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About the jar jar easter egg hunt on rebel friends: it rocked :) thanks for the effort!

Jeff Hesket

Hey Jeff! I'm glad you liked the Jar Jar adventure!

This is my first visit to Rebel Friends (though I visit the forcenet every day); you've got a great site for the younger star wars fans(and the young at heart:]).? Jar Jar's egg hunt was fun and I enjoyed the colorful scenery(and the enginous hiding places for the eggs), keep up the great work.? I'll be recommending this site to several of my freinds who babysit; the jr jedi they watch will ador this site. Just as much as this big jedi does, by the way; I don't know if there are any other Jar Jar fans out there, but for them(and me, he's my favorite character from the prequel) could you inculde more of him on the site. Thanks for your time and have a very happy Easter.

Sincerely, Anakin1218

We'll definately include more of Jar Jar in future updates! Thanks for telling other people about Rebel Friends!

Just a thought, maybe you could do a explorer section featuring the planet Naboo and have Jar Jar be the tour guide.? Keep it short and simple of course; include some of the native creatures(kids love creepy crawlys) and maybe a little tour of? the city Theed. Thanks again for the e-mail, hope this helps.

Regards, Anakin1218.

We're actually thinking of including tours on every planet. But it'll take some time to make those tours, so stay tuned!

My son is a two and a half Star Wars Freak!!! I got him into Star Wars just in time for the prequels!! If you can Artoo, send him a little hello.

Kenneth Hill for Sean Hill

Bleep blip blip bloop! (Artoo says hello too!)

Dear Han . You the best of all. You have the best job and friends. I wish I was you!

your fan forever,


We'll send your message to Han!

Hi guys im 12 years and I enjoy your site even if it is aimed toward younger kids. I check out the regurally. What I really enjoy about rebel friends is the artwork. I love that many starwars characters are put into cartoony format. Im working on my own sit called the JTP ( Jawa Trading post ) and was wondering if I could use soem of you pictures. And if you would make a cartoony jawa and Jawa paper doll to put on your site! Thanks alot.


Hey cool.. a Jawa trading post sounds pretty neat! What pictures did you want to use? If it's graphics from rebel friends, I may have to say no.. but save the images to your hard drive as I may have a new look coming real soon, so some of the old graphics will be retired A cartoony Jawa will be on the site.. with a cartoony droid too :) Thanks for stopping by.. I wish I had more time to work on stuff!


I think this site is really cool I like the way you update us on the information on the star wars legoes I also like the comic corner and the whole network? keep up the good work!

sincerly, Brady E

Thank you for the encouragements Brady!

This site is a great one for young Star Wars fans. If I was rating it for a kids magazine I would give it 10 out of 10.

Brett in Australia

Hey Brett, thanks for your reaction! You make us feel proud :-)

Hi to Arttoo and Luke. I'm going to see The Phantom Menace when it comes out. Luke you are so cute! I'll can't believe you went from farm boy to the most powerful jedi in the universe. Also I want to say hi to Han, Leia and all the other jedi that are training at Yavin 4. Thank you bye


Jenny Lieu- most powerful jedi

Bleep bleep bleep bloop Artoo says that he can't wait to go to Episode one as well! Bllop bleep bwop! He says he has a special bow tie picked out for the event.. and that luke is doing fine. He loves being a jedi and responsible.. most of the time. :) Amara
i like the creepy cantina it rules that guy who died five years ago man is he stinky.
Oh dear, yes! Fortunately, droids like me can't smell !

Dear R2-D2

I loved your Star Wars adventure The Santa menace. I thought the idea of it being set during the prequels is awesome especially Anikan Skywalker being your companion on the great adventure. The photos were awesome like when you see the close-ups of Anikan and the droid.

from Michael Grippo from Long Island

Bloop bloop blip bleep! (Artoo is glad you liked the adventure!)



You make Artoo blush!

Dear Luke Skywalker did ever loose your first lightsaber in Starwars a new hope or was that the same one in the Empire Strikes Back?I like your green lightsaber? better . I liked when you chopped off? the speder bikes front off. Your my # 1 fan !!!? My name is Matt and I am 8 years old. Don"t let Han Solo call you kid anymore!!?

Thanks alot!

I lost my lightsaber in the Empire Strikes back during the duel with Darth Vader. I made the green lightsaber myself!