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Darkside Deck

Fear of the Dark

by Helena S

Total Cards: 60
Deck Stats:
Rares: 9, Uncommons: 17, Commons: 34
Average Build: 3.62
Average Speed: 44.09
Average Power: 3.84
Average Health: 3.84

Characters: (15)
1x Darth Maul (A)
1x Darth Maul (B)
1x Darth Maul (C)
1x Darth Maul (D)
1x Jango Fett (A)
1x Jango Fett (B)
1x Jango Fett (C)
1x Jango Fett (E)
1x Aurra Sing (A)
4x Infantry Battle Droid, B1 Series
2x Sun Fac (A)

Ground: (14)
3x Destroyer Droid Squad
3x Luxury Airspeeder
3x Battle Droid Assault Squad
3x Super Battle Droid Squad
2x Jawa Sandcrawler

Space: (15)
2x Droid Control Ship
2x Droid Starfighter Squadron
3x Droid Starfighter Wing
2x Geonosian Fighter
2x Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR
2x Geonosian Defense Fighter
1x Sith Infiltrator (A)
1x Slave 1 (B)

Battle: (6)
4x Hero's Dodge
2x Pilot's Dodge

Mission: (10)
3x Maul's Strategy
2x Departure Time
2x Mending
2x Starship Refit
1x Dark Rendezvous

Strategy: The Space and Ground arenas don't have many expensive unit's in this deck. Droid Contol Ship is here to boost your Droid cards, and the reason why there are two is to have a better chance of drawing it. Luxury Airspeeder will give your Droids in the Ground arena the speed boost, and with the Droid Control Ship, you'll have pretty fast Ground units. Jawa Sandcrawler will help you with drawing cards so you don't need cards like Price of Failure - the Sandcrawler is cheap and has good health. The strongest (and the most expensive) unit's in the Character arena bring the power you need to overcome those Jedi. Now you're maybe starting to wonder - why Infantry Battle Droid? It's simple - use the Departure time on them - you get 4 extra build points and you draw an extra card (and a smile on your face:)). Sun Fac will provide the Critical hit for your Geonosians in the Space arena, so you have all three arenas working together for to bring eachother benefit. Mission cards: Maul's Strategy - gotta love those Force stealing cards; Departure Time - I've said enough; Mending - use it on your dammaged characters; Dark Randezvous - what are the Jedi without the Force? Starship Refit - use it on the Droid Contol Ship to save your droids. Battle cards: Hero's Dodge - prevent the damage to your strongest characters. Pilot's Dodge - defend your Space and Ground units. The Jedi should learn not to underestimate the power of the Dark side! Fear is your ally!

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