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Ok, you're here, but if you press the link below, we both know know you had to work to do it and it didn't happen by accident.

This issue will be on Newsstands Friday, May 6.

Note, we're being careful with this not because we are consious some visitors to the site expect it to be kid friendly, which it remains, but we also have many Star Wars fans who are anxious to see it. We just making sure it's not possible to stumble on this cover scan accidentally.

While you ponder if you should press the link, consider some news about Bai Ling and her appearance we've heard since news about Bai Ling and Playboy came out.

Bai Ling's part has been cut from the movie. There are others who have been cut as well.

Lucasfilm has stated her part was cut a year ago.

Bai Ling has been quoted saying she thinks the Playboy feature is the reason for the cut.

Playboy's Vice President of Public Relations Lauren Melone has said: "We have no reason whatsoever to believe Bai Ling?s scenes were cut out of the movie due to her appearance in Playboy magazine."

"Regarding our issue, we have a ?real? collector?s issue on our hands and Star Wars fans can catch in our issue what they are missing in the movie."

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June Playboy Cover

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