Zoology: Bantha


Natural Range:
homeworld unknown.
herd herbivore.

Banthas are large hairy quadrupeds found roaming the plains of a great variety of worlds. They are readily domesticated as both eadible livestock and beasts of burden, and can adapt to a great range of climatic conditions, from arctic terrain to scorching desert. They are so widespread and have been used for so long that their native planet has been lost to galactic history.

Adult banthas stand three to four metres tall at the shoulder, and at least one of their sexes possesses curling spiral horns of over a metre diameter. The maw is about a metre wide, and the two black eyes are set under a heavy fur-shaded brow. Fett are flat and clublike in shape, and the claws are blunted nails.

* *
A herd a wild banthas roaming Tatooine's desolate Dune Sea.

Tusken Raiders of Tatooine have developed a strong rapport with their bantha steads.

SWRPG statistics:

Dexterity 2D
Perception 2D
Strength 8D
Special abilities:
Horns: Strength-1D damage.
Trample: Strength damage.
Move: 5



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