there was the art of wushu! I am a freak for StarWars. My door is covered with pictures off the Internet, magazines, and coloring books! The casters made a great choice. Good Job.

Your fellow StarWars freak, Joey

Hey Joey. You read about me at the dentist? I've never in my life been to the dentist... that's the only person in the world I really fear, because my teeth are in pretty bad shape! I'm glad you liked me in the movie. Too bad this Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated me!!
Dear Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hi ! My name is Maria Fernanda and I'm from Brazil. I'm 11 years old and I love you and Qui-Gon!! Thanks for The Phantom Menace ! I sent a picture to you. Did you like it ?
Hi Maria! It's great to get an e-mail from Brazil. Thank you for the picture as well. May the Force be with you!
Dear C-3PO, Hi,my name is Donnie I am a big fan of yours. You and R2-D2 are the coolest. How did you get your gold colored plating? Plus who gave you it? Please tell me. Also what happened to you after Anakin left you behind? If you can fill me in on the questions I just asked you.
Hello Donnie. I'm delighted that you are a big fan of me. Artoo expresses his joy as well. Unfortunately I can't tell you what happened to me after Anakin left me, or how I got my gold plating. That is still a secret, and will be revealed in Episode 2!
Hi Obi-Wan I just passed the jedi councils test,and i want to ask you what your midichlorian count is.My midichlorian count is 4872/53 is that good or bad??? Bye Morgana
Hey Morgana! That's a very good result. You can soon become a Jedi Padawan, just like me!

Hello! my name is steve im 12 years old i like star wars episode 4,5 and 6.i cannot wait to see episode 1! the trailer was excellent, no, brilliant! if mr g lucas is on the net please ask him why he didnt direct films after return of the jedi until now. tell ewan mcgreger i like his accent.

yours with the force steve fisher

ps may the force be with you always

Hi Steve, thanks for your e-mail. I'm glad you like Star Wars so much!
dear Luke Hi, my name it Libby What is it like being a jedi? Is it hard? Could a normal person be one? I love the movie star wars bye
Hi Libby! Sometimes it's hard to be a Jedi, because there are many dangers, and the Dark Side of the Force is sometimes tempting you. You can only be a Jedi when the council or Yoda decides you can follow the training. And you have to be strong with the Force of course!

Dear Luke, Hi I'm Catherine. I realy liked your movie. What's like to be a jedi knight? I realy want to be a one. What is it like to act in star wars? I think it would be realy cool!

From Catherine

Hey Catherine. I always wanted to be a Jedi, just like my father. It's fascinating to be a Jedi. You need to be very dedicated, calm and focused. It takes a lot of time to unlearn what you've learned to become a true Jedi..
Dear Jar Jar, Hi! I am Brandi and I am nine years old. I live inOhio. I am your number one fan. Who do you think should be the star in the Phantom menace? Mesa think yousa should be. How old are ya? What is it like in Otoh Gunga? I saw the Movie,I think you were great!!!! I have to go hope to hear from ya. Sincerly, Brandi Oh
Hi Brandi, mesa glad yousa liken mesa! Yousa wanna know what's it like in Ottoh Gunga? It's berry, berry WET out there!

Dear Oui-Gon Jinn! I?ve got to question to you. How is the light-sabers made and what is your favorite color on the light-saber? Please write back soon. Bye!

an 12 years old boy

I think I'll answer your question to Qui-Gon.. A Jedi must make his own lightsaber to complete his training. It is a very complicated weapon to make. You need one or multiple power cells, one or several chrystals to focus the energy beam and of course there's a lot of fine circuitry. The color of the blade is determined by the chrystals you use.

Dear Anikin, Why did you turn to the darkside? I mean, you had it all made, having Obi Wan Kenobi as your trainer, and yet you betrayed us all! This is the craziest idea in the history of starwars! Anyway, starwars is the best thing thats happened to the world in a while! I'm a big fan. From a very good fan,


In the Phantom Menace, I haven't turned to the Dark Side yet. But Yoda said that my future was clouded.. Episode 2 and 3 will tell you why I fell to the Dark Side of the Force.

Dear Obi-Wan, Hi there!!! My gosh, this is a very cool site!!! When I first stumbled upon this site my first reaction was 'WOW!'! this site is so cool!!! I will soon email you somepictures i drew of amidala. i drew them like 'betty' like from the archie comics. i'm working on one of you, qui-gon, anakin and padme! you and qui-gon, along with amidala and padme, are my favourites! keep up the good work and put up more activities!!! did i say i was a fan of yours...?

p.s put up a colouring picture of queen amidala! i could do it for you if you want... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

From the undercover queen, Padme Naberrie

Hi there! I'm glad you like the Rebel Friends Website. You can send us your drawings if you want, and we'll put them up in the Alderaan Museum of Cool Star Wars Art!

to yoda

When will be able to go to Dagobah?

p.s my friend says your cool! from aaron s.

Hello Aaron! A lot of time the preparation takes. The Rebel Friends, they will tell you when ready I am!

Dear Anakin, Is podracing fun? I would've like to be in the movie. When you could be able to sign up to be Anakin why could'nt they go all over the U.S.A?

Your Biggest Fan Lewis P. Age 8. Dallas,TX

Hello Lewis! Podracing is great fun, but also very dangerous. But with the Force, I've survived even the most dangerous races!

Obi-Wan Kenobi,

Greetings. I am Jedi Mistriss as well as being the Queen to MondeJedi. All of the people here are born Force strong. I was elected Queen because I was the strongest, but this is the wierd part, I am just 14! Many peope find this odd do you? I have heard of your legendary adventures. I am impressed! I have to admit something, I find your younger version , well....cute! Could you send me a pic? (hey everyone needs e-mail! (even people in a galaxy far, far away!)) Thanks. Breathe dee and seek peace!

May the force be with you! Jedi Mistress and Queen to MondeJedi, Khai

Hello Queen Khai! Thank you for your kind words and may the Force be with you too!

hi rebel friends,

it me Lynssa again- another question to add on to your list of FAQs. in the childern's version of The Phantom Menace, during when qui-gon was struck down and obi-wan yelled no, it said that there was another faraway voice joined with him. and during the battle between qui-gon and darth maul (in the core shaft thing) it also said that obi-wan saw a black helmet on darth maul's head. could both be a prophecy? i don't think i'm making sense, so you don't have to answer them.

anyway another comment: how long before yoda's training ground is ready? also you should create a lightsaber training ground for all those apprentices out there, so they won't cut themselves into bits when first using the lightsaber. Lynssa

Lynssa, I haven't had the chance to see the children's version of the Phantom Menace yet, but your questions are very good. You could try to post your questions on the discussion forums of the People might know the answer there.

I like your idea of adding a lightsaber training to the Jedi training. I'll send your request to Yoda!

hi rebel friends- i have just one question, that i've been wondering about. it says in some books, like ROTJ that obi-wan had a brother named owen. and in the movie ANH owen lars was obi-wan's brother. so how come owen doesn't seem to have the Force? or in the books [Jedi Apprentice] owen didn't join the jedi temple. and how come owen has the last name of Lars, instead of Kenobi? what's going on here? (i'm 14 years old)

(my jedi name) Lynssa thanx!

p.s. R2-D2, i just adore you. hope your in the next two movies (episode 2 and 3)

p.p.s. the cartoon of the characters is cute. where's qui-gon or queen amidala?

Hey Lynssa. Those are difficult questions! Perhaps we'll learn a bit more about Owen in Episode 2 or 3, but I'm not sure. R2 says hello, and he'll definately be in the next two episodes. We're adding new characters from time to time, so Qui-Gon and Amidala might be added in the future.

Dear R2-D2, your my favorite robot. you are sooo cute, even if your made out of metal.just curious but how old are you? my name is Brianna. And i'm 7.i m going to be 8 July 23. I love STAR WARS. its great! do you like being in STAR WARS?


Hello Brianna! R2-D2 can't remember when he was built, but it's a long time ago.. R2 loves being in Star Wars, and he's happy to help everybody as much as he can. R2 hopes you had a great birthday!

I have a question for Luke. How did Darth Vader know he had a son( you) if he did not know about Leia?


Dear Sarah, I never had the time to ask my father. It's one of the mysteries that might be explained in the Prequels!

To Yoda,

Since there are no Jedi Masters in this Galaxy, and both me and two of my friends are very strong in the Force (I determined it with a rough Midi-Chlorian tester I made) and have passed those Council tests on Coruscant, we are willing to be trained. But, unfoutunatley, there is no one to train us. What do you recommend?

From Ato-Mon Kavick

A Jedi you want to be? Train you I might. Yes. But not yet. On Dagobah you will train. Be patient. Working on the training I am, yes!

Dear Obi-Wan,

Hi! my name is Dan and I'm thirteen. I am also a Jedi Master thanks to your test on Coruscant and the help of the PC game Jedi Knight! I love being a Jedi because I get use all of those useful powers that you use! I think it is great fun to pull out my Lightsaber and battle a Dark Jedi! My favorite Force power is Force Protection. Can you use this power Obi-Wan? I hope you can; it is very useful, if I didn't have it I would be a goner against all of the Stormtroopers I have battled!

I have to go now, thank you for your time.

Jedi Master Dan

Hi Dan! I'm glad you hear that you have already made so much progress in using the Force. Always remember to use it only for defense, never for attack!

Dear Obi Wan Kenobi, I have a few questions. 1. How long does it take to become a Jedi knight? 2. I have heard rumors that you and Owen Lars from ANH are brothers, or something like that, is this rumor true? 3. How does Anikan get machine arms?

I want to say that you did a good job with Darth Maul.


Hi Adam, I'll try to answer your questions. 1. for everybody it's different. Some people take a long time to become a Jedi Knight, other people learn very quickly! 2. Yes, Owen is my brother. 3. We will see that in Episode 3 of Star Wars, I hope!

HI! my name is "Joel be one knobby" and I'm a Jedi! I past the Jedi council test. And I was wondering when are you going to put activates on degoba for Jedi's like me to do?

may the force be with you


Dear Joel, it takes quite a while for Yoda to prepare the right tests and training activities, so you'll have to wait a little longer I'm afraid. But learning to be patient is already part of the Jedi training ;-)

Dear Obi-Wan Kenobi,

Hello! My name is Leia and I am thirteen years old. I would just like to say to many of my mates that Star Wars is for kids! But we all have a kid inside of us and mine usually takes control of me! I love trilogy, but unfortuately I live in England and so I cannot see The Phantom Menace yet. What a shame! I am really looking forward to seeing it hundreds of times, though! I have used my Jedi mind powers to transform two of my friends into SW fans! We all want to be Jedi Knights! ??? I play all of the new soundtrack on the piano, and I have drawn loads of pictures! (A brilliant one of Amidala.) One of my friends thinks that I should do them for my art A-Level! Ha ha ha! I love your new look. See you as soon as I can in the new movie.

Yours sincerely,

Leia Organa Solo

Hello Leia, thanks for writing!! I hope you'll have a great time when you'll see the Phantom Menace in the theater. I agree with you: Star Wars is for kids from 1 -99 years old! If you can find someone with a scanner, you can scan your drawings and we'll put them up in the Alderaan Museum!

Dear Luke,

I have so wanted to be a jedi but I cant meditate and I dont have any one to teach. Since I can't teach myself. And i wish i could help other people in the force but i just cant focuse on it . i know it must sound pretty stupid and the worst thing is that im a girl and people say that star wars is not for girls and is stupid i believe the force and then i start to think it stupid and just make beleive too.What do I do.

May the force be with you


Hi there! Who says Star Wars is not for girls?? Look at all the girls writing to Rebel Friends! I bet you there are a lot of Star Wars fans that are girls out there. If you want to become a Jedi, Yoda will be able help you in the future. He is preparing a Jedi training on Dagobah here at the Rebel Friends website. It's not ready yet, but Yoda's advice is: "patience! You must learn patience.."

Dear Rebel Friends,

am Sara, and I am thirteen years old. Am I too old for your website? If so, can you recommend a teenage Star Wars website where you can e-mail like this, becuase it is so cool! I love all of the little cartoons! I know no one is too old for Star Wars because my dad likes it ! Ha ha ha!? I have taken the Jedi test and passed ! I am a padawan! Yippee! I can't wait to become a Jedi knight, and maybe even a master. I love the trilogy, I have the box set of the Special Edition, however I have some little white lines on the top of the screen to to over-viewing!!! I live in the UK, so SW TPM has only just come out and I have a feeling that the cinemas are going to be full for quite some time, although I will have to see it at least ten times! Thanks for listenning to me chatting on and on about Star Wars! I love it!


P.S. One of my SW names is Mil-Cli Sar-Wyc! Another is Ton-Ara. Bye!

Sara, nobody is ever too old for Rebel Friends! As long as you're having fun, you're always welcome! Congratulations on passing the Jedi Council Test. We'll add more activities to become a Jedi knight in the future!

Dear Obi-Wan,

My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam and I like Star Wars alot.? You are very cool in the old trilogy and in Episode 1.? I am almost 12 and I want to be an astronaut someday so I can go into outerspace like you.

This is my first time visiting Rebel Friends and I love it!? It's definitely the coolest Star Wars web site out there.

Anyway I have a question for you, at the end of the new movie the Jedi Council knighted you and gave you an apprentice, right?? And now? you're master to that apprentice, right?? So does that mean that you're a Jedi Master, too?? Or do you have to do more than just get an apprentice to become a Master?? If so what do you have to do?

Oh I thought of a few more questions.? First, I read that Jedi training begins when you're a baby.?What kind of training do you do when you are very little?? Is there a school or something where you learn the stuff that other kids who aren't going to be Jedi learn, and where you also learn Jedi stuff like mind-discipline?? And at what point do you get a Master, and become a Padawan??

Second, Do many kids drop out of Jedi training or fail to finish it?? What happens to them?? Isn't there a big risk that they will go to the dark side??

Finally, are there alot of girls who train to be Jedi?? I want to see more of them in Star Wars (not just a couple in the Council), because I think girls should have heros who aren't queens and princesses and stuff.? We need more heros who are strong, tough, and smart, and who do things that aren't just typical "girl things," but instead can fight right along side the boys and play the same roles as the boys play like being Jedi.? I think heros like that are important because they help girls to do things that a lot of people think are just for boys, like playing ice hockey, which is what I do.?

Are any of your Jedi friends girls, Obi-Wan? Okay, I guess that's it.? I'm sorry the e-mail was so long!? I hope to hear back you, Obi-Wan!? You and Qui-Gon are so cool!? You are my favorites from the new movie.

Your friend, Sam ?

Hi Samantha! You're asking a lot of questions! I'll try to answer a few of them.

At the end of the Phantom Menace Yoda says to me: "confer on you, the level of Jedi Knight the Council does". So even when I'm a master to Anakin, I'm not a real Jedi Master like Yoda is.

Most of the time, the Jedi training starts when you're very young. It takes place on Coruscant, in one of the four towers that surround the Jedi Council tower. As you become stronger in the Force, you go from Padawan to Jedi Knight. But it's different for everybody. The council decides when you are ready for the next stage.

There is always a risk that kids don't finish the training and fall to the dark side. But all kids learn that the dark side is very dangerous and that it will destroy you when you can't control your anger and your fear.

There are a female Jedi too! Of course. The Phantom Menace can't show you everything these female Jedi do, but don't forget that Padme is a very strong girl in the movie! Although she's not a Jedi, she's trained in defense, she knows how to fire a blaster and she is the one who makes the plan to defeat the Neimoidians. Without Padme, the movie wouldn't have had a happy end!


Dear Rebel Friends,

Hello I am Arkajit.Thanks for answering my last e-mail .Can you please try to answer some more of my questions? 1.Qui-Gon Jinn had three apprentices.Can you please tell me their names? 2.When Qui-Gon was slain Obi-Wan kept his green lightsaber but when Obi-Wan fought with Darth Vader aboard the first Death Star he held a blue lightsaber.Why? 3. When Qui-Gon was slain he fell to the floor as if he had been stabbed but when Obi-Wan was slain he just dissapeared.Why? I hope you are able to? answer these questions as well. May the Force be with you.

Ps. I have some suggestions that can make The Rebel Friends website better. It would be good if there was a lightsaber training course to follow up the Jedi Council Test either on Coruscant or Dagobah.You could also put a Naboo Starfighter game on Naboo. Thanks

Arkajit age 9

Hi Arkajit. The first apprentice of Qui-Gon is unnamed, the second was Xanatos, and the third was Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan probably looses the saber at some point. And the last question will hopefully be answered in Episode 2 or 3. Thanks for the ideas about the lightsaber game and the Naboo fighter game. We'll think about it!

Dear Obi-Wan Kenobi,

how are you? my name is josh i am 10 years old.i have seen the new movie the phantom menace.and i like you better in the new then the old.but could you answer a quistion for me.when you where fighting darth maul you got very madwhy didn't you turn to the dark side. i thought hate turns to the dark side why didn't you?.and did you keep Qui gon's light saber? and why do you have a braid and a ponytail?and do you have a light saber toy out because i can't find it.well i hope you get?this letter.

bye ? from josh

Hello there my little friend.

I'm very glad that you like my younger appearance in The Phantom Menace.? I prefer it as well.

Let me tell you a little about the Force.? When I was fighting Darth Maul I became very angry, because I wanted to avenge the death of my master Qui-Gon Jinn.? One can experience angry feelings and?not turn to the Dark Side.? As long as you don't?succumb to evil impulses then the Dark Side cannot work through you.? Much of this?depends greatly on your point of view!? :)? It's?a lot like you're life when you make the choices from doing right and wrong. Make your choices carefully, and always remember that every action has consequences.

Throughout the film I have the braid of a Jedi Padawan Learner or Apprentice.? It's a symbol that Jedi wear during their training, before they become full fledged Jedi Knights. If you'll notice at the Celebration I no longer wear the braid since I was appointed a Jedi Knight by Master Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker now sports a similar braid.?

Yes I did keep Qui-Gon's lightsaber.? You can get that toy at stores now, but there should be an purplish "Obi-Wan" saber coming out soon.

Take care... ? ..and may the Force be with you!

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Dear Rebel Friends,

I come back here every day! It's really fun! Is Degabah's activities almost done yet? Sorry, but I'm not very patient. I don't think I would be a very good Jedi. I'm not patient and I get too angry. Anyway, now I'm working on playing "Augie's Great Municiple Band" on the piano since I finished "Duel of the fates". It's fun to learn how to play piano, especially when I can play Star Wars songs! I'm wondering, if you send a picture to the Alderaan section of your site, will you get it back?

Thanks for answering my last E-mail!

Bye! Sincerely, Amidala

Hi Amidala,

Yoda is taking all his time to set up the Jedi training on Dagobah, so you'll have to wait for a while, I'm afraid. But there will be other activities on Rebel Friends too! It's good to hear about your progress on the piano. Soon you'll be able to give a Star Wars concert for your friends and family! If you want to get your drawing back after we scanned it, you'll have to include a stamped envelope, addressed to yourself. We can use that envelope to return your drawing.

Hi, this is Anaki again, I'll try not to e-mail too much, Well I just saw episode 1 today and I was right, Anakin is A LOT like me. I loved the way he destroyed the Federation by just "playing around" in the cockpit.
Hi Anaki! Just make sure you stay on the light side of the Force! That's what went wrong with Anakin!

Dear Rebel Friends,

Your website is soooo cool! It's great that they have a Star Wars site just for kids! I love all the Star Wars movies! I have ANH, ESB, and ROTJ. I have seen The Phantom Menace twice. It is so cool! I went to a music store and my sister went too. I didn't have enough money to buy sheet music for Episode 1, but she did. She bought it and I know how to play Duel of the Fates on the piano. It's fun to play. Well, my sister is bothering me about how long I've taken to type this, so I'd better get off so she'll shut up. Bye!


Hi there Amidala! Thank you for your great e-mail!! You know how to play duel of the fates on the piano? Amazing. Keep visiting Rebel Friends the next couple of days, because we are going to post a brand new adventure with Jar Jar soon!!

Bye, and May The Force Be With You!

Maxi Beautiful!

Rebel Friends,

My daughter 11 and son 8 love Rebel Friends.? I also had a lot of fun looking at it with them.? My son loved helping Jar Jar and my daughter loved taking the Jedi test.? I would love to see some coloring pages from TPM, Jar Jar, Darth Maul, and my personal favorite Qui Qon.? Thanks for all the hard work I know went into making Rebel Friends.? May the force be with you all.


Hey Jedidebbie, I'm glad your daughters like Rebel Friends so much. We just added a few new coloring pages, one with Jar Jar and a battledroid icecream and one of 'Maulrat'!

dear R2-D2?? how are you.?my name is joshua i am 10 years old.i? have been wanting to write to you?for a long time. i reely like you and C3-PO. and i know somebody that told me that your her favorite guy.and i like you too.i like all your gadgets too .well? i have? to go and may the force? be with you.

from joshua

Bleep bleep! Bloop bleep! (translation: hi Joshua! Thank you very much. You are very kind!)

Dear rebel friends, I just thought you might want to know, that Yaddle (the creature that looks like Yoda)? is a jedi MISTRESS not jedi master.? just thought you might want to know, May the force be with you!

luke skywalker

Oops! That was a typo. We'll correct it. Thank you!

Dear C-3PO, how? are you .my name is joshua i am 10 years old.? i love star wars.i've seen the new star wars movie the phantom menace .it was?cool i like you in the movie.i have a lot??? of? toys of it?.do you really speak 6 million languages ?your one of my favorites. well i hope your finished in the second movie.and may the force? be with you.

from josh

Hi Josh! I am fine, thank you, and I am delighted to be one of your favorites. I still don't understand why captain Solo seems to dislike me when all of you like me so much. Perhaps he is jealous of the fact that I indeed speak 6 million languages. The Wookie language is the only other language that captain Solo speaks!

Dear Yoda,

Hi! My name is Wan-Can-Two, I am a girl, and i am 12 years old.I have loooved STAR WARS since i was three.This is my first time i have writen anything to any type of thing like this. I have taken your test and passed it. I am a padawan, but what do i do now?Is there any other training on the page that i can go through to become A Jedi Master?If so i would like to know. My favorite characters are you Boba Fett and Darth Maul.I have seen A NEW HOPE 8 times, The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 12 times, and Return of the Jedi 37 times! RETURN OF THE JEDI is my favorite movie out of the trilogy but Episode 1 is my most favorite movie of all time, the graphics were awsome! I went at 12:01 A.M. the night it came out i know everything there is to know about STAR WARS, and collect all i can, i read all of the books i can in school every book report i do is on STAR WARS!! It is sooo cool to be able to do all of these things on the internet and all. Now i am glad we have computers and things like that because when STAR WARS first came out no one had that stuff to look up things and learn about upcomeing movies i am glad for tecnology.

Sincerly, Wan-Can-Two

P.S. I like the site.

Hi Wan-Can-Two! Yoda is busy preparing a new Jedi training that will be on the planet of Dagobah in the future. We'll let you know on the main page of Rebel Friends when Yoda's preparations are finished!

Hello, Star Wars! It's Mina from Bulgaria. I haven't seen Episode 1 yet, but I'm waiting. I realy want Anakin to looks like Luke ( tell this to George Lucas). I love his character most. I drow a lot all of them. I also want to see the next Luke's adventures.

Hi, Luke! Good bye to all of the young fans!

Mina (the age is secret) ?

Hi Mina! I hope you will really enjoy episode 1 when it comes out in your country! Anakin has a lot in common with Luke. They both love to race, and they are very strong with the Force!

Star Wars is the best movie I have ever saw. I just won a new star wars backpack by eating chips it is the coolest backpack i ever had thanks

Oh my! You ate so many chips that you won a new backpack?? Be careful that you don't become as fat as the mighty Jabba the Hutt! Just kidding of course. Even if you ate tons of chips every day, you wouldn't be able to become more heavy than Jabba. At least, I hope so. Oh dear, oh dear..

Hi, this is Aniki, After seeing Episode 1 I've realized that Anakin Skywalker is allot like me. I too want to be a pilot when I grow-up and I also love adventure. If me and Anakin ever met I'm sure we'd be friends because were so alike, now that I know how much Anakin is like me I like him and am a little mad at Emperor Palpatine. He took a great kid and ruined him by turning him in to Darth Vader. Luke's probably the best son in the world for saving Anakin in the end of Return Of The Jedi.

P.S You can tell Anakin what I said if you see him

Hi Aniki, this is Luke. I'm sure you are a lot like Anakin. When he was a kid, he was one of the most friendly people in the universe. I am so happy I could save him from the Dark Side. I always knew that there was still good in him!

About the new site:

Wow this is such a great site its better than ever !!! You've done a great job I love the new site. I just love all the new characters you put up. Oh do you think you could send me a picture of your cartoon version of Adi Gallia? I want to print it and put it in my scarp book.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the new look of Rebel Friends! We can't send you pictures, but there's a black and white picture that you could print in the Alderaan museum of cool Star Wars art!

Dear Adi Gallia,

I think the cartoon version of you is so awsome!!! I can't wait for you'r new action figure to come.?Bye,bye

You'r jedi friend,


Hello Rudi! Thanks for your e-mail. I hope that the new action figure of me will come out soon!

Rebel Friends,

I think you guys rock. I have a question, How do you become a Jedi Master or a Jedi Knight? It doesn't say on Coruscant. Thanx.


You will be able to train to become a Jedi on the planet of Dagobah in the future. But right now, master Yoda is busy preparing the training!

I like your planets but you should have the planet called Dantooine. And you should put a pod race game on Tantooine too. Also be able to choose your own pods.? Thanks.

Evan Gillette

Evan, those are great ideas! We will keep adding new stuff to Rebel Friends, so perhaps we'll also realize some of your ideas. Thanks!

Hi, ? I stumbled onto the site by accident and even though i'm 16, i still think its great!? My 20 year old sister checked it out too and she agrees with me.? I just thought i'd send my regards, "vader news network" has to be the best part of the site!? If he ever needs a reporter, mention me!?? =)

Homa Sayyar

p.s. the drawings are spiffy too, especially vader.

It's great to hear that Rebel Friends appeals even to 'kids' at the age of 16 and 20! I'm glad you enjoy VNN. We'll keep adding more newsshows in the future!

I've just visited your homepage. I think it's fantastic..I'm on my way to take the Jedi Council test. keep up the great work! i'll be linking you!

flashbax jeannette!

Hey Jeannette, thanks for your e-mail. Good luck with the Jedi Council test!

Dear Rebel Friends, Can you tell me some questions I have about Episode II and III? 1. Why does Anakin Skywalker mary Queen Amidala? 2.How did Senator Palpatine turned into Emperor Palpatine? 3.Why did Palpatine want Anakin Skywalker to be turned to the Dark Side of the Force? 4.How did Palpatine influence Anakin Skywalker? I hope you are able to answer these questions for me.

Arkajit age 9

Ps. The Rebel Friends website is a very good site.

Please tell Yoda,Luke,C-3PO and R2-D2 that I said Hi.

Hello Arkajit, I'll try to answer your questions. 1. I'm not sure why Anakin marries Amidala. I guess because he loves her! 2. Senator Palpatine looks friendly, but he is in fact an evil person. He will seize more and more power, until he has become Emperor! 3. Palpatine wants everybody to turn to the dark side of the Force, including Anakin! 4. I don't know how Palpatine influenced Anakin. We'll see that in the next Star Wars movies!