Imperial Sourcebook: Quotes

Major Arhul Hextrophon, the in-universe author of The Imperial Sourcebook, gave this warning about the details and scope of its contents [p.6]:

While the information reveals much about the tactics and inner workings of our enemy, I must caution [against] reading too much into this report at this time. None of the information contained herein has been confirmed or documented outside of the data presented here. Ulikely though it is, this could be an elaborate ruse to pass along false information to the Alliance.

I urge you and the rest of Alliance High Command to view this report in the proper perspective. Until collaborated [corroborated?], this report should be considered high level rumours at best. At worst, the Alliance is being fed half truths and lies for some unknown purpose, although I do not believe this to be the case.

No matter, for even in falsehoods can truths be found. And once you have studied this report, I believe that even if you read only between the lines you will uncover much to show you the nature of the Empire and its methods.

This caveat excuses the errors and omissions of the book, which include:

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