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Strange Brew
"Uh, no, those aren't Wookiee braids..."
by Darth Walls

I built this deck, just like my Dark Side Gungan deck... to throw my play group off course to what I was playing. I was running an all-pilot deck and wanted to make it more versatile than just fighting in Space and Ground. I left the Space arena the way it was, but went with totally new units in Ground and Character. I really like the "Bespin barrage" in the Ground arena, so I moved it from my Dark Side deck to the Light Side. For Character, I wanted something different, but with power.

Strange Brew
by Darth Walls
Character (17) Ground (16) Space (15)
1x Boba Fett (C)
1x Boba Fett (D)
2x Boba Fett (E)
2x Boba Fett (G)
2x Chewbacca (H)
2x Chewbacca (I)
3x Cord? (A)
4x Rebel Pilot
4x Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car
4x Bespin Cloud Car Squad
4x Cloud City Wing Guard
2x Jawa Sandcrawler
2x Krayt Dragon
4x Delta Six Jedi Starfighter
4x Jedi Starfighter 3R3
2x Luke's X-wing (B)
1x Luke's X-wing (C)
4x X-wing Escort
Battle (9) Mission (5) Location (5)
3x Disrupting Strike
2x Jedi Knight's Survival
4x Strange Lodgings
3x Regroup on Yavin
2x Seek the Council's Wisdom
2x Luke's Garage
3x Rebel Trenches
Total: 67

The most widely feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxyChewbacca (I) is scary, but I needed something unexpected in a Light Side deck. I thought about Bounty Hunters, but their Upkeep is too costly. So instead of hiring several, why not hire the best: Boba Fett. The Rogues and Scoundrels versions offer a powerful and effective Character, that, with the right support, will last a long time. Stacked with the (G) version on top, you have a 100 speed, 10 power, 10 health unit with Armor and "Bounty: Gain 1 build point and your opponent loses 1 force for each damage done by Fett." Just in case your Battle cards are needed to keep other units alive, Cord? (A) was an obvious benefit to protect Fett and Chewbacca for a great low build cost. The use of Chewbacca (H) in this setup is also quite potent. His Intercept and free Retaliate make the Character arena a tough choice for the Dark Side to contest. No matter what unit a Dark Side player may choose to attack, Chewie can Intercept it and Retaliate. The damage prevention Battle cards and Cord? only help boost this devastating strategy.

The Rebel Pilots serve dual purposes in this deck for their low build. First, they boost the speed of your Space units so that you can get a lock down on the Space arena. Second, with Luke's Garage in play, they serve as damage removal by tapping them and keeping your Space and Ground units nice and clean.

The Space arena is a fairly cheap swarm, capitalizing on the Starfighters' "bang-for-the-build-point" virtues. They have speed and power, with Critical Hit units leading the way.

If only there was another Starfighter in the vicinity... ...happy to oblige

The Ground arena has the speed and Accuracy of the Bespin Swarm, the draw power of the Jawa Sandcrawlers and the needed strength of the Krayt Dragon. Add in Rebel Trenches to give all your Ground units Armor and the Bespin units cook up a meal worthy enough for the Krayt to dine on all day.

The Missions allow for a little Force boost and build points to reinforce any arena that might need some help. The Battle cards are used to prevent the large instances of damage that may come my way, and the always popular Disrupt is present to make the Dark Side pay-to-play their Battle cards.

No damage is good damage

This deck, as you can tell, has a lot of different units that work great together. You can fight in all arenas or just two and still take advantage of the other cards in the deck. As Yoda would say, "Unexpected, the cohesiveness of this deck is, and surprising to all who face it." Voila!

13 October 2004

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