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Mission From Mount Yoda
by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids

Published by Bantam Publishing

Scott's Rating:   1.5 out of 4

The Alliance has set up base on Dagobah, and have a fortress on a mountain there recently named Mt. Yoda. Ken is to start school there at Dagobah Tech. (No, I'm not kidding.) However, a Duros ship crashes at the base and it's pilot warns the Alliance about an Imperial plot. Under the direction of Kadann, one of the Prophets of the Dark Side, the Empire is looting Duro of all of it's archeological treasures. Also, with a weapons manufacturing plant, they are polluting the planet with oozing toxic waste. (This is the environmental theme of this book. The previous ones were on saving the whales, saving the rain forests, and stopping air pollution.) The rebels agree to go to Duro to save the treasures. They also happen to run into the Emperor's REAL three-eyed son, the "insane" Triclops. Oh, and Trioculus, who was frozen in carbonite in the last book, is destroyed in this novel by Kadann. There's a big final battle and Triclops ends up joining the Alliance.


    I think that the covers are the only saving graces of any of these books. I've always been a fan of Drew Struzan. He even made the moronic Trioculus look cool being frozen in carbonite on the cover. As far as the story goes, there's not much good I can say about it. I'll say it's nice to get a look at Duro and find out it has a rich archeological history. Maybe some other story can pick up on this.


    With the other books I was able to find really dumb quotes to show why the book was so incredibly bad. This time, though, I didn't find any good ones like before. I think that's why I gave this story a 1.5 rather than just a 1. But make no mistake, it still stinks, even for a kid's book. First off, the thought of the Rebels starting a school called Dagobah Tech on Dagobah is absolutely ridiculous. And why in the world does the Emperor's son have three eyes? And his real son has the third "hypnotic eye" on the BACK of his head. I kept thinking of my teachers in elementary school who told us they had eyes in the backs of their heads to watch us. And Luke is a doofus in this book. (Oh, my. I've been reduced to using the word "doofus" in a review.) In this book, which takes place after ROTJ, he acts like he never uses the force, he's impatient, and he gets jumped on by a giant beetle and saved from it's pincers by a 12 yr old boy who runs up and prys it off. NOTHING like the Jedi Knight we saw in the movie. Then, of course, why does this "Ken" kid know what the Falcon's speed records are, everything about the Empire, etc etc etc when he's been living in a hole in the ground since he was a baby? I could go on, but you get the point.


    Hmmmm.....probably the scene where the Grand Moff is dissolved up to his torso by acidic toxic waste, and the drawing that goes with it. Kind of violent for a kiddie book, eh?

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