Exhibtions: B-Wing Fighter

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Detailed view of the cockpit vicinity. This depiction of the cockpit interior and the pilot's controls is more revealling and detailed than any published in the official literature. This model of B-wing clearly lacks space for a gunner in the cockpit. Note the four cylindrical structures on the chin of the cockpit pod; each one appears to be about the same size as a laser cannon of a TIE fighter.

The wide open vents at the front of the engine section are an interesting feature of this fighter. It looks like the air intakes of an aeroplane, but a vessel propelled by ion-drive in space has no need for such a device. Is it instead related to some part of the ship's main reactor, which for some reason must remain exposed?

There is an intriguing black logo on the outside of the cockpit beyond the pilot's left shoulder.

Frontal view of the whole B-wing fighter. Note the interesting distribution of the main weapons. the side wings carry identical cannons: a long barrel with a smaller cylinder attached to the side. One of the cannons on the tail wing is similar, except that it lacks the muzzle bulb seen on the wing guns. The tail also mounts a shorter cylindrical weapon which does have a bulb or dish at its tip.

Rear view of the B-wing fighter-bomber. Pieces of the model appear to be missing where cables are exposed between the thruster nozzles and on one area of the trailing edge of the central wing. There is an interesting square marking on the starboard hull surface near the base of the cockpit pod: perhaps it is a logo representing whichever allied rebel groups owns this fighter?

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