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Lightside Deck

Uncle Yoda wants YOU! To fight for...

by J. R. Matos

Total Cards: 60

Deck Stats:
Rares: 22, Uncommons: 12, Commons: 26
Average Build: 4.53
Average Speed: 40.82
Average Power: 4.98
Average Health: 4.69

Characters: (15)
1x Anakin Skywalker (A)
2x Anakin Skywalker (E)
2x Clone Captain
2x Clone Officer
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi (A)
1x Padme Amidala (E)
2x Plo Koon (A)
2x Mace Windu (A)

Ground: (20)
4x AT-TE Walker 23X
2x AT-TE Walker 71E
3x Clone Platoon
3x Clone Squad
3x Clone Trooper Legion
3x Elite Jedi Squad
1x Jedi Heroes
1x Mobile Assault Cannon

Space: (14)
2x Acclamator-Class Assault Ship
4x Jedi Starfighter 3R3
2x Jedi Starfighter Wing
4x Naboo Starfighter Squadron
2x Republic Assault Ship

Battle: (9)
2x Aggressive Negotiations
2x Anakin's Inspiration
2x Hero's Flaw
2x Master and Apprentice
1x Hero's Dodge

Mission: (2)
2x Jedi Council Summons

Strategy: Strategy: this is a large force hit and run deck. a lot of people try and pack in big ships with high costs in there, only thinking about the power scheme of it all. power isn?t everything you know. In space, I try to keep my Assault Ships in line with Jedi Starfighters, particularly the JSF, since it gives you power +4 if its not damaged. On the ground, it?s all about Walker23X with his critical hit 2. get that baby down, and have Walker 71E with him, and two Jedi squads with critical hit 2, then your pretty much set. watch for someone who has a few Destroyer Droid squads retreated, your opponent can easily get a good roll just as you can and bring another one into the fray along with the retreated ones. To back the Clones up in the ground Arena, you have the Clone Officer and the Clone Captain, who back their troops up nicely with power +1 and damage tokens. AS for Anakin, Obi-Wan and Mace, they are packin heat along with Amidala's Character cost -1. Sweet deal on that one. You'll be serving up a Royale with Cheese to any foe in the Character arena, especially with Evade and Deflect for Mace and Anakin, plus the power +5 when Anakin attacks, but be wary, because he does damage to himself as well. Man o man, it sucks to turn to the darkside....

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