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Hai, Korkeal
this hyper-kinetic human female was a native of the Shesharile system, where she spent her youth rebuilding a light freighter. She was not an expert on all the systems, and spent a large part of her earnings on a Clone Wars-era computer. She used the computer to assist in her engineering work, although the computer's personality was continually at odds with her own. The ship, a modified Gymsnor-3 freighter call the Riff-Raff, was completed just prior to the Battle of Yavin, and the aging computer was installed in it. Korkeal, while not extremely proficient in all starship systems, nevertheless was eager to try and implement new systems on the Riff-Raff, and much of the ship's cargo space was taken up with spare parts.

this was one of the most prosperous of the floating cities erected in the seas of the planet Calamari. During the last decades of the Old Republic, Heurkea was also one of the cities in which Mon Calamari and Quarren worked side-by-side to ensure the betterment of both races. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the city, it was also the first city destroyed by the World Devastators during the first Battle of Calamar. Undaunted by the Empire's actions, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren rebuilt Heurkea. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Coruscant and remade it into Yuuzhan'tar, the New Republic fled to Calamari and was allowed to use Heurkea city as its base of operations.

Kallakean Rainbow
this natural phenomenon produces wildly intense colors, not unlike the visual displays seen during hyperspace travel.

Kea Ra-Lan
this Gran thief was infamously known for her theft of sacred Wookiee documents from the vaults of Neocomora. It was believed she received financial backing from the Trandoshans.

this was a common name among the Nagai people.

Keal Roscon
this Sullustan was a member of The Shield, and served the group as a pilot and tactical advisor. He was a member of the Sullustan home guard before he was expelled for not staying out of trouble. He later joined The Shield, where he became famous for his almost suicidal ability to fly.

Moll, Kea
a native of the planet Annoo, Kea was an accomplished starship and landspeeder pilot. She spent much of her childhood living on the farm her mother, Demma Moll, managed on Annoo. When she was seventeen, Kea made a run to Ingo, where she met R2-D2, C-3PO, and Thall Joben. She spent time on Ingo to help them fend off Sise Fromm, and agreed to help them win the Boonta Speeder Race with their racing speeder, the White Witch. On the way to Boonta, they were forced to stop over on Annoo to repair their ship. While there, Kea was reunited with her mother, and the group agreed to help Demma destroy the Trigon One. When they finally made it to Boonta, Kea and the boys found themselves beset not only by the Fromm gang, but also by Boba Fett. The Boonta Speeder Race was a series of near-crashed by Thall Joben, who fought off the bounty hunter and managed to win the race. The three friends were approached by Zebulon Dak, who offered them positions within his corporation. However, they were told that they could not bring the droids. The trio had decided to turn down Dak's offer, having come to appreciate the droids, but R2-D2 and C-3PO would not allow them to miss the opportunity. The droids jettisoned themselves in an escape pod, leaving the humans free to take the job.

Trang, Kea Ki
this man was a traffic control officer at the Palisade Starport Control center on Kabal, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He had thirteen years with Palisade Starport Control, and was on duty when the Asaari Wind, under the false identification Spiraling Shape tried to blast away from the planet. Cecil Noone and his band of thieves had barely escaped from the compound of Tyro Viveca, and were trying to avoid being detained by the local authorities. Trang felt sure that the security shackle connected to the ship's landing gear would keep it from escaping, but Noone's crew simply fired their engines at full power and snapped the shackle before fleeing into the sky.


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