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Darth Krayt Week -- Part 6

Posted By Paul on July 27, 2007

We?re almost at the end of this week?s investigation into Darth Krayt now. If you want a convenient link to every part of the discussion thus far, you can look at the first paragraph of yesterday?s update.

Now, we?ve already discussed A?Sharad Hett, generally agreed to be the front-runner if Krayt is revealed to be an established character; and Anakin Solo, who in many ways fits the bill, but is almost certainly not Darth Krayt: so it?s time to look at some of the other possibilities....

And we can start by asking: how many characters are there in the Star Wars backstory with an artificial left eye and a Yuuzhan Vong connection?

Nom Anor is the most obvious: a scout for the alien invaders, originally created by Dark Horse in the Crimson Empire comics, he became the main recurring antagonist in the New Jedi Order novels. There are two main objections to identifying him as Krayt: he?s a double-tongued coward, and like all his people, he has no natural connection to the Force. Overcoming those obstacles would be... interesting.

A more obscure possibility is cyborg Jedi Daye Azur-Jamin, who hasn?t actually appeared in person outside a few obscure short stories in the mid-1990s, but who became an oddly persistent recurring character in the background of the New Jedi Order series: captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, and possibly intended to play a role in the cancelled Knightfall novels, he was later revealed to have been turned to the Dark Side by a Force-wielding Yuuzhan Vong, possibly connected with the Sith.

A mention should also be made here of Tholme, a character created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema in their Prequel-era Star Wars comics. A Jedi Master who likes to move in the shadows, a survivor of the Jedi Purge, he?s been portrayed thus far as a stalwart defender of the light, but he?s ancient, sneaky, and cynical enough to be Darth Krayt... and, perhaps most crucially of all, equipped with that all-important cyborg left eye. He may not have any obvious Yuuzhan Vong connection, but his girlfriend is a very cool shapeshifting tree, which is the next best thing.

In truth, almost any Force-user is a potential candidate for Darth Krayt, from the obscure to the absurd. You?ve probably never heard of Darrus Jeht, a Jedi Master who was being coaxed towards the Dark Side by Palpatine during the Clone Wars. You may have heard of Darth Vader?s Secret Apprentice, the Sith protagonist of the upcoming computer game The Force Unleashed. And you?ve certainly heard of Luke Skywalker: true, the Jedi Grand Master appears in Star Wars: Legacy as a Force-ghost, but he could potentially be manipulating the Jedi through an illusion—after all, Lumiya has done that specific trick repeatedly in the ?Legacy of the Force? novel series.

Various other candidates have been suggested as well. Glancing over recent posts in the discussion thread on Krayt?s identity on TF.N?s message-boards, you can see a vast variety of contenders: Luke Skywalker?s childhood friend Tank Sunber; death-stick pusher Elan Sleazebaggano, having extensively rethought his life; Zayne Carrick, pure-hearted protagonist of the Knights of the Old Republic comics; a mirror showing the reader their own face; a scary steroid-pumped version of Anakin Solo?s ex-girlfriend Tahiri Veila; or Owen Kenobi, Obi-Wan?s brother, who entered Star Wars canon in a continuity flub when Owen Lars?s backstory got changed.

Ultimately, what these characters have in common is that we can?t disprove that they?re Darth Krayt?but in this context, it?s hard to know what the difference is between an inspired guess and an absurd one.

Take Mace Windu, for example: a great Jedi Master who arguably fell to the dark side when he tried to seize control of the Galaxy in Revenge of the Sith, and whose body was never recovered after plunging out of Palpatine?s office window into the city chasms of Coruscant. As an iconic movie character and a colorfully ruthless warrior, he?s the sort of person we?d expect Darth Krayt to be... but it?s crazy, isn?t it?

The Verdict: Nom Anor would make an interesting possibility, but characters like Daye Azur-Jamin and Darrus Jeht are probably too obscure?although we should bear in mind what the creative team have said about Krayt?s origins being less important than the reasons he has become who he is.

Luke Skywalker or the Secret Apprentice would be less likely for the opposite reason: they?re already too important and well-defined as major characters in ongoing storylines, and turning either of them into Darth Krayt in Legacy might be thought of as confusing and distracting.

Mace Windu, on the other hand, doesn?t seem to be doing anything else right now. Crazy, but that one might just work....

Think about that for now. Darth Krayt Week concludes tomorrow!

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