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We must leave for Tatooine...
Padme and Anakin at the Lake Retreat

"I can't keep the vision out of my head, Padme. My mother is in danger. We must leave for Tatooine"

[March 29, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

People start to send me their fan renditions of Episode II scenes. As promised, I'm posting them here. The picture above was made by Nathaniel Reed. You can see Padme and Anakin at the Lake Retreat on Naboo.

Some of you wrote me because they didn't know what RSI is. I found some informative websites that explains what it is, how you get RSI and how you can avoid it. Take a look here and here.

DarthMIchael sent in the picture on the right. Here are his comments: "... though it has little (nothing) to do with Episode II, I hope you'll put it up. Yeah, I know it's a little big, but baseball season is about to hit the US in a couple of weeks, and I just thought this would be neat! Thanks!"

Thanks for these contributions! Keep that fanart coming!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands.

Send me YOUR pictures...
since I'm not able to make them myself

[March 25, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Good news. My physiotherapist doesn't think the RSI is chronic yet, so there's a good chance I'll recover relatively quickly. I have to do a lot of exercises and for a few weeks, I should touch the computer as little as possible...

So I had this idea: what if YOU'd sent me your 'virtual pictures' of Episode II scenes? I could post them on this site without having to spend much time on it. A few guidelines:

  1. your pictures should have the same dimensions as the pictures I make myself, i.e. width=470 height=200.
  2. the pictures should be in .jpg format and the filesize should be kept under 30kb
  3. in your e-mail, please include your name and a short description of the scene your picture represents and any other details you'd like me to post
  4. your pictures should be cool :)

Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands.

I have some disturbing news...
RSI - No updates for a while

"My esteemed colleagues, I have received some tragic and disturbing news." :)

[March 22, 2001 - posted by Roderick]

Many of you have written me to ask why there haven't been any updates for a while on the Virtual Edition. The last couple of weeks, I felt an increasing pain in my right arm and hand while working at the computer. My doctor has confirmed that I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

I now have constant pain, also when I'm not behind the computer. We're currently discussing treatment, and it's hard to tell how long I won't be able to use the computer. I can hardly type (I'm typing this with my left hand), let alone work with Photoshop to make new pictures. So I'm afraid you'll have to miss me for a while. The site and the forum stay online of course (and fortunately there's plenty of activity on the forum).

I hope Jom and Nat Reed wil be able to keep the Episode II plotline up to date (the one in the forum). If my situation is improving, I'll let you know on these pages. Until then, take care!

Roderick Vonhögen, the Netherlands.

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