Exhibtions: Y-Wing Fighter


The Magic of Myth exhibition has toured galleries and museums throughout North America. Larry Yee attended the exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


Port side of a Y-wing starfighter. The squadron markings are yellow, indicating membership of Gold Squadron in ANH. The head panels in the astromech droid are blue like those of R2-D2.

Sydney: Powerhouse Museum


Detailed view of the Y-wing's midsection on the port side. The astromech droid may have blue panels on its head, but some of its torso panels are red: it is a more coloured droid than R2-D2. Sooty deposits around a rectangular hatch on the outer side of the engine nacelle (nearest to camera) may be a clue to the type of machinery underneath — or its propensity to malfuction! [Jan 2003]

Details of the Y-wing's two thrusters. Four crossed electromagnetic vectrals stand near the ion stream, supported on struts several metres behind the engine nozzles. The possible range of thrust vectoring must be constrained by the internal angle between the nozzle and the area the ventrals subtend. [Jan 2003]

Features of the Y-wing's head, somewhat unfocussed. Two laser cannons are recessed in the chin; a dual ion cannon turret is mounted on top of the cockpit. [Jan 2003]

A frontal view of the Y-wing's upper surfaces. Exposed piping, thruster details, the pink/blue astromech droid, guns and cockpit appear in sharp relief. [Jan 2003]

Frontal views from above the midplane of the Y-wing fighter. The general features of the ion thrust vectrals and rings are visible against the blue background. [16:41 21 Dec 2002]

A nearly direct frontal view of the Y-wing, giving some impression of the weapons' fields of fire: the laser cannons of the chin and the ion cannons on top. The engines are an obviously considerable fraction of the whole ship. [16:41 21 Dec 2002] [Jan 2003]

An alternative frontal view of the Y-wing. [16:41 21 Dec 2002]

Overviews of the Y-wing fighter model on display near the large X-wing model in Sydney. Although heavily obscured by foreground reflections, this images are retained for the sake of their future potential use in stereoscopic measurement. [Jan 2003]


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