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Lightside Deck

The Clone Machine

by Tommy Engvik

Total Cards: 60

Deck Stats:
Rares: 18, Uncommons: 14, Commons: 28
Average Build: 3.57
Average Speed: 40.22
Average Power: 3.96
Average Health: 4.02

Characters: (16)
4x Clone Officer
4x Clone Captain
4x Clone Trooper 6/298
1x Lama Su (A)
1x Padme Amidala (E)
2x Taun We (A)

Ground: (15)
4x Clone Trooper Legion
4x Clone Platoon
2x Clone Facility
3x AT-TE Troop Transport
2x Luxury Airspeeder

Space: (15)
1x Naboo Royal Starship
4x Jedi Starfighter Scout
4x Jedi Starfighter 3R3
2x Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
2x Acclamator-Class Assault Ship
2x Senatorial Cruser

Battle: (9)
3x Yoda's Intervention
3x Anakin's Inspiration
2x Pilot's Dodge
1x Hero's Dodge

Mission: (5)
3x Slumming on Coruscant
2x Return to Spaceport


1. Overview

2. Strategy

3. Conclusion

Note: The base of this deck is the deck "Men in White", also made by me. Even though the two decks revolve around the same theme (Clones), they're very different in strategy and card choices.

1. Overview

The Clone Trooper 6/298 and his Clone Captain are on a mission to save the galaxy. Teaming up with the Officer, they load up their guns and get ready to kill some Sith, Droids, Geonosians and everything else their enemies throw at them.

This deck takes some standard units (Clone Warriors, Clone Platoons), and turns them into combat monsters using their leaders and creators (Clone Officer and Taun We). Since the clones don't have any space units yet, the space arena consists of fast and cheap starfighters. There are also some who have joined the Clones in their struggle on the ground and character arena (Padm? E, Luxury Airspeeder, AT-Te Troop Transport). By combining all these units together with some Battle and Mission cards, the deck is efficiently and quickly able to swarm and kill your opponent.

The most popular Dark Side deck type nowadays is without a doubt, Maul/Maul's Strategy/Unfriendly Fire. The deck that won GenCon was the deck that started it all. The UF decks wins by draining force from the opponent and making sure that he has no force to evade with when the UF is played. The general Dark Side strategy has gone from taking down the enemy units one by one to weakening them all, so that one single UF can wipe out all units in an arena. How does this deck counter this strategy?

First of all, it uses Slumming on Coruscant. Most people play with 4x Unfriendly Fire, just to make sure they get one fast. Slumming on Coruscant is an excellent card to use when countering the UF strategy. For just one build point, you look through your opponent's hand and discard one battle or mission card you find there. There is a chance that the opponent already has played Maul's Strategy, but by using Slumming on Coruscant you take away the key. Slumming can also be used to remove a Maul's Strategy that would've been used next turn, or just the regular Strength of Hate, Dark Speed or Tyranus's Gift.

Secondly, it uses a "Healing Circle" to remove damage from the ground arena and indirectly from the character arena. The key cards are Clone Captain, Clone Trooper Legion and Return to Spaceport. The Clone Captain only has a health of two, but that doesn't matter when you look at his gametext; Put any number of damage counters on one of your other clones in any arena - Prevent that much damage to this unit. By putting the damage counters on the Clone Trooper Legion, the Clone Captain lives to see another day. Remember that the battle in the character arena is after the ground, so there is no time for them to attack the damaged Clone Trooper Legion. When your next build phase comes around, you spend one single build point to remove four damage counters from the Legion, damage that could've killed the Captain.

You will see that there are only 3 damage prevention cards. How could this be? I attack first in most arenas (sometimes excluding character, but there the Clone Captains can transfer hits to their Clone Trooper Legions), and by the time my opponent attacks there isn't much left to attack with. Also, one unit is not that important, since I usually have new ones waiting to be built. I have 4 of every important card in the deck. Try to play with the deck a couple of times, and you will see that there is enough damage prevention to go around.

2. Strategy

Character: The core units in this arena are the Clone Officers, Clone Captains and Clone Warriors, The rest of the character units are back-up units (Taun We, Lama Su, Padm? E) designed to help your core units or to help your units somewhere else (Taun We - Clones in the ground arena). It's as easy as playing cheap characters and then boosting them. 

Ground: By combining speed with extraordinary offensive capabilities, the ground units should easily destroy even the heaviest defense. The Clone Trooper Legions are the beasts of the deck, power 7 and health 7. Also featured is the Clone Platoon, a unit that often is power 5 or 6 for the cost of 4. Luxury Airspeeders runs the show from behind, and makes sure that all the units attack first.

Space: Since there aren't any clone ships, we have to win the space arena with starfighters and some medium-sized ships. The Jedi Starfighter 3R3 and the Jedi Starfighter Scout combined with Obi-Wan's Starfighter can quickly weaken the opponent's forces before the heavy-hitting Naboo Royal Starship and Senatorial Cruiser steps in. The Cruiser also returns starfighters from your discard pile to your hand - a nice addition.

Battle: The battle cards have versatility; they can be used in every arena. The cards provide speed (Anakin's Inspiration) and damage prevention (Yoda's Intervention, Pilot's Dodge, Hero's Dodge). With one to three Clone Officers out, you don't have to worry about getting enough power :).

Mission: Both mission cards have been explained above. Slumming on Coruscant to remove not only Unfriendly Fire, but also other nasty battle or mission cards you may find (of course, only card per Slumming). Return to Spaceport to remove damage counters from your high-health ground units, and indirectly healing your Clone Captains.

3. Conclusion

This deck's winning streaks is 14 - 3. I've played it against several Dark Side decks (most, of course, UF decks), and I've had great success with it. The losses were caused by either a really lousy draw or some bad tactical choices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this deck can inspire you in your own strategy and deck building :).

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