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 various views of the starboard side

Nearly complete views of the dorsal and ventral surfaces, exploiting the mirror reflection. The backs of the tower and the dorsal terraces are visible. Of potential photogrammetric interest is the seam between the two mirror panels, and its shadow on the underside of the ship (due to the camera flash).

Distant portside view of the object and reflection, showing representatives of most of the major forward and lateral surfaces. Several edges of the mirror are visible: key reference axes for future photogrammetry.

Close-up of the bridge tower. The linear array between the scanner globes was modified for TESB; it was in a more upright position in ANH.

Starboard side of Devastator, viewed towards the brim trench. A quad cannon is visible in the minor brim notch. The starboard side is the side with two tabs on the ventral hull; there is only one tab on the port side. This is an important asymmetry of the vessel, and it may have some (as yet unknown) functional importance.

Reflection of the ventral surface, as seen from a position off starboard bow. A rectangular aperture is visible in the roof of the secondary docking bay cavity.

Starboard side of the destroyer, sighting towards the dorsal terraces from a high vantage.

Close-up view of the starboard side of the prow. A few of the features of the brim trench are identifiable.

Close-up of the starboard side of the dorsal terraces. Unlike the star destroyer Avenger in TESB, the terraces of Devastator appear to be as heavily armoured on the vertical sides as the tops.

Distant portside view of the object and reflection, showing representatives of most of the major forward and lateral surfaces.

 various views of the port side

Wide view of the port side, aft half of the ship, including the entire complex of terraces, the bridge tower, and the portside heavy turrets (three turbolaser turrets at the front; one ion cannon turret at back).

Overview of the base mirror, the display case and surroundings. There are several orders of reflections of the ship through the vertical surfaces of the case, and even some reflections of the floor tiles. These could be useful for spatial reference.

Somewhat blurred view of the port side of the dorsal terraces, and the front and port sides of the bridge module.

Whole-ship view of the port side. Regularly sized lumps inthe brim trench are conspicuous; each of them may be an installation for point-defence guns.

Nearly complete view of the ship from the port side.

 brim trench, port side

Direct view of portside brim trench near the minor brim notch and its quad cannon.

Direct view of the port side of the prow, in the approximately the plane of the brim trench.

Direct view of the ports side in the brim trench, centred on the primary docking bay area.

Detailed view of the dorsal surfaces around the docking facilities, in the reflection. The rectangular aperture in the roof of the secondary docking bay is on the starboard side of the ship.

 the stern

View of the stern, dorsal terraces and the neck of the bridge tower, seen from a position substantially above the plane of the brim.

View of the stern and back end of the bridge tower and terraces, with all major corners visible for both the object and the reflection. None of the ship's important axes is aligned with the edges of the mirror or the display case, as is clearly noticeable in the relationship between the reflection and its background.

The stern, terraces and tower, viewed from a low angle relative to the plane of the brim. For purposes of measurement, this photo has value similar to the one above. Indeed they might even be used as a stereoscopic pair.

Direct view of the stern, particularly the mechanisms surrounding the sublight drives.



A shot of the bow of the Devastator, slightly out of foucs. Note how the ventral hull extends further forward than the dorsal hull.

Close-up of the region around the larger notches in the brim. Two of the three large guns on the dorsal ridge are visible at the top-right. The forward part of the primary docking bay is visible at the lower-right. There are several rectangular units in the brim, with two holes each; perhaps they are the standard-sized brim laser cannons?

Another side view of the brim, concentrating on the region near the primary docking bay and the first dorsal terrace (right).

A region of the portside brim including the minor notch and the quad cannon mounted within it. One of the heavy dorsal turbolaser turrets is visible in the top-right. The ventral bulb (surrounding the protrusion of the sphere of the main reactor) is partly visible in the lower right.

Middle and aft end of the portside bank of heavy turrets. Turbolaser turrets on the left; the last turret on the right is the ion cannon. At some point a few barrels have been knocked off the turbolaser turrets; they should have two per turret.

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