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Darkside Deck

Power of the Darkside

by Timothy W Kavanaugh

Total Cards: 69
Deck Stats:
Rares: 8, Uncommons: 23, Commons: 38
Average Build: 4.32
Average Speed: 35.85
Average Power: 4.66
Average Health: 4.74

Characters: (18)
1x Darth Sidious (A)
1x Darth Sidious (B)
1x Darth Tyranus (B)
1x Darth Tyranus (C)
1x Darth Tyranus (E)
1x Darth Maul (B)
1x Darth Maul (D)
1x Jango Fett (A)
1x Jango Fett (C)
1x Jango Fett (D)
1x Wat Tambor (A)
1x Nute Gunray (B)
1x San Hill (A)
1x Destroyer Droid, P Series
1x Destroyer Droid, W Series
1x Super Battle Droid 8EX
1x Nexu
1x Ackley

Ground: (18)
3x Destroyer Droid Squad
3x Destroyer Droid Squad
3x Super Battle Droid Squad
1x Battle Droid Assault Squad
1x Homing Spider Droid
1x Commerce Guild Droid Platoon
2x Commerce Guild Droid 81
1x Trade Federation Battleship Core
1x Walking Droid Fighter
1x Hailfire Droid
1x Flying Geonosian Squad
1x Geonosian Defense Platform
1x Geonosian Artillery Battery
1x Reek

Space: (17)
1x Sith Infiltrator (A)
1x Geonosian Defense Fighter
1x Geonosian Fighter
2x Droid Starfighter Squadron
2x Trade Federation Battleship
1x Trade Federation Warship
3x InterGalatic Banking Clan Starship
3x Techno Union Starship
1x Techno Union Warship
1x Commerce Guild Starship
1x Commerce Guild Crusier

Battle: (8)
1x Supressing Fire
1x Unfriendly Fire
1x Careful Targeting
1x Sonic Shockwave
1x Knockdown
1x Surge of Power
1x Clever Escape
1x Strength of Hate

Mission: (8)
1x Splinter the Republic
1x Maul's Strategy
1x Reassemble C3PO
1x Mending
1x Capture Obi-Wan
1x Run the Gauntlet
1x Return to Spaceport
1x Concentrated Fire

Strategy: My "Power of the Dark Side Deck" has one 5 out of 6 games. My Strategy is to put out a power card like Tyranus, and 2 or 3 minor cards like Wat, Nute, and the Nexu. My opponant either attacks Tyranus (not killing him) and gets hendered by the other 3 during build stage so they can't get replacements. Or they attack the minor ones while Tyranus mops up the floor.

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