Star Destroyers: Ship List

This appendix lists star destroyers from throughout the literature which belong to the subclasses seen in the movies.

There were at least several tens of thousands of star destroyers in the Imperial Starfleet. A complete listing is therefore impossible. I do not pretend that this list even approaches comprehensive status; there are far too many references for any writer to pursue. I will expand the list gradually after dealing with more substantial and quantitative topics.

This list should be read cautiously; the total number of star destroyers built exceeds the range of possible names for the ships. The Empire must have exercised a system for the use and reuse of names on more than one vessel. It is possible that what appear to be references to one ship are in fact coincidental descriptions of different destroyers sharing a single name. For instance, several ships of different classes have used the name Vengeance, and not all of them were Imperator-class destroyers. There has also been more than one Iron Fist. In these cases, successive commanders have kept the name when they moved to newer vessels upon promotion.

One possibility is that the ships are named uniquely by using the same conceptual name in different languages. In this way one Invincible might be named in an ethnic language of Kuat, while another Invincible is named in an ancient Taung language from Coruscant. Each of the millions of galactic languages could be used to name all ships uniquely, and yet in novels the names would appear the same because of the implicit translation into English (or other terrestrial languages).

It is possible that only the ships with the most distinguished records or influential commanders are honoured with a full name. Other vessels, such as the numerous Victory-class destroyers in Darksaber, may be labelled only by an alphanumeric registration code. It is possible that most common ships leave the construction yards with nothing more than a hull designation of class and number, and the most meritous vessels earn a proper name.

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