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Fan Web Series: The Great Star Wars Trek

Posted By Mike on October 12, 2011

Our friend Michael Gabriel Becker sent word of his new fan-made web series that is set to launch on October 28, 2011. Who better to explain the new series, which mashes three of the most popular sci-fi franchses into one neat package, than the creator himself...

"This web-series is one of the first ever parodies to include the multi-million dollar franchises of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lost in Space. And this isn't just a parody, it has a hilarious storyline that will keep you in stitches in every episode.

The storyline is as follows: Characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lost in Space happened to all be traveling to this one planet, at the same time, but the planet is made entirely of white. The whole landscape looks as if you are looking at a white piece of paper. All of their ships crash on the planet and then the franchises finally meet each other. The rest is told in 20, story-driven, fun-filled episodes for all ages."

Check out the two teaser trailers below and we'll be sure to update this post when the first episode is released at youtube.com/bhssinger3 on the 28th.

The Great Star Wars Trek on Facebook

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Posted By Jay on May 3, 2013:
Amazing freebies!

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Posted By Dustin on April 25, 2013:
A while ago in a litter box not far at all...

Luke's Change: An Inside Job
Posted By Dustin on March 18, 2013:
Was destruction of Death Star an inside job?

Lightsaber Battle
Posted By Dustin on December 29, 2012:
Fan made clip from YouTube

Kids & Star Wars Tackle Bullying In A New Web Series
Posted By Mike on October 1, 2012:
Check out the 1st episode of Jedi Camp!

Minecraft Star Wars: The Battle For Hoth
Posted By Mike on September 28, 2012:
Check out the creatively fun video!

Star Wars Uncut Targets The Empire Strikes Back
Posted By Mike on September 21, 2012:
Updated! New blog entry from Casey Pugh

The Power Of The Force Girls Episode #1 Now Online
Posted By Mike on September 18, 2012:
Mixing Star Wars & the Powerpuff Girls!

Fan Film: Star Wars Anime!
Posted By Mike on September 18, 2012:
It may be a work in progress but it looks completely awesome!

Sidewalk Wars - A Star Wars Fan Film: Part 2 of 3
Posted By Mike on September 9, 2012:
Online thanks to your views of Part 1

Star Wars Uncut Targets The Empire Strikes Back
Posted By Mike on September 6, 2012:
Check out the new teaser video!

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