Skywalker / Solo Family Tree
Berethon e Solo
Winama ? ?
Den Solo Tira Gama Solo
Aika Lars Cliegg Lars Shmi Skywalker Midichlorians? Jobal Naberrie Ruwee Naberrie
Beru Whitesun Owen Lars Anakin Skywalker Padme Naberrie Amidala Sola Naberrie ? Jaina ? Jonash Solo Tiion Solo Randil Sal
Ryoo ? Pooja ?
Mara Jade Luke Skywalker Leia Organa Han Solo Thracken Sal-Solo
Ben Skywalker Jaina Solo Jacen Solo Anakin Solo
Renowned Star Wars sage, Dan Wallace, offers some advice on the lineage of Han Solo:
Han's family tree is missing a couple of members.? It's not an easy fix, since COPL and TPS give two contradictory accounts of Han's parentage.? Per COPL, Korol fathered Dalla (b. 60 years before COPL, or -52 BSW4) who fathered Jonash, who fathered Han.? But note that this timeline *can't* work, unless Korol and Jonash each had children when they were about 11 years old.? In TPS, Dalla Solo is mentioned (this time b. 50 years before Han was 11, or -68 BSW4), but he's not specified as Han's grandfather.? Instead, Han's grandfather and grandmother are named Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo.? (And? no, these can't be his "other" grandparents, since like Dalla they also carry the Solo name.)? They had twins = Tiion & Han's father (unnamed in TPS).? The family tree mixes & matches from these two contradictory accounts, which is probably the best we're able to do given the information, but I would strongly suggest that Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo be added back as Han's grandparents, since they're more likely "correct" than the ever-shifting "Dalla Solo" info.