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Aquatic Ecosystems, Incorporated
this business evolved on the planet Neona, to take advantage of the abundance of edible fish species which inhabited the planet's oceans. They were bolstered by a partnership with Hanson Mining Consolidated, and developed floating fish farms to maintain their stocks.

Arakyd Aerodynes, Incorporated
this division of Arakyd Industries developed and manufactured personal-use vehicles and conveyances.

Audio Performance Incorporated
this corporation produced a number of disruption bubble generators for use by bounty hunters and paramilitary organizations.

Borliss Automation Concepts, Incorporated
this small manufacturer produced a wide range of personal automation devices, designed to allow the average person to perform manual labors with relative ease.

Bothan Debris, Incorporated
this Bothan salvage operation was established on the planet Caamas by Kursk Te'tell, in an effort to recover any equipment or materials that might have survived the destruction of the planet's ecosystem. Te'tell's operation was not entirely legitimate, and many believed that he worked more to cover up the Bothans' involvement in the destruction of Caamas than for the good of the planet. In reality, Bothan Debris was a front that covered up Kursk Te'tell's efforts to hide information regarding the bombardment of Caamas. Bothan Debris was based in a huge crater, located about seventy miles south of Refuge City, where the scraps and tatters of Caamasi buildings and cities were dumped during the clean-up effort. Te'tell leased the crater for 50,000 credits a year, paid directly to Refuge City, and a bulk cruiser arrived weekly to pick up the scrap.

Cargo Consolidated, Incorporated
this shipping business was owned by the Herglic merchant Hamar-Chaktak.

Cirrus Colonies Incorporated
this corporation produced a wide range of prefabricated buildings and construction materials for use by settlers and explorers. Their products were known to be inexpensive and extremely durable, and simple to set up and install. Many of their structures cam equipped with particle shields which helped protect them in hostile environments.

Dakerno Incorporated
founded by Crat Dakerno, this small corporation produced a number of board games based on non-human passtimes.

Data Equity Management, Incorporated
known by the stock symbol DEMi, this huge corporation was based on the planet Procopia. Founded just fifteen years before the Battle of Endor, DEMi burst onto the scene by offering storage and maintenance of other corporations' confidential data. DEMi became "legitimate" when the Great Council of Tapani Sector contracted them to handle sector-wide census information. Despite its image, DEMi was actually founded and operated by the Empire's Ubiqtorate.

Dendratis Biological Exports, Incorporated
this corporation produced a variety of capture devices, including the bio-cocoon.

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