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Our Star Wars Stories

Our Star Wars Stories: Five Questions With The Perales Family

Posted by Steve on November 1, 2018 at 09:00 AM CST

Perales Family

In this series, we ask each of the five subjects from Our Star Wars Stories, five questions about what it means to them to be Star Wars fans!

For this last one, we spoke with the Perales family, Rebels cosplayers, podcasters and most importantly, humanitarians.


ďAs parents, it's our responsibility to teach our children to be kind and to make their own ripples of kindness in this galaxy.Ē

~Liz Perales

Like Albin (Johnson) and similar fan groups, the charitable aspect seems to be a vital part of what you do. Why is it so important to give what you receive and how that relates to Star Wars?

LIZ - Growing up, my family and I didnít have very much. But every year, on or about the 6th of January, there was a group of people that would visit my small town in Mexico and bring gifts to children. I remember how I and other children felt, so anxious and so happy, just waiting for this group of people every year. It was like Christmas for us, but only better because we got presents!

To this day, Iíve never forgotten those kind and generous people. The simple act of coming each year and making children they didnít know happy, made them happy. I didn't realize this as a young child because normally the older kids let the younger kids go first in line. So, when I got older, I would watch them hand out presents while I waited for my little brother, and it was then I realized that these people were truly happy by making others happy! I never forgot this lesson and I never forgot those wonderful people, and I told myself, if I ever got the chance to make kids happy, I would do it.

Now as an adult, with my financial situation not as dire as it used to be, I have the opportunity now to pay it forward. Whether itís dressing up as a Star Wars character or handing out toys, itís my turn. Itís important to give back because a small act of kindness is like a ripple in the universe, you never know how far it will reach. As parents, I feel it's our responsibility to teach our children to be kind and to make their own ripples of kindness in this galaxy.

Sal, youíre known for your Kanan Jarrus cosplay, how much thought did you give to cutting your hair after Season 4 of Rebels came out?

SAL: Axel and I both had issues with our characters haircuts, for both Kanan and Ezra. Recently Axel cut his hair, I'm not doing that anytime soon!

You cosplay as both Kanan Jarrus and Quinlon Vos. If they had to face each other, who would win, Quinlan or Kanan?

SAL: They have a lot in common, but Vos clearly has more training. Not only in the Jedi ways, but heís also trained in Sith and even the Nightsister ways. But Kanan had the unique opportunity to learn from the Bendu so. Can they be best friends instead?

You got emotional during filming, tell me about the power of Star Wars and how it summons a positive change in people.

SAL: I think those who pay attention to the lessons Star Wars is meant to teach, inherently they change for the better. Star Wars is all about standing up for each other against the forces of tyranny, cruelty and greed. It's about symbiotic cultures and how anyone can be a hero. If Star Wars doesn't inspire a positive change in you, you just aren't paying attention.

Like it or not, you and your family have reached a somewhat celebrity status within the Star Wars community. What has that been like?

SAL: Nothing has really changed at all. It's nice we get to pop up to Lucasfilm for Rebels episodes every now and then, but we still do the same charity events and see the same people everywhere. My daughter has a podcast with an east coast Sabine and they had a panel at Celebration Orlando that was very successful, and that made me very proud. I guess maybe ďcelebrityĒ might be the wrong word, but we are deeply involved in the Star Wars community. I'm happy and proud to be there with my family and share our love for Star Wars with everyone.

Bonus Question...what is your favorite film and character?

Sal: Rogue One and Kanan Jarrus.
Lizzy: Rogue One and Sabine Wren
Axel: Solo: A Star Wars Story and Lando Calrissian
Liz: Rogue One and R2-D2

Thanks Perales family!

For more information on what the Perales family is up to, check out their website Rogue Rebels!

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