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The Randomness of Star Wars: TCG

Or the introduction of dice as a major factor in CCG's
By Dark Yoda

One of the biggest gripes I keep hearing about SW: TCG is its lack of strategy. And how the dice make the game too random. So lets take a look at the random parts of SW: TCG and see what can be done about them.

First off is the Deck. 60+ cards. 12 each minimum of character, ground, space and however many battle or missions you feel like putting in. The more cards in your deck the less chance you have of drawing hat you need when you need it. So what can be done about this? Well, lets take a look;

1. Put 3- 4 copies of each card in your deck. If you really need a unit in an arena or a card of any type you want to make sure it gets into your hand. With 1-2 copies the odds of getting that card aren?t very good.
2. Card Drawing, There are good options for both Light Side and Dark Side for drawing more cards then the one per turn. The more cards you go through and have in your hand the better your chances of having those needed cards.
3. Deck searching, There are cards that allow you to search your deck for a certain a card or certain type of card and place it into your hand.

Ok so now you have good or great chances of drawing the cards you want. How do you keep your opponent from getting the cards they need and/or playing them?

1. Make them Discard, really only a good option for Dark Side right now, since they have access to a good number of cards and units that can be used to make your opponent discard their hand. But Light Side does have a couple good options here as well.
2. Know what?s coming; New with A New Hope set is cards for Light Side that allow you to view your opponents top 3-5 cards of their library and rearrange them as you wish. One of those units also lets you discard all space units you see while doing this.

Ok so now that you can get the cards needed into your hand you need to play them. Which brings us to Build Points. If your not able to build a unit and deploy it. Then you can get screwed rather quickly. So what can we do about this very important part of the game?

1. Keep units in all 3 arenas. This serves two uses; a. you gain +1 BP a turn and b. it keeps your opponent from winning.
2. Take your opponent out of an arena. It not only brings you one arena closer to winning but also removes that +1 BP from them.
3. There are units that lower the cost of certain types of units and some that let you add more to certain types of units.
4. There are units and cards that increase your Build points, or let you move Build points around in your build zone. As well as units and cards that cause your opponent to lose build points.

So now you can get the needed cards to your hand and increase your chances of putting those units out. What?s next? The part of the game where dice play the biggest role, Attacking.

We?ll now look at what can be done about those pesky dice;

1. On average dice will hit about 50% of the time. The more Dice you roll the more damage you will do. So first off would be increase the Power (power = how many dice you roll) of your units. There are plenty of unit bonuses that give more power to your units. As well as tons of cards that can be played to give a unit more power. While this doesn?t increase your average percent it will increase the overall amount of damage you do.
2. Critical damage. If your unit has or you give it critical bonus when you roll a natural 6 on one of those dice your unit will do more damage. The more dice you roll the better chance of rolling a 6. There are plenty of cards that can be used to give your units critical bonus as well as unit bonuses.
3. Accuracy, I think this is the best new ability in A New Hope. It adds +1 to each of your dice rolls. So before you would hit on a 4-6, with a +1 accuracy you now hit on a 3-6 roll. Once again good options of cards to play to give this bonus to your units.
4. Re-roll your misses, there are cards that allow you to re-roll your dice. Can be very useful with units where you roll a ton of dice.

Now that you?re doing more damage. What can you do to decrease how much damage your opponent does to you?

1. Shields, This decreases the amount of power a unit has.
2. Evade, Allows you to spend Force to evade a certain amount of damage.
3. Damage prevention cards, as well as damage removal cards.
4. Make them re-roll those hits.
5. Intercept; make them hit a unit that can take the damage with out croaking.

All of these things have a good number of cards to either add that ability to units or help you keep them alive.

So we have looked at the random parts of SW: TCG and hopefully you?ve been shown how many options there are in altering those random factors. The more you can alter those factors in your favor/against your opponent. The more your skill in deck building will affect the game.

Dark Yoda

5 November 2002

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