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The Lost City of the Jedi
by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids

Published by Bantam Publishing

Scott's Rating:   1 out of 4

Luke stops by Han Solo's place on Bespin as he and Chewie build their "dream sky house". Turns out he's there on a mission for SPIN, the Senate Planetary Intelligence Network. When Luke leaves, a bomb explodes in the cockpit of his ship, placed there by Imperial adgents. Han takes Luke back to Yavin 4, which happens to be the Rebel Headquarters. Luke then finds out that there is a Jedi City in an underground cave on the planet. And inside, raised by droids, is the Jedi Prince "Ken". (How he got there, why he's there, why he's not a Jedi, etc etc etc are not explained.) Meanwhile, the would be next Emperor Trioculus (get it? Three eyes!) tries to gain control of the Empire, but he needs the approval of the Prophets of the Dark Side first. To get their approval, he must find the City of the Jedi. He proceeds to torch the rainforests of Yavin, but then discover he needs medicine from a plant there to cure his illness.


    What a beautiful cover by Drew Struzan! One of his best works. I always like his stuff. The artwork to go along with the stories was also a neat touch. And the addition of the back story summary and the definitions were good helps.


    This book is so mind numbingly bad that words fail me. Therefore, I'll let the book again speak for me. Keep in mind these are direct quotes:

"Artoo-Detoo had helped design a Warning and Detection Device - a WADD - to protect the food warehouses."

"ChNOOOOg-bzeeep," tooted Artoo to Chewbacca. "KROOOpch shbeeek znooob pvOOOM!"

Han changed the subject by putting on a chef's apron and cooking them a spicy Corellian meal on his new nanowave stove. The hot and saucy dish was a favorite back on Han's home planet. Chewie then demonstrated his newfound cooking abilities by serving up one of his zoochberry pies for dessert.

"Memorize this code, Luke," Obi-Wan continued. "Its importance shall soon become clear to you: JE-99-DI-88-FOR-00-CE." Then he began to fade away.

"And stop kshhhing in my ear," Ken added. "You do that every morning, too. Just once I wish I could hear the bark of a dog, or the meow of cat, instead of the kshhhhh of a mooka."

(Trioculus admiring Leia) "She has a striking face," said Trioculus. "Strong features, but soft. Not at all unattractive, considering that she's a Rebel Alliance woman with only two eyes."

Anyway, I think I made my point.


    Thinking of Han in an apron.

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