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Strategy in the Stars
Star Wars TCG Strategy

By Jedi Master Ceris Freeport

Hey all you Star Wars TCG players out there! I may not be a tournament champion (yet), but I can help you starting Padawans with your strategy so that you're not totally defenseless in the field.

Deck Building

Try your best to keep a good balance of powerful high build cost units, with your smaller low cost units. The low cost units are good to place if your other units in an arena need assistance.

Keep plenty of power-ups and dodges around; believe me, you will need them (the Force may not be able to help you always : ).

Take advantage of some of your unit's special abilities. Example: Lama Su's card states that if "in the Character arena, clones cost 1 fewer build counter to deploy". TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! I keep many clones in my deck because of this.

Keep adding on; don't always be totally content with your deck. Experiment a little! When I get a couple new cards, I see what I like or find interesting, then I divide up my deck and see what I have. I try to eliminate cards that never really worked in battle. I then try to add those interesting cards and try them out.

If you don't have anyone to play nearby, play against yourself. Just play both sides like you would play in a match (what I mean is play aggressive, like playing someone else; use strategies to try to defeat the other side).

Try to include in your decks a Sonic Shockwave (taps a unit in SPACE); a Repulsorlift Malfunction (taps a unit in GROUND) and Knockdown (taps a unit in CHARACTER). These cards prove to be useful when trying to outnumber or letting your units survive for the next round.

Last Tip: Keep a DEFLECTION card around, it can prevent some damage as well as help pick off some weaklings along the way.


If at all possible, try to put your most powerful units out to take advantage of the numerous build points you have at your advantage. Also, if at all possible, try to overwhelm weakness in certain arenas. Example: Your opponent has 2 units in the Space arena; your best bet is to try to place more units in that arena to conquer your opponent by outnumbering them.

Use cards that subtract your opponent's Force points (sometimes those points add to your own). It weakens your opponent's strategy (especially if most of their fighting force consists of Jedi or Sith; it also helps to prevent your opponent's dodges). 

Use the STUN ability to your advantage as well. A unit with the stun would best be used against either a weak powered one (which will probably not allow them to attack); but I recommend using a unit with the STUN ability against a more powerful one (to lessen the damage received by an opponent's attacking unit).

Use those power-up cards if you have any in your decks; they can help you out immensely! Surge of Power "adds +2 power for an attack", this card can turn a puny lackey into a super-stud (:); or it can pack a bigger wallop from a huge cruiser.

Speed is sometimes crucial! Use cards that can boost your speed so you have a chance to put up a fight!

USE ALL OF YOUR BUILD POINTS! DON'T LET THEM GO TO WASTE! If you can't build anything, just start building something else (you never know when you might need them!). I learned this the hard way when I let points go. I get beat up out there with nothing in reserves to help me out. So, DON'T LET THE POINTS GO TO WASTE!!!

Well, I hope I've given you younglings (and you older, more experienced types) some pointers and tips from my experience to get you started on the path to understanding the power of Star Wars TCG.

May the Force be with you always,

Jedi Master Ceris Freeport

15 September 2002

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