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The Dark Side of Psychological Warfare

By Timothy W. Kavanaugh

My article is for a Dark Side deck. Psychological warfare is the way to go.

I use a 4 part strategy. Ground, Mission, Space, and Character.

Part 1. Ground - I give my opponent the Ground Arena early in the game. I put up minimal resistance. Only spare build points go to ground units. By occasionally adding a ground unit you keep you opponent guessing about when to worry about the ground arena.

Part 2. Mission - Three of my mission cards are:
1. Maul's Strategy
2.Capture Obi-Wan
3. Splinter the Republic

Maul's Strategy - This card gives you 2 Force points while stealing 2 from your opponent. If you have Darth Maul in the Character Arena it's bumped up to 3 each.
Capture Obi-Wan - This card also Steals two Force and give you 2. The stealing of Force points will drive your opponent crazy.
Splinter the Republic - This is an important card for your Character warfare. It allows you to search your deck for one card with the same name as one unit in any one arena. Example. You have Darth Maul B in your Character Arena. You can search your deck for your other Darth maul

Part 3. Space - The two key elements are the Sith Infiltrator and Trade Federation Battleship.
The Sith Infiltrator is great for this warfare because when it's destroyed you can pay two force points and put it back in your hand. It only costs 4 build points so it's easy to bring it back into play. It's got a speed of 50 so it usually goes first
The Trade Federation Battleship has Bombard of 4. While your other ships are attacking the Space Arena, you bombard the Ground Arena. Since your not spending build points on ground units, you can deploy powerful ships in the Space Arena. Here the psychological warfare part. You make you opponent choose 1. Attack the Trade Federation Battleship to save their ground units and give your powerful ships free shots, or attack the powerful ship and leave your Trade Federation Battleships free to decimate the Ground Arena. Either way they will start getting frustrated.

Part 4. Character - This is the most important Arena to the psychological warfare. I use three types of cards.
1. Power - Darth Tyranus, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Jango Fett
2. Hassle - Destroyer Droids, W and P series
3. Annoyance - Wat Tambor, Nute Gunray, San Hill, and the Nexu

Your annoyance cards steal the build points from your opponent and give you extra build points. The Nexu makes your opponent use 1 extra Force point to use Force abilities. Your power cards protect these cards. Hassle cards are there just as a distraction. They have shields and are hard to kill. They also get bonus power at no cost. When you have the annoyance cards out in force it makes it hard for your opponent to bring out reinforcements while your getting tons of extra build points.

Here's the psychological warfare. Your opponent again has to chose. After the Space Arena they are going to be annoyed at the choices they have to make. They can attack your power cards or hassle cards, who can evade or have shields, and keep being outnumbered by build points. They can attack the annoyance cards and let your power cards clear the arena. 

Now remember, your mission cards stole some of their Force points and the Nexu is making them use extra point to use their Force abilities. It makes it very hard for the Jedi to evade the Sith attacks.

Two great Battle cards for this deck are Suppressing Fire, which gives you an extra 4 power for bombard. And Clever Escape - which allows you to untap one of your units with power 5 or less, like the Trade Federation Battleship.

In closing you just need to remember that If they are getting frustrated, they are not thinking straight.

15 September 2002

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