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SW On Blu-ray: Prices And Promotions

Posted By Mike on September 12, 2011

UPDATE: We've updated a number of the prices and promotions listed below for Friday's release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Various retailers have reduced prices so I hope you purchased somewhere with a low price guarantee!

We received a lot of e-mails regarding updated prices and promotions so thanks to all of the readers who took the time to look out for their fellow Star Wars fans.

- There doesn't look to be a specific Amazon promotion besides their pre-order price guarantee which promises you the lowest price offered if prices were to drop after you've placed your pre-order.
- Release date delivery
- Free Super Saver shipping

The Complete Saga - $79.99 (reduced from $89.99)

The Prequel Trilogy - $39.99

The Original Trilogy - $39.99

Best Buy
- Shipping rates apply
- Best Buy event in Midlothian, Virginia

The Complete Saga - $79.99 (reduced from $89.99)
- Free exclusive film cel from Revenge of the Sith for pre-orders (while supplies last), or...
- Free Darth Vader t-shirt (while supplies last)

The Prequel Trilogy - $39.99

The Original Trilogy - $39.99

From our friend Andre...

"Just trying to spread the word about our release of the boxset also. If a reserve is made on any of the boxsets, Moviestop guarantees to beat the lowest price. You also stay locked in at that lowest price until you pick up. A reserve just takes five dollars to make, and the best example I can make is when the LOTOR extended box set was released. The list price we had was 87.99, but if you reserved it you got it for 69.99. While we are not a huge chain like the others, we operate on more of the mom-and-pop level, focusing on customer service experience. We encourage Cos-play for our midnight release, so I hope you can add our name to the article. I work in the NMB,Fl store so tell everybody to come by, we got food, games, trivia for posters and other swag. Our non-reserve prices are the same as Toys R us. But I must reiterate five dollars will get you a better price than any listed price prior to release."

Click here to find a MovieStop location near you!

- Free shipping for purchases of $50 or more

The Complete Saga - $79.99 (previously $99.98)
- Free eight pack lithograph set (while supplies last) - Link to Rebelscum cource post and here's one for the online weekly ad as well (scroll through)

The Prequel Trilogy - $39.99

The Original Trilogy - $39.99

Toys R Us
- Ships free with purchases of $75.00 or more
- FREE USB Drive (14.99 value) with any Star Wars purchase of $30 or more (While the fine print says that this is not available for the Blu-rays, it's still worth noting if you are planning on picking up other Star Wars items while you're at it)

The Complete Saga - $94.99 (previously $99.99)

The Prequel Trilogy - $47.49 (previously $49.99)

The Original Trilogy - $29.99 (previously $49.99)

Transworld Entertainment - F.Y.E., Suncoast, and Saturday Matinee
- Pre-order one of the Star Wars Blu-ray sets in-store and receive a two sided poster featuring the PT and OT box set artwork

The Complete Saga - $94.99

The Prequel Trilogy - $49.99

The Original Trilogy - $49.99

- Pre-order price promise
- Free shipping
- Releasee date delivery
- Midnight release events - Check your local Walmart to see if a midnight release event is coming to your neck of the woods. If so, the first 50 in-store purchasers can look forward to receiving an exclusive Boba Fett poster. Check out the poster here. (Thanks to Victoria H. for the image link.)

The Complete Saga - $79.99 (previously $89.96)

The Prequel Trilogy - $39.96

The Original Trilogy - $39.96

Click here for details on some UK release events

Tescoe Entertainmnet (UK)
- Pre-order price promise
- Free delivery to the UK
- Additional 15% off with promo code 15SW-1 (This is not just for the Blu-ray sets, but is also for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Kinect Star Wars.)

The Complete Saga - ?67.49

The Prequel Trilogy - ?33.69

The Original Trilogy - ?33.69

Panasonic UK
Let's not forget the Panasonic UK promotion that offers a free copy of the Original Trilogy on Blu-Ray with a purchase of one of the following pieces of Blu-ray equipment. This promotion runs until December 31, 2011. Click here for full details.

Panasonic Blu-ray Players

Blu-ray Recorders

Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems

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